Monday, November 21, 2022

Top 6 Flutter Development Companies in India

 Top 6 Flutter Development Companies in India

Flutter has changed the way apps are conceptualised, built, and maintained. React Native first snatched the game from a hybrid development approach and truly brought a game-changer impact with cross-platform development by mixing both the native and the “code once write everywhere” approach of hybrid. 

Flutter even took this further by offering us a framework for iOS, Android, web, and desktop, all at once. Flutter app development cost is also lower because of this multi-platform support and modular development approach.

This extensibility is different from what makes Flutter popular. It is also a tremendously modular framework where everything comes as widgets to shape the app’s user interface and look and feel. Moreover, Flutter offers access to the Google Firebase backend development plugin to make the framework work almost like a complete technology stack.

So, Flutter is multifaceted, robust, extensible, and modular. These qualities brought Flutter into the midst of popularity in recent years. India, a global outsourcing hub, has produced many top-ranked Flutter development companies with awesome success stories and rich project exposure. Here in this blog post, we will introduce the top 6 Flutter development companies in India.


If you want to partner with a giant IT company as your app development partner with Flutter or the latest front-end skills, there is no better option in India than Globant. With a global footprint spanning more than 20 countries and a whopping 25k+ employees onboard, they are just a permanent fix in any list of top Flutter app development companies in India.

Some of the key attributes that make Globant notable include the following.

  • Huge exposure to award-winning app projects from leading organisations such as Rockwell Automation, Stanford University, MIT, Google, Electronic Arts, Santander, and many others.
  • They are versed in an array of futuristic technologies and skills, including AI and Blockchain, and in many of these projects, they use the Flutter front-end.
  • A robust team with years of front-end and mobile app development experience, especially with Flutter.


IndianAppDevelopers is truly global in its work ethic and spirit and Indian in its passion for experimentation and finding out-of-the-box solutions. The company has a global footfall and experience of more than a decade in app development and has made several award-winning and industry-acclaimed apps for different industry niches.

Some key reasons businesses hire IndianAppDevelopers for their Flutter-based projects include the following.

  • IndianAppDevelopers is primarily a Flutter-specialist development company, with most of its success stories revolving around the Flutter framework.
  • The company is globally known for its cross-platform development expertise and unique modular approach to development to serve the interests of startups.
  • The company has built apps with Flutter for various niches, including Fintech, HealthTech, enterprise, e-commerce, eLearning, entertainment and video streaming, and many others.


SunTec is a globally recognized IT outsourcing company with a large bouquet of development services ranging from mobile apps, web, data analytics, eCommerce, payment solutions, Fintech, and many more. 

What brings SunTec to this list of top Flutter app development companies in India include the following.

  • Suntec has been one of the most seasoned and oldest cross-platform development companies to prefer Flutter right in the beginning for their app projects.
  • The company has a robust and dedicated Flutter developer team with awesome project exposure and experience.
  • Many of the apps built by the company for diverse niches are top-listed across stores.


Fueled is one of the leading names in mobile app development, with numerous awards won by the company over the years. The company has been in a variety of app development niches. Some key reasons to choose Fueled for app development projects based on Flutter include the following.

Fueled is truly a global company with simultaneous offices across several different countries and successful app projects delivered all over the globe.

  • Fueled is into app development for wider niches, including cutting-edge software requirements such as POS, ERP, CRM, CMS, CDP, Blockchain, AI Chatbots, Web Development, AR/VR, UI/UX Design, and many others.
  • Fueled has used Flutter in most of its successful app projects in recent years and continues to use it as its most preferred stack for front-end development.

Hyperlink InfoSystem

Hyperlink InfoSystem is one of the most well-known mobile app development companies with expertise in cross-platform technologies, particularly Flutter, React Native, and Xamarin. 

The company also flaunts itself as an early adopter of this framework for its mobile app projects. What made Hyperlink Infosystem irrefutable among the top Flutter app development companies include the following reasons.

  •  It is into cross-platform app development for more than a decade, and it is into Flutter-based app development since the framework was launched.
  • The company has a global footprint, with several offices located across four continents.
  • With more than 2k global clients across different industry niches, they can meet a variety of custom development, integration, and support requirements for app projects.


If you want to leave your digital transformation aspiration to the abilities of one full-service IT outsourcing company, then there cannot be a better choice than Robosoft. 

A global tech giant from Japan has backed the company and is now trusted by thousands of businesses for their cross-platform and native app projects based on Flutter. Some key reasons to hire Robosoft for Flutter development include the following.

  • Robosoft has shown its commitment to the entire product development cycle, passing through stages of product planning and advisory to app design, data engineering, and analytics.
  • Powerful, visually engaging, and intuitive experiences are key to the success of most apps built by RoboSoft,
  • The company made some of the most ambitious apps across niches that are regarded as benchmarks for the respective categories by their competitors.

Summing It Up

Flutter is the most popular app development technology on a global scale, and its popularity is constantly on the rise. It is also being adopted for front-end development by numerous projects representing cutting-edge technologies such as conversational AI, Blockchain, etc. 

While Flutter will remain at the centre stage of development for years to come, Indian developers, because of their early adoption of this framework, will benefit most from it.