Saturday, September 5, 2020

How To Generate and Submit Sitemap for Blogger Websites

Hello guy’s, In this informative blog post, we will discuss in detail – How To generate and submit a sitemap for Blogger websites and discuss its uses and benefits.  If you looking for Adsense approval on your blogger sites then, it is mandatory to generate a sitemap for better performance. Let’s know what is a sitemap and its importance in the term of a ranking factor as well as SEO –

How to Generate and Submit Sitemap for Blogger Websites

What is Sitemap?

A sitemap is a list of pages or a bunch of pages of your website. It helps the search engine crawler to easily index all the pages of your website at a single link instead of indexing page by page. 

Google introduced the Sitemaps protocol for some sites those who have a large number of dynamic pages. The Sitemap file contains all the URL of your pages that help the search engine crawlers to easily find them. 

Currently, Google,  Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines ask for the Sitemaps protocol. Primarily, there two types of sitemap – XML sitemap and HTML sitemap. Both the sitemap have a unique identity.

HTML SitemapIt is used for the user to easily navigate all the pages of your website.

XML Sitemap It is used for the web crawler to easily find out all the pages on your site.

What is Robot.txt?

Robots.txt is a text file that contains several lines of simple code. It plays a very important role for any website/blog that instructs the web crawlers to index and crawl your websites in the search results /console.

That means the robot.txt helps the user to Disallow any web pages from web crawlers. After disallowing the pages, the search engine crawler will not index your pages in search engines for example – categories pages, blog pages, or other pages that you don’t want to index.  

One of the important things that have to keep your mind is – The web crawler always scans a robots.txt file before crawling any web pages. The following syntax of Robot.txt is mentioned below –

 User-agent: *

Disallow: /  (Webpage URL with https ot http)

Allow: /   (Webpage URL with https ot http)

How To Generate Sitemap for Blogger?

It is a very simple step to create a sitemap for any blog and website. So, let’s follow the following steps are listed below –

1.     Firstly, Go to the Sitemap Generator tool and type the complete address of website for example – http or https:/

2.     After that, click on the ‘Generate Sitemap’ option and sitemap your website will be displayed on your screen like this and copy it –

3.     Now, Go to the Blogger Dashboard >> Click on the setting >> Press ctrl+f and search – ‘crawler and indexing’ >> then enable the custom robots.txt and paste code that you copied >> click on the ‘save changes’.

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The Final-Words

In this blog article, we