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What is SEO and Techniques to Improve Website Traffic

Hello,  In this informative article, I will discuss – what is SEO and techniques to improve your website traffic on search engines like – Google, Yahoo, Bings, etc. As we know SEO plays a very important role in growing any website or business. While we search any keyword, we get millions of results, but only the best of them get first place on the search engine. Have you ever thought about how it is happening?

What is SEO and Techniques to improve website rank

Now the question is arises that how does Google or other search engine know – This is a perfect website for this keyword so that it should be put in the first place on search results. Here the concept of SEO comes that rank your website in Google or any other search engine. 

If you have any questions related to – what is SEO, how to do SEO, pro tips for SEO, and types of SEO. So, I would like to request you to stay with us till the end and get complete information about SEO and its benefits. Let’s know about it in details –

What is SEO?

SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization”. It is a technique that helps to improve your website traffic and increases the visibility for relevant searches on the search engine. The better visibility your pages have in the search results, it more likely you can attract prospective and existing customers towards your business.

The Search Engines like as -Google, Bing, and Yahoo use bots to crawl pages on the web, crawling from site to site, collecting information about those pages, and putting them to an index in the search results. The working functions of SEO are divided into two parts which is known as On-page and Off-page SEO are mentioned below in details – 

On-Page Optimisation

 It refers to the optimization on the site is known as on-page optimization which includes – checking page loading time, using keywords into content, image optimization, ALT tag, meta tag, SSL/https, Internal Linking, User-friendly landing web-page and many more.

On-Page SEO Optimization

Use of Keyword – The keyword is most important to rank any website or blog. So you should have research better keywords as per your niche and use the keyword on website content.

Meta Title It describes your websites through the help of primary keywords and it should be between 40–60 characters because more than that it will not display on Google search results.

Meta DescriptionIt is an introduction of your website and each page of the website should have unique meta descriptions for better search results.

Alt Tag The Google spider is unable to crawl website images, so with the image, it is compulsory to provide an alternative text for crawling images on the search engine.

Header Tag  It is very important to correctly categorize the entire page. Into H1, H2 tags, etc.

Sitemap Sitemap contains a list of pages of the website in single source code and it helps the Google crawler to easily crawl your pages and index them. There are different types of sitemaps are as – sitemap.xml, sitemap.html, a news sitemap, videos sitemap, and many more.

URL Structure The URL structure of your website should be embedded with the primary keyword which means should be matched with the page title. It is an SEO-friendly concept that helps rank factors.

User-Friendly Interface Try to make your website user-friendly and responsive because most of the traffic comes from mobile phones. A better landing page attracts the user to spend more time on the website and decreases the bounce rate.

Internal Linking By creating an internal link on your pages, you can easily navigate the user from one page to other pages in the website.

Robot.txt It is a very important concept of SEO. If you don’t want to index any particular page due to some reason. With the help of robots.txt, you can easily disallow your pages. 

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Off-Page Optimization

It refers to the optimization outside the sites are known as off-page optimization that includes – Build Backlinks, Submission, Infographics, Social Media Promotion, and many more. 

Off-Page SEO Optimization


Backlinks – Creating backlinks on other high-quality website that helps to improve your ranking of a website on the search engine. It can be done by multiple ways such as – blog commenting, guest posting, forum submission, internal linking, submission, etc.

Social Media Promotion – Social media generate a huge amount of traffic on your website. So, it is compulsory to promote your website on social media like – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Tumblr. These are platform contains lots of traffic.

Infographics – The infographics submission is a way to create images that contain information about your page/website and you can easily create backlinks by submitting images on the infographics submission websites.   

5 Pro Tips for SEO

Let’s know some advanced techniques of SEO in 2023 that will help to improve your search rank, the following techniques are mentioned below –

Avoid Duplicate content – Google or another search engine will not rank your website if your content is duplicate. So, it is mandatory to use unique content (at least 85%) on the website.

Update your older post – Google is more likely to rank update post that means if your post running keyword is – best mobile phones in 2019 and after next year, you will have to update your content. It will have more chances to rank your pages. 

Selection Keywords – The keyword is the most important part for any website to rank on the search engines. The search engine ranks your website on the basis of Keywords. So, always try to select – High volume and Low Competition keywords.

Create High-Quality Backlinks – The backlink is an important concept of SEO that helps to rank your website on the search engine.  Always try to create backlinks on a high-quality website. A high-quality website refers to high DA/PA sites. You can easily check the DA/PA of any website by using – DA/PA Checker Tool.

Maintain the Ratio of Backlinks – As we know, the backlinks are mainly two types of No-Follow and Do-follow links. It is mandatory to maintain the ratio of 70:30 No-follow and Do-follow backlinks because it will prevent your website from spam.    

Types of SEO

There are three types of SEO techniques are available to improve the search rank for your website. Let’s know in details about the types of SEO that are as listed below –

White Hat SEO – This technique is used for SEO that follows all the guidelines of search engines. In this technique, there is no risk of penalty or de-indexing of the website. Proper use of keywords in the title, meta tags, meta description, and other parts of the content.

Black Hat SEO – This technique is used for SEO which is not follow the guidelines of search engines. In this technique there is a risk of the website may be penalized or de-indexed. The keywords are heavily used in content to get a better ranking.

Grey Hat SEO – It is a combination of White hat and Black Hat SEO. That means it is the technique that uses 50% white hat and 50% black hat SEO.

The Conclusion

I hope you must have liked this informative article on about SEO. This article provides complete information about SEO to the readers. So that you don’t need to search in any other sites about SEO. If you have any doubts related to this article or if you want some improvement in it, then let me know in the comment section box.