Tuesday, November 10, 2020

How To Get Google Adsense Account Approval | Tips and Trick

Welcome to our Blog -Techno Sid. For AdSense Approval we have to follow Google AdSense Policy. In this informative post, we are going to share the complete information on How to get Google Adsense Account Approval. So, read it carefully.              

Nowadays, there are multiple ways to do online earning on the Internet. Blogging is one of the popular fields where people earning money by creating a blog website and sharing effective information on it. Everyone wants to earn money from the website and make their own blog website. 

You must have heard about Google Adsense is the medium that offers the service of placing advertisements on your Blog. Therefore everyone wants Google Adsense Approval for their blog but they didn’t get approval due to some errors.

How to get Google Adsense Account Approval

Those who don’t get the approval of Adsense on their blog website are disappointed and some of them leave doing blogging. This is the reason that they don’t have proper information about Blogging and Adsense. Previously, your blog was required to be 6 months old for Google AdSense Approval Account, but nowadays there is nothing like this.

10 Important Tricks for Google Adsense Account Approval

Now we will be going to share some tricks that will help you to easily get Adsense approval soon. You have to just follow all these tips and tricks are listed below –

1) Buy Top Level Domain

First step to buy a top-level domain such that – (.com & .in). Some people say that Adsense approval is also found on Blogspot, yes it is available but it takes a little longer to approve. 

So, I would advise you to buy top-level domain. Lots of discount offers are available on platforms – Godaddy, Name cheap, and Bluehost where you can buy a domain at very low costs. If you want to learn to blog then you can use a free domain such that – (.ml .tk).

2) SEO and Mobile Friendly Theme

Whatever the platform you have created your blog website on Blogger or WordPress. You will have to select an SEO and Mobile-friendly theme for it. You can buy the theme or the free theme is on Google. 

Remember that, you have to select a theme that is user and ads-friendly, SEO-friendly, mobile-friendly, simple and clean, and fast loading. All these factors help to get Adsense approval very soon.

3) Theme Customize

After the installation of a theme on your blog website, the Blog Design & Navigation System will have to be set up properly and all the extra links on your blog website have to be removed. 

The Blog favicon and logo should be used in your blog then your website will be identified. If you do all these settings then your blog becomes a professional website.

4) Do Basic SEO Setting in Blogger

We have already published a post related – How to do SEO Setting for Blogger, if you read it, you will definitely get complete information. Without doing SEO settings, the traffic will never come to your blog website.

5) Create All Pages

After building a blog, you have to create pages. If you have not created pages on the blog then you can’t get the approval of Adsense. The followings pages are mentioned below –

§    About Us Page

§    Contact Us Page

§    Privacy Policy Page

§    Terms And Conditions Page

§    Cookie Policy Page

§    Disclaimer Page 

Make all these pages on your blog website. If you don’t know how to make these pages, then you have just type – about us generator on google and there are various websites that will display on google search results.

6) Write Unique Article

Whatever the category you have made on your blog and you have to write an article on your blog website. Remember that, never copy others' content and never publish copied content on your blog because it will not benefit you. According to google AdSense policy they never accepted copyrighted content.

Always write an article of 700 or 1000 words. Try to write an informative and long article as you can. If you write an article properly then it is easy to get the approval of Google Adsense.

7) Write SEO Friendly Article

When your article on your blog according to SEO then its ranking will quickly increase in google search results. Without doing SEO, no article will be ranked quickly and if the quality of your article is good but if you don’t do SEO then all the hard work is useless. 

If you do not know how to write SEO friendly article then must read – How to write SEO Friendly Article.

8) Do Not Use Copyright Images

Most of the new bloggers, they write posts on their blog websites. They download the images from google and publish them in the article. In this way, you will never get approval from Google Adsense because it is copyrighted. 

Images should be unique just as original content. There are various websites that are available on Google from where you can download copyright-free images without paying a single penny.   

9) Create Backlinks

Backlink plays an important role in increasing traffic to your website and the DA PA of your website will increase with a backlink. Therefore, backlink with SEO plays an important role in the ranking blog website.

10) Submit Sitemap

It is necessary to generate and submit a sitemap on the Google Search Console or Google Webmaster. It helps the google crawler to quickly index your all blog posts. By doing all these things, it will beneficial for your website.

 Remember that, generate a sitemap when you have successfully published more than 11 on the blog website.

11) Publish More Than 20 Posts

You should write more than 20 posts on your blog website before applying for google Adsense and the domain should be 2 months old. Some people say that even if the blog website is 10 days old, you can apply. 

Yes, right but may have to face some problems with Google Adsense. Therefore, I would like to suggest you apply for google Adsense only after 20+ posts and the domain is 2 months old.

Why Google Adsense account not being approved?

When you apply for Google Adsense then the google AdSense is given some reasons because of which your AdSense account is not approved. That’s why you need to know about all these reasons are listed below – 

§    Due to Insufficient article on the Blog

§    Blog Content should be unique.

§    Reasons for using copyrighted material

§    Reasons to use Black hat SEO

§    Due to missing About us, Contact us, Privacy Policy Pages

§    Due to Blog being in Under Construction

§    Already having Google AdSense account created

§    Not having a clear navigation system on blog.

§    Due to the use of Hacking, Adult, and malware

Whenever your blog is not approved for Adsense, then Google also tells you the reason for getting disapproved by e-mail. So, you do not need to panic. Just understand the reasons for getting disapproved because you can improve errors and apply them again.

How much traffic is required for AdSense Approval?

Whenever we link our blog/website with AdSense accounts and send them under review. Then we get an email there and it said that within 2 days you will get the approval of Adsense. 

But in some cases, it may take more than 2 weeks or even longer. The People whose AdSense approval time takes longer time reason is that they have not built the website properly or they do not get approval due to being copied content on the blog. 

Generally, it takes only 2 days. If you have built your blog website according to the Adsense policy then you will definitely get the approval of Adsense. If it is against AdSense policy then you will not get the approval of Adsense.

How do I know that the website is eligible for Google AdSense?

After building the website and fully customizing your website will be according to the AdSense policy. Domain, fully customizes theme, Pages, Unique article, SEO of your website.

 If all become good then your website will be eligible for Adsense approval and slow traffic will also come on your website. Friends, I hope you have understood very well – How to get Google Adsense Account Approval for your blog or website.


We have successfully explained information about How to get Google Adsense Account Approval. This informative blog will definitely prove to be helpful. I hope that after reading this article you will get 100% AdSense approval. 

If you have any doubts then you can ask us in the comment section box. If you want any help then you can also contact us. I will happy to help you.