Saturday, October 16, 2021

How to Convert a PDF to Google Doc and Google Doc to PDF

How to Convert a PDF file into a Google Doc and Google Doc into a PDf file.

Converting Google Doc into PDF

Besides Word, Docs is getting incredibly popular these days since it possesses so many advanced features like saving the changes in real-time, night mode, word count display, and many others. That's the reason why the majority of people are moving from word to docs. If you are also one of those people then you might be confused about converting a pre-existed doc file into pdf. Well, that's not a difficult thing to do since you can perform the same action within Google docs. Word to pdf converter tool easily converts docs file into pdf. Just follow these simple steps.

1.   Open the doc file from the home tab and go to the main drop-down menu. From there, select the share and export option.

2.   On clicking it, another menu page will appear. Select the save as option. A list of formats will appear in front of you. Choose the pdf format from the list.

3.   After selecting the format, change the name of your pdf file (optional) and choose whether you want to store the file in drive or device storage.

Besides saving your doc file in pdf format, you can also share the doc document in pdf format, without saving it in the pdf version. For this purpose,

1.   Open the word document you want to share as a pdf and go to the drop-down menu.

2.   From the menu, select the share and export option and click on send a copy.

3.   You will be asked to choose the format from which you can choose the pdf. As soon as you choose the format, the word document will be converted to pdf for transferring.

4.   Once it gets converted, you can choose whether you want to mail the file or transfer it via some other source.

By following this scheme, your Word document will remain saved in the original format over your device and you can edit it conveniently.

However, if you don't have access to Google Docs at a time, the best method to convert doc format into pdf is using web-based converters. These online converters assist you to change the format of any file into another one. The best part is that most of them are free and come without any limit. To convert your doc file to pdf using an online converter, follow the given steps.

1.   Visit the website and find the doc to pdf tool. Once you find the converter, upload your doc document over the platform.

2.   When your file will successfully upload to the server, tap on the convert icon and the tool will complete the conversion for you in a fraction of seconds.

3.   Download the pdf file by clicking on the download button.

Converting PDF file into Doc

Due to being the inventor of this well-known pdf format, Adobe Acrobat DC is the first and foremost tool to convert a pdf file into another format. For converting it into doc without losing the formatting, you need to follow the given scheme.

     Drop your pdf file in the drop zone or upload it on the platform by clicking the select the file option.

    Choose the pdf from your device or drive which you want to turn into doc format. On choosing the pdf, the software will convert the document for you itself.

    Once the conversion is completed, download your doc file or share it directly from there.

The best part of using Adobe Acrobat for converting pdf files is that it ensures to preserve the file formatting. On using this software, all the basic elements of a pdf file including images, font, alignments, etc. look the same as they are in pdf format.

Moreover, it doesn't matter whether you have a Google doc application or any specialized software on your device or not. Unless you are using Adobe online as a conversion tool, you can perform the entire operation smoothly.

Besides adobe acrobat DC, pdf to word converter tools also serve as a fast and easy conversion solution. The method of using such web-based pdf to doc tools is nearly the same as that of using doc to pdf tools. Just upload the pdf file, press the convert button and download the doc file without paying a single penny.