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Free High DA DoFollow Article Submission Sites List 2021

DoFollow Article Submission Sites

Do you appear for a list of best and free article submission sites to submit your articles in article websites to build high domains authority DoFollow backlinks? 

If yes, this post will assist you to get a list of free high authority Do-Follow article submission websites to create high authority backlinks and increase the ranking of your website pages in the search engine result pages (SERP).

If you are a newbie in SEO Field and looking for high DA/PA article submission sites. Here, I would like to recommend you read a blog article to know Free High DA Do-Follow Article Submission Sites List in 2021.

What are DoFollow Article Submission Sites? 

DoFollow article sites are the sites that permit the search engines crawler to follow an external website's links to index sites.

Free article sites will assist you to increase the visibility of a site in various search engines results.

Benefits of Article Submission

There are various article submission directories are available on the web that will help you to marketing your articles without any cost.

1.     Improve Online Visibility of your business.

2.     Large Exposure and reach.

3.     Completely Free Marketing.

4.     Getting traffic for a website.

5.     Takes less time and effort to promote business.

6.     Building a Backlink for a website.

7.     Build credibility.

8.     Generating new traffic/customers.

Free High DA DoFollow Article Submission Sites

How To Do Article Submission

Here are the steps for submitting an article –

1.     Firstly, you need to choose an article website and create a relevant account by registering on it.

2.     After registration, click on the submit button that will take you to the article submission webpage.

3.     Next >> Fill in all the details asked in the form like – title, body, category, caption, keywords, author, etc.

4.     In the body, you need to write an article that you want to submit.

5.     At last, click on the submit button to submit the article.


Terms and Conditions of Article Submission

When you are going to submit your articles on the article submission websites, one thing you should have to remember to follow the terms and conditions of the site.

There is an excessive number of focuses you need to follow right now, while submitting your content. Some of them are –

·        Post unique and quality article.

·        Follow the website’s term and conditions.

·        Place a few backlinks in the article.

·        Choose the right category and tags for content.

·        Use better quality images/graphics.

·        Title and Description of the article should be SEO-Friendly.

Top High DA/PA Do-Follow Article Submission Sites List 2021

The Following High DA PA List are Listed Below - 

1.                             www.allperfectstories.com

2.                            interarticles.com

3.                            patreon.com

4.                            klusster.com

5.                           liveblogspot.com/

6.                           harishgade.com/

7.                            dailygram.com/

8.                            cweb.com/

9.                            dev.to/

10.                         tech.blog/     

11.                         www.debwan.com/      

15.                        articlescad.com/

16.                        claz.org

17.                        https://howtodiscuss.com/

18.                        https://culturebooklet.com/

19.                        https://softwarelozi.com/

20.                        http://www.article.mastercraftindia.com/

21.                        http://www.herbaltricks.com/

22.                        https://standaloneinstaller.com/

23.                        https://www.gossipposts.com/

24.                        https://www.vingle.net/

25.                        https://www.seosakti.com/

26.                        https://www.itsmypost.com/

27.                        https://www.articlestheme.com/

28.                        https://getwebpromotions.com/

29.                        https://rewardbloggers.com/

30.                        https://www.weebly.com/

31.                        https://bcz.com/

32.                        https://yarabook.com/

33.                        https://www.vingle.net/posts/3642359

34.                        https://www.techsite.io/p/2096666

35.                        bloglovin.com/

36.                        klusster.com/

37.                        populr.me/

38.                        penzu.com/

39.                        mystrikingly.com/

40.                        wixsite.com/

41.                        tumblr.com/dashboard

42.                        culturebooklet.com/

43.                        patreon.com/

44.                        blogspot.com/

45.                        getwebpromotions.com/

46.                        wordpress.com/

47.                        yolasite.com/

48.                        livejournal.com/

49.                        justpaste.it/

50.                        theomnibuzz.com/

51.                        gonevis.com/

52.                        ehotelier.com/

53.                        www.bravenet.com/

54.                        jigsy.com/

55.                        www.simplesite.com/

56.                        hubpages.com

57.                        ehow.com

58.                        ezinearticles.com

59.                        articlecity.com

60.                        myarticle.com

61.                        www.mightynetworks.com/

62.                        playbuzz.com

63.                        medium.com

64.                        uberant.com

65.                        www.bloglovin.com/

66.                        www.storeboard.com

67.                        www.articlization.com/

68.                        www.articles.howto-tips.com/

69.                        articles.abilogic.com/

70.                        biggerpockets.com

71.                        examiner.com.au

72.                        storify.com

73.                        medium.com

74.                        sooperarticles.com

75.                        articlesfactory.com

76.                        wattpad.com

77.                        articlecube.com

78.                        tumblr.com

79.                        linkedin.com

80.                        sites.google.com

81.                        livejournal.com

82.                        github.com

83.                        article-buzz.com

84.                        fourpxarticles.com

85.                        articlebliss.com

86.                        articles.everyquery.com

87.                        thecontentcorner.com

88.                        affsphere.com

89.                        isnare.com

90.                        buzzle.com

91.                        selfgrowth.com

92.                        apsense.com

93.                        evernote.com

94.                        articlebiz.com

95.                        goarticles.info

96.            articlewarehouse.com

97.                         acmearticles.com

98.                        articlecell.com

99.                       articlestars.com

100.                  articlecube.com

101.                  articlecompilation.com    

102.                  articlepool.com

103.                 365articles.com

104.                  articlenexus.com

105.                   buzzfeed.com

106.         www.organesh.com/

106.                  articlesbase.com

107.                  articlerich.com

108.                  amazines.com 

The Conclusion

The main motive to submit articles on the article submission sites is to attract and increase the traffic on your website/blog without bringing about much expense. Therefore, It is necessary to submit an article that is directly related to your website's content or business.

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