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Top 10 Benefits of Android App Development for Business

Benefits of Android App Development for Business

Undoubtedly, smartphones have become one of the most integral parts of our everyday lives. The most essential tasks and requirements during a day include changing the temperature and lighting, setting an alarm clock, listening to music, reading the news, watching YouTube videos, checking WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and updating project status. 

We can use these apps on major operating systems in real-time, as these programs operate independently. Mobile app development is in high demand as hundreds of new apps are released every year.


Though we are all familiar with operating systems (such as iOS and Android), we probably have little knowledge of what platforms software developers use when they create and develop applications. 

The Android operating system dominates the thriving mobile platform with over 85 percent market share. With Google launching newer versions of Android that offer enterprise-friendly features and enhanced security, customized Android app development is ready to help entrepreneurs grab a slice of the pie. The number of apps on Google Play has grown to over 3.3 million today.


Therefore, the Android app development industry is booming at a blistering pace. Listed below are the Top 10 Benefits of Mobile App Development for Business that are driving businesspeople to choose future-proof and feature-rich apps:


Increased Return on Investment:

A developer can quickly obtain Android's software development kit (SDK) via Google's open-source platform. Apps developed for the Android operating system are therefore more cost-effective. The phases we can broadly categorize when designing and developing apps are: solving problems through application design, testing them before launch, and deploying them after launch.


It is not very expensive to develop an Android app. Developers can also tap into the Google Material Design principles to make their mobile apps feel more seamless and allow customers to enjoy seamless user experiences across the globe with their apps. As a result, Android apps have a higher return on investment as they are less costly than their desktop counterparts.


Ideal for BYOD:

Mobile operations and bring your device (BYOD) concepts have become widespread business trends, allowing for greater communication even across great distances. Many organizations are now considering implementing a BYOD program to optimize their employees' use of Android-based enterprise applications. This is in response to the success of Android-based enterprise apps, and devices running on Android are readily available.


Easily Customized:

Android offers a customizable and convenient platform. This operating system is easy to use from simple adjustments to more complex modifications. Android delivers a unique experience while meeting any business need.


Security and Marketing Are Easy:

Several business-friendly features have been added to Google's latest operating systems, starting with Lollipop. You can notify your users periodically and promote your Android app through a built-in system thanks to the app's presence in the market. You get the benefit of both safety and promotion.


Wearable Technology With Android Apps:

As corporate cultures change, wearable technology plays an increasingly important role. There is a growing trend of using wearables as a new means of communication. Through Android apps, smartwatches can manage messages, calls, notifications, etc.


Google Everything:

There are a variety of apps available through the Android App store that are extremely useful for businesses. The deep integration with Google services is one of the most significant advantages of the Android platform, which isn't available from any other platform.


TTM has Been Reduced (Time To Market):

The sooner you develop a business app, the better your chances of beating your competitors. With Mobile app development Services, you can easily get a customized app for your business that includes all the features you want. An Android app developed by an experienced developer can be built in a shorter timeframe.


Innovation Potential:

Android has the primary strength of enabling developers to build their apps worldwide. We recommend choosing a product with specialized features to target a specific audience. Developers of Android apps can help with this process by applying advanced tools and utilizing new technologies. Using modern technologies like AR and VR to develop high-end app solutions is easy, and innovative solutions are available at attractive prices through high-end app integration. 


Platform That Is Changing:

As an example, "Android is still evolving," even the smartphones are being built by different companies such as Samsung. They keep on adding new features to stay competitive in the market. In many cases, new Android developers come from the Android developers' community, a group of people who are used to taking quick actions to overcome changes in their phones.


Custom ROMs Installation:

Android apps can be customized by installing custom ROMs on devices. This gives developers and businesses greater control over how they run their software. Many versions of these are free to download, making it possible for companies to create apps quickly and easily. A trustworthy company that provides mobile app development for Android platforms can provide more details about these apps.

What are the Advantages of Android App Development for Businesses?

To attract small businesses, the advantages of an app are immeasurable, and a few of the main benefits are outlined below.

Boost Visibility 

The majority of this overall consumption likely comes from only a few applications, but that doesn't change the fact we would have to unlock, scroll, and scan our devices for the apps we want. 

We subconsciously record every picture and text (or well-designed app icon!) we see, so your company may benefit from being "in the way.".

Positive Impact on Customer Mindset

Depending on the type of software, apps may provide various services, such as basic information, news feeds, pricing, search tools, booking forms, user accounts, messengers, and much more.


Having a mobile app is probably one of the most apparent advantages of running a company. It gives you the ability to conveniently provide all of the information you want to give to your customers right at their fingertips, including special promotions and offers. 

When you send out push notifications to your clients, you can quickly remind them of your products and services. This allows you to be closer to your clients, allowing you to build a direct connection.

Gives you a sense of credibility 

If we discuss on-hand data, why don't we consider digitizing your existing loyalty program? Make it so your customers can use your mobile app to redeem their rewards instead of just using the traditional point-collection card. How will this benefit you? More consumers are returning to your app and more downloads.

Projecting Your Brand

Projecting your brand is one of the most significant advantages of having a mobile app for your business. You can raise brand recognition significantly by having a mobile app for your business. Taking the two parts of this topic into consideration, when combined, will make your application a legitimate contender for the prize:


Brand. In essence, a mobile application is comparable to a blank billboard sign. You may present it in any manner you like, whether fashionable, hip, functional, daring, or informative. 

However, you must make sure that your app contains features your prospects will find appealing, as well as one that will be well-branded and well-designed.


Recognition. If your customers regularly engage with your application, they are more likely to buy your goods and services. Several studies have shown that hearing and seeing your brand about 20 times will get you noticed. It is known as the "effective frequency" in advertising.

Customer Engagement 

No matter what you are selling, your customers need a way to contact you, whether you are selling flowers or spa services. You may be able to dramatically improve the way you interact with your clients if you include a messaging (or help desk) feature in your app. 

One of the most important reasons to develop your smartphone application is to win your customers. The immense amount of advertising that surrounds us all-roadside banners, billboards, flashing signs, newspaper ads, Flyers, discount coupons, websites, website banners, Facebook advertisements, and email marketing-allows us slowly to lose our influence over the customers.

The time has come for the marketing industry to identify the truth about what consumers want and then turn them into the most passionate supporters of their products. 



To Sum Up

Is your company looking for more efficient working practices and a more significant profit margin? If so, you might be missing the right piece in the puzzle along with a smartphone app. As of right now, more than 80 percent of all web traffic is generated by mobile devices. Your company now has an excellent opportunity to take advantage of this trend by having a mobile app for your company.

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