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Best 6 Project Management Plugins To Keep Track of Your Website Projects

6 Project Management Plugins

Website creation is simple and easy, but managing website tasks requires much effort and attention to help it grow and succeed on the web. At times, you may need to run multiple tasks simultaneously or need to divide the jobs among your teammates and keep track of them. 

Managing projects and other website tasks manually and single-handedly can be daunting and may lead to errors, especially when you have a lot of ongoing tasks to keep track of. 

Fortunately, WordPress is an easy, versatile, and user-friendly platform. The plugin functionality enables website owners to add additional features to their site and configure it as per their desire. 

It includes a variety of project management plugins that can make your website handling a lot easier. Just like you are free to choose any web host and hosting plan from shared, dedicated hosting, and VPS hosting, you can easily select the Project Management plugin that best meets your needs. 

In this blog post, we'll explore the best six free as well as paid project management plugins for WordPress and how to choose the best one for your needs.

Let's begin!

What are Project Management Plugins?

Project management plugins are add-on software for WordPress that help you manage projects and website-related tasks more effectively. They allow you to track tasks, deadlines, and the progress of your projects easily. 

In addition, they allow you to collaborate with your team members and clients to plan and execute your projects in an organized way. As a result, these tools enable you and your team to complete your project and tasks within time and prevent any possible errors and mistakes.  

The Importance of Project Management Plugins.

Project management plugins are essential for any business or organization that wants to manage projects and teams efficiently. No matter what your business is, these tools are effective and valuable for every size and type of business and help them organize everything with ease. 

If you are also struggling to manage your projects and website roles, these plugins make it much more effortless to manage everything as per your choice. They help you stay organized, on track, and accountable, which ultimately leads to better results and drive success.

How to Choose the Best Project Management Plugins?  

Choosing the right project management plugin can be overwhelming, given the wide range of options available. Here are some true and tried tips to help you make an informed decision and select the best plugin that fits your website requirements.

1. Identify your needs: Before you start looking for project management plugins, it's important to identify your specific needs. Do you need to track time, manage tasks, collaborate with team members, or do all of the above? Determine your business need and follow the following tips. 

2. Consider your budget: WP offers a variety of plugin options, free as well as paid. Some project management plugins are free, while others require a subscription or one-time payment. To select the best and most profitable option, consider your budget and choose a plugin that offers the features you need at a price you can afford.

3. Look for reviews and ratings: The next important thing is to check out the popularity and success of the plugin. Check out reviews and ratings from other users to understand how well the plugin works and how easy it is to use. This will help you cut out the long list of plugins and ease your selection process.

4. Check for compatibility: Plugin compatibility is another valuable thing that you must check before choosing the plugin. Make sure the plugin is compatible with your WordPress version and with other plugins that you're using on your site. 

5. Check the features: Last but not least, check the plugin features that can ease your project management process. Ensure that the plugin offers file management, task management, project tracking, and similar valuable functionalities to help you manage your projects and tasks effortlessly and efficiently.  

Best 6 Project Management Plugins.

Now that we've covered the basics of project management plugins, let's take a closer look at the best six project management plugins for WP that can ease your overall project management process. 

This section will help you decide the best and most suitable project management plugin of all. Let's go over each one by one and help you streamline your plugin selection process.

1. SP Project & Document Manager

SP Project & Document Manager is a free plugin that offers project management, document management, and client portal features. The main purpose of this remote-file-sharing plugin is to efficiently share files among its teams, clients, and others. 

You can manage and control unlimited files, records, and multimedia and share them quickly with your teams and clients. The plugin comes with an easy-to-use and simple interface that makes it easier to modify the project or files. In addition, it also allows you to control your document access and privacy.

The plugin also comes with its paid version($75/year), which provides you with advanced features like adding reminders, tasks, and comments to a file. 

Notable Features:

  • Active installations: 3,000+Ratings-4-1/5
  • Best suited for file management and sharing
  • Upload and manage unlimited files
  • Easy file uploader
  • Remote management of documents and media
  • Login feature for document security

If you are searching for a project management plugin that also allows easy file and document management and quick sharing, SP Project & Document Manager can be the best fit for you.

2. Zephyr Project Manager

Zephyr Project Manager is a free plugin that allows you to manage tasks, milestones, and deadlines from within WordPress. It also features time-tracking and reporting tools to help you easily manage your projects and tasks.

It's an easy-to-use plugin that comes with a simple and beautifully designed user interface that allows you to manage and track your projects efficiently. With no limits, it offers you to create unlimited project tasks and categories, which makes it a favored choice for all business sizes.

In addition, it also offers a discussion panel that allows you to discuss your projects and tasks with your team and share files and attachments and effortlessly manage your projects in an organized way.

Moreover, the plugin enables you to view your project's progress and get an overview of the activity of your team with its valuable calendar feature.

