Saturday, September 26, 2020

How To Do SEO For YouTube Videos?

YouTube application is already installed in almost every Android and iOS mobile phone due to which the popularity of YouTube increases day by day. YouTube comes at number 3 over the world where people spend more time.

Most people have dreams to make a career on the Youtube platform. But friends, it has become very difficult to make a career on Youtube this is because of the competition. If you want to be a successful YouTuber then you should know some basic methods which I am going to explain in this informative article.

To become successful on the YouTube platform then read this informative article from the beginning to the very last. So, let’s start now without any delay step by step with complete information – 

What is SEO and How to do SEO for Youtube Videos

SEO Stands for Search Engine Optimization is a technique that helps you to optimize your youtube videos to get more traffic to them. We have discussed all SEO in recent posts where you can learn it.  The following techniques are given below –

1. Create Quality Content

If you want to be a successful Youtuber then it is very important to have quality videos on your channel. If there is no good video on your Youtube channel then the visitor will not watch your videos and also they will not subscribe to your channel.  

You should always create videos on particular topics like – Technology, Health, Fashion, and many more. You should try to create complete detail videos, create good video quality, create good sound quality, then all these things you have to keep in mind before creating videos.

2. Create an Attractive and Clickable Thumbnail

It is mandatory to create an attractive thumbnail on your video so that the user will click on your Thumbnail and watch your video. There are multiple ways by which you can define a thumbnail for your YouTube video. If you don’t put a thumbnail on your videos, it is more chance to the user will ignore your videos without watching them.

3. Keep User-Friendly Title

To rank your youtube video or for SEO it is very important to create a good title because the user will do something after the thumbnail. You can research your title by using keyword research tools to know, which keyword has more traffic and low competition.

If you use the title and thumbnail properly on your video, then the views in your video will definitely increase, and there are more chances of ranking your video as well.

4. Use the Correct Description

Description plays a very important role to rank your video and you must use whatever keywords inside the description of your video. In this way, your video will quickly and your video will start ranking on the Youtube platform.

Have you noticed that I had taken the word “Keyword”? Most of the newbie YouTubers are completely wondering “What is Keyword”.  For example – I am going to create videos about SEO, then I will put keywords related to SEO on my video's description and a title like – What is SEO, How to do SEO, etc. 

5. Use tags in your videos

It is very important to put tags on your video for better ranking or performance. Tags describe putting some keywords related to your video so that your video will show your video when the visitor searches all these keywords on Youtube.

So, I would like to recommend you don’t ignore the use of tags in the videos. In this way, you can optimize SEO-friendly Youtube videos and your video will definitely be viral and you will get more visitors on your Youtube channel.

Pro Tips To Do SEO for Youtube

·        Create YouTube channel names. Start with capital first words like as – Techno Sid

·        Must use keywords on the Title of your videos.

·        Meta description long about 150-160 characters.

·        Tags used for the target keyword on your videos.

·        Image height should be (720 * 420) and put the keyword on it.

The Final-words

Optimizing your YouTube videos for SEO requires a comprehensive approach that involves thorough keyword research, attention to video metadata, engaging with your audience, promoting your content, and analyzing performance metrics. By implementing these strategies, you can enhance the visibility and discoverability of your videos, ultimately growing your YouTube channel and reaching a wider audience.