Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Top 7 Free Software to Permanently Delete Files from Computer

In this informative article, we will discuss some free and powerful software that will help you to delete the files/folders permanently. There are lots of professional tools and as well as manual methods available in the market to do same tasks but not safe.

 So, I will explain to you the top 7 free software to permanently delete files from a computer without any trouble. First of all, let’s have a look at some reliable free third-party software as per user reviews that completely delete files from your device.  

Top 7 Best Free Methods to Delete Files Permanently in 2020

Whenever a user deletes their unimportant file from the system, and then the deleted files go directly to the Recycle bin and it remains there until the user either clears that specific file from the Trash folder. 

Most of People, they think when a file is deleted from the Recycle bin it gets permanently deleted from their device. However, it’s not a truth, when a file is deleted and also deleted from the Trash, it never gets completely deleted.

As we know, third-party Data Recovery Tool easily recovers deleted files even deleted from Trash Folder. So guys, Have you ever thought about how it is possible. To protect your confidential files from unauthorized access, it is mandatory to erase the files/folders permanently. The following free methods are mentioned below – 

Method 1 – HardWipe Tool 

Hard Wipe

HardWipe is one of the best free tools that provide several types of erasing options. It allows the users to not just delete the data/files but permanently erase it from your disk and portable hard disk. This tool provides a feature to the system can be automatically powered off after completion of the wiping operation.

Method 2 –  File Shredder Tool

File Shredder

File Shredder helps the user to permanently delete their deleted files. There is no way to recover any sensitive information after a deletion with this excellent tool. It is a reliable tool that deletes files and folders completely. It has various options for file shredding from 5 different state-of-art algorithms.  

Method 3 – Wipe File Tool

WipeFile is a quick software for erasing data and files from your system. It permanently deletes the files from your computer so that there is no chance to recover the data again with any recovery tool. This software having 14+ methods to erase files without facing any difficulties. 

Method 4 – CyberShredder Tool

CyberShredder is a safe and secure tool with the help of it, the user can easily enable the “Confirm file deletion” options. There are various shredding methods are available in the setting menu of this tool like – Very Quick, Quick, Normal, etc. while the erasing files, the user can also renamed multiple times that helps to avoid recovery probability even more.        


Method 5 – Eraser Tool

Eraser Tool

The Eraser is the perfect software for deleting important data permanently from your system. It also clears the contents of previously deleted files and folders to be deleted. This amazing software has 13 different erase algorithms to select from Windows Explorer integration, an option to unlock locked files and folders before deleting them, and many more.

Method 6 – SecureEraser Tool

SecureEraser is another excellent tool that helps you to permanently erase files from Windows PC without overwriting them. This tool is made up of the latest technology and algorithm that gives you 100% protect your files from unauthorized use. By deleting files through this tool, then you can’t recover any third-party software.


Method 7 –  Tweaknow Tool

TweakNow Tool

TweakNow tool is an amazing tool for permanently destroying data from your system /PC. It helps the user to easily download it free from its official website and perfectly work on destroying data. There is no chance to reconstruct deleted files again by any third-party recovery utility.

Method 8 – BitKiller Tool 

BitKiller tool safely removes files and folders from your PC. Once this tool deletes the file then it becomes inaccessible that can’t be recovered by anyone else or recovery software. This tool also provides an option to changes the file names that make them harder to find. In this software, there are several overwrite options available and the user can select as per their requirements.


The Conclusion

In this article, we have discussed the top 7 free software that can help you to permanently delete files from the system and save your confidential data from unauthorized use. We have mentioned all these free third-party tools that are top rating free software by the IT-professional and user reviews.  

After the utilization of these tools,  you have to forget about the recovery process because every bit of hard disk is truly removed. I hope this article is helpful to you. Please let me know your views on this blog post.   – Thank you