The plugin comes with an upgrade option that gives you access to advanced features with the Zephyr Project Management Pro version, which is available at $49.

Notable features:

  • Active installations- 1,000+
  • Rating-4.9/5
  • Unlimited projects with advanced features
  • Discussion panel for team collaboration
  • File manager
  • Calendar for project tracking
  • Progress report
  • Effective team management

The beautiful and user-friendly interface and versatile features make it an advantageous plugin choice for novice as well as advanced users.

3. WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager is a free plugin that allows you to manage projects, tasks, and teams from within your WordPress dashboard. The plugins let you create, organize, assign, and manage tasks with just a few clicks. 

In addition, it allows you to effortlessly collaborate with your other team member, which makes it a simple, user-friendly, and valuable WP project management plugin. 

It allows you to create unlimited to-do lists, add new tasks, assign users, create due dates, and more. It also offers milestone and message functionalities which can help you manage your projects easily. You keep track of your projects on your to-do list and monitor your milestones effortlessly and view them in three categories: upcoming, completed, and late. 

The plugin also comes with its paid version ($55/year), which gives you additional functionalities such as a drag-and-drop interface, time tracking, and Gantt charts feature. Additionally, it lets you create a front-end board and invoices of clients and lets you manage deadlines efficiently, which makes it a profitable choice for many WP users. 

Notable features:

  • Ratings- 4/5
  • Active installations- 10,000+
  • Time tracking
  • Discussion threads
  • Advanced performance report
  • File sharing
  • Email notifications
  • Permission controls 

WP Project Manager can make a good fit for you if you want to organize your projects in an efficient and effortless way. 

4. Business Manager

Business Manager is a premium, versatile project management plugin that can be used to fulfill several website-related tasks. You can use it for project management, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management, and human resource. 

It offers advanced features such as invoicing, client management, and project templates. It allows you to manage your employees, projects, clients, documents, and more in an easy and effortless manner and helps you keep everything organized. 

In addition, it lets you easily communicate and collaborate with your team and discuss your projects and tasks from one place.

Notable features:

  • Active installations- 800+
  • Ratings- 4.7/5
  • Powerful project management tools
  • Documents and data management 
  • Track projects progress

So, if you are looking for a robust and all-in-one business tool, Business Manager is worth giving a try.

5. Project Panorama

Project Panorama is a premium project management plugin starting at $69/per year. It offers a visual project management interface, allowing you to visually track your project and easy collaboration with your team. 

It features progress tracking, file sharing, and client reporting tools which enable you to streamline your management process. It allows you to track your project's progress, make changes, upload documents, and assign tasks. Moreover, it also enables you to customize your plugin to give it a personalized appeal.

The plugin Project Panorama also has a free version named-Project Panorama Lite which comes with basic project management features such as project creation and task management tools. You can try the free version if you need to manage limited projects or use the paid version to take advantage of gives you additional features.

Notable features:

  • Active installations- 1,000+
  • Ratings-4.2/5
  • User-friendly plugin interface
  • Unlimited projects, tasks, and users
  • Easy team collaboration
  • User-permissions
  • Project templates and tracking 

6. CoSchedule

CoSchedule is a popular premium project management plugin that integrates with WordPress and other marketing tools. The plan starts at $29/month and also offers a 14-day free trial. It's a featureful plugin and comes with drag-and-drop functionality that makes project management straightforward and effortless for individuals and teams. 

It allows you to keep track of the progress and deadliness of your project. It offers features such as a calendar view, task templates, and social media scheduling.

Its content organizer provides you with an efficient way to manage, schedule and publish projects. In addition, the content calendar allows you to schedule posts and content posting and mark each project's deadline to streamline your team's workflow. 

With its calendar feature, it's easy to visualize the workload and organize your future strategy with a drag-and-drop functionality and communicate with teammates easily.

Notable feature:

  • Active installation-10,000+
  • Ratings-4.7/5
  • Simple and engaging calendar
  • Content organizer
  • Easy-project manager

If you are willing to purchase a featureful and useful project management plugin, CoSchedule can be a profitable option. 

Choose The Best That Fits Your Need!

Choosing the right project management plugin can make a huge difference in how you manage projects and tasks, which can significantly impact your business success. Whether you are a small enterprise owner, a part of a larger organization, or a freelancer, the above-discussed project management plugins can ease your website management easier, help you stay organized, and keep your projects and tasks on track. 

However, before choosing a project management plugin, it's crucial to consider your needs, budget, compatibility, and more which we've covered above, to get the most featureful, advantageous, and valuable plugin of all. 

In addition, ensure to keep your content high-quality and optimize your content holistically to grow uninterruptedly and help your business succeed. 

Hope this detailed guide on Project Management plugins has helped you better understand the basics and helped you select the plugin for your website. Start using the plugin that best suits your need and manages your website-related projects and tasks effortlessly and efficiently.

Good luck!