Friday, January 13, 2023

How to Find and Hire the Best Mobile App Developers?

How to Find and Hire the Best Mobile App Developers?

Most businesses consider having their mobile app the most important digital footprint. But they need expert developers and development companies to shape ambitious app projects. How can they find such skilled and experienced app developers near me for their projects, and how should they hire them without making any errors in talent acquisition? Let’s find out here below through this blog post. 

Create a comprehensive project requirement document (PRD) 

Before diving into anything, you must understand the app project's business, technical, aesthetic and budget requirements. You must make a project requirement document detailing the app idea, target operating system platforms, required technologies and tools, and app development approaches and methods.

Based on the project specifications, you can decide on the frameworks, libraries, app builders, and other tools for the app project. Besides the budget, the document will also mention the timeline for the project to complete.

Outsourcing vs in-house development

Most app projects today face the overwhelming dilemma of choosing between hiring remote developers and in-house developers. Obviously, on either side, there are equal pros and cons.

All businesses needing a tech background can find it challenging to manage an in-house team for the app project, and hence they can be better off hiring a remote team of developers. On the other hand, large and complicated app projects from businesses with a robust IT team will find in-house developers more suitable.

Hit the following places to hire developers

You will likely get on board the right developer resources for your project if you do enough research. Here we mention some notable places to hire expert and skilled in-house and remote developers.

    Go to popular digital job boards like LinkedIn to find skilled in-house and remote developers. These platforms will also help you to check their resumes and earlier portfolio of their projects.

    You can also research development companies across B2B ranking platforms such as Clutch and Goodfirms.

    There are also several popular platforms for hiring developers, such as ValueCoders, Upwork,, Toptal, ValueCoders, and a few others.

    Seeking references from friends, family, and colleagues is also a great way to find the best resources.

Use video conferencing for interviews.

If you have opted for a hybrid working mode or at least embraced a remote-friendly work environment, conducting interviews on video conferencing platforms such as Zoom or Google Meet can be very effective. The technical head and some severe team members must take care of the remote interview.

The technical interviewing should mainly focus on knowing about the actual project experience and their command of particular development skills. Try to understand the problems their customers need to go through in different situations. This is where the technical team should also explain the key roles and job responsibilities expected from the developer candidates.

Check programming skills in tandem with an in-house team.

More than interviewing the candidates and reviewing their coding skills are required. The developers should be subjected to rigorous technical screening through a collaborative demo project as a logical next step. You need to evaluate their collaborative development skills when they are working on the project.

There are many great platforms to help you with this collaborative demo project phase. You can just ensure more accessible technical tests by using some of the most popular code testing platforms available online. On these platforms, you can find many real assignments, and when the developers engage with them, the preconfigured benchmarks help professionally measure their skills and adherence to best practices.

Since these remote and collaborative programming platforms give developers a true-to-life environment for developing an app and allow them to access all kinds of libraries, frameworks, tools and GitHub entries, you can easily see their skills in different contexts and evaluate how appropriate they will be for various app projects.

Suppose the same demo test extends to a peer programming session involving both remote and in-house developers. In that case, it can further open up the strengths and weaknesses of developer candidates in different contexts.

Evaluating soft skills

As and when you finish assessing all the programming skills and technical expertise of the preferred developer candidates, you still need to go one step further to understand how good they are in communication, work ethics and other soft skills. Both communication skills and work ethics should stand high on the agendas.

Evaluating both the verbal and written communication skills of developers is essential. Evaluating their leadership skills, job attitude, ambition, and integrity is crucial. This step is necessary for hiring remote and in-house developers for any app project.

Lastly, following the soft skill assessment, when the developers are selected for the project and are already in, they should feel at home with an onboarding process. First, they should be elaborately briefed about the internal processes and development practices. It is also recommended to provide them with training on the company’s development practices, credentials, benchmarks, goals and expectations from the resources.

Wrapping Up

So, you must know the best ways to find and hire mobile app developers, whether you need them for in-house or remote development projects. A hybrid model comprising both in-house and remote teams works best regarding hiring.

This will help you rely less on local hiring, and you can always bring in high-quality talents to make your app shine in the competition. All the tips and steps mentioned above can be very effective when hiring remote and in-house developers for your app project.