Friday, October 28, 2022

Top 3 Methods to Backup Gmail Account Efficiently

Top Methods to Backup Gmail Account

This blog will provide reliable methods to backup your Gmail account. Here you will get the top 2 manual methods and one Professional Solution Gmail Email Backup Tool. It also highlights the need to take backup Gmail emails.

Gmail is a free Web-based email service that offers customers a gigabyte of message storage and the option to search for certain messages.  Nowadays, everyone has a Gmail account, whether it be for personal or business use. 

It offers Google Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Slides for storing data. Users can use Gmail to send and receive messages, contacts, calendars, and other items. It is a free, feature-rich, and secure email client that satisfies the requirements of different users.

But Gmail is also vulnerable to cyber attacks, which could lead to our crucial data loss. Therefore, you can export your Gmail account or backup your Gmail emails to another Gmail account if you wish to prevent data loss or corruption. Let's learn more about the several reasons users back up their Google mail data.

Reasons To Backup Gmail Account

There are multiple reasons to download a Gmail account. Here I’m discussing the few main reasons why you need to backup Gmail emails.

1.     Sudden Shutdown of Computer:- It is possible for your system to malfunction and shut down without warning. The majority of the time, a sudden system shutdown leaves users with serious problems.

2.     Accidental Email Deletion - Users sometimes unintentionally delete important emails, and they are unable to retrieve them. A backup of your Gmail emails might be beneficial in such a situation.

3.     Inaccessibility of the Internet:- Since Gmail is a cloud-based service, you won't be able to access your account if you can't access the internet. For easy access to your Gmail account, a good internet connection is important

4.     To Prevent your Important Data from Hackers:- Even when privacy is enabled, hackers can sometimes access your Gmail account or simply decrypt your password. They get the power to delete your Gmail account, which results in data loss.

How To Backup Gmail Emails?

There are multiple reasons to take a backup of Gmail emails. Here, you will get the top 3 methods to backup Gmail account.

    Use Google Takeout to download Gmail Emails

    Export Gmail emails to PDF on an external drive

    Use of Professional Tool

# Method 1:- Use Google Takeout to Download Gmail Emails

    Open Gmail and enter your login credentials.

    On the right side of the screen, click the Profile image and then click Manage your Google account.

    After then, click on the Data and Privacy option.

    To download or delete your data, scroll down the page. In the download or delete your data section, click the download your data option.

    You will then find a Google takeout wizard with all the default options checked.

    Deselect all options and check the Mailbox.

    Then click the Next Step button in the footer of the wizard.

    Select the method of delivery, the frequency, and the size of the file type. Tap Create export as well.

    You will now receive a download link in your Gmail inbox. If your mailbox is large, it may take more time.

    Your Gmail account has been backed up successfully.

# Method 2: Export Gmail Emails to PDF on an External Drive

    Enter your Gmail credentials to sign in.

    Open the email that you want to save.

    To print the selected email, tap on the Print all icon.

    In this window, you will find a print option.

    At last, select the destination to Save as a PDF and select the Save button to save the email as a PDF.

# Method 3: Backup Gmail Emails  With the Help of a Professional Tool

The Gmail Email Backup tool is a robust and risk-free utility to backup Gmail account efficiently. This tool is developed with multiple advanced features to take Gmail backup. 

It allows users to export Gmail emails into PST, PDF, MBOX, MSG, and EML formats. Users can optimize the entire migration task using this utility's advanced features.  It migrate Gmail to Office 365, Yahoo mail, AOL, and various other email clients.

The software provides a self-explanatory interface to its professional and non-professional users. You can also evaluate its working performance by using its free demo version.


You can easily save your crucial Gmail data by taking a backup of them. In this article, we have mentioned two manual ways and one Professional Solution to backup Gmail accounts. 

Now, it's up to you which method you want to follow.  It also highlights the various reasons why users want to take a backup of their data.