Thursday, May 5, 2022

How Does Our Uber- like App Solution Work?

How Does Our Uber- like App Solution Work?

Travelling or commuting by a taxi is better than hailing a taxi, catching an early morning metro or train, and finding no seats on the bus. Right? Booking a private taxi or even carpooling is one of the best solutions to commute to offices, school, or anywhere else without having to worry about the fare or coming in contact with a CCoronavirus-infected person. 

Let’s say you are the entrepreneur owning the Uber clone app. What are some of the benefits you would want to provide to your customers?


Listed below are only a few benefits your customers will get. But, if you want to know what other advantages they get, talk with experts who know A to Z of this app.

1.   Single tap taxi ride booking

The user only has to click on the ‘Book Now’ button on the app to book the ride after they have entered the pickup location and the destination.

2.   Up-to-second location update

Users who have booked a ride through the app can view the location of the taxi driver on the in-built map. These map APIs are highly advanced giving a per-second update about the current location of the taxi driver and the estimated time of arrival (ETA).

3.   Internal calling and chatting facilities

The user and the taxi driver can call or chat with one another using the over the internet features without having to exchange personal cell phone numbers. Thus, it is the best feature to maintain the privacy of both parties.


Now, being the entrepreneur looking for a taxi business solution, you must know how the uber clone app works. Well, here’s the workflow:

Registration/Login into the app

The app user first has to register with the app or log in if they’ve already made their account. To register, the user can use their social media account. They can also use their phone number or email too. It is while registering that the user can add the referral code to avail offers, cashbacks, or free wallet balance. 

Book the trip

After the registration is done and details are verified, the user has to enter the pickup location, and destination, and select the car type - basic, normal, or luxurious. On the map that appears above these options, an animated line will show up the route from the pickup location to the destination. On the same screen, the user gets the option to select the mode of payment and apply for a coupon.

The users can also choose to enter the destination later as well!

Send the trip request

Once all the details are entered and selected on the taxi booking app, the users can send the ride request. The ride request is sent to all the nearby taxi drivers with the preferred car type. Say, if the user has selected ‘Basic’ car type, then all the nearby drivers registered under the same category are sent the request. The request is complete when one of the drivers accepts to complete the trip.

Arrive at the destination

The driver who has accepted the request will come straight to the user’s pickup location and start the trip. After they have reached the destination, the driver selects ‘End Trip’ to end it. As soon as this option is selected an Invoice Summary appears on the rider’s and driver’s app with the complete breakdown of the levied charges.

Complete the payment

After the driver clicks on ‘Collect Payment’ on the driver’s app, the user’s account is debited with the relevant charges if they chose to pay with a credit card. The money is deducted from the user’s wallet if it’s payment via the in-app wallet. Or, if the user has chosen to pay with cash they then need to hand over it to the driver. 

Also, the user can add the tip amount for the driver if they want to. 

Rate & Review

Lastly, the Uber clone user can rate and review the trip according to their personal experience. Also, if they like the driver, they can mark them as their favorite.


Own an app that offers so much convenience and comfort to your customers. Opt for the taxi booking app solution and get it rebranded to suit your brand! Take over the monopoly by offering single tap taxi rides to the customers and 100% protection against contracting the Covid-19 virus while traveling! 

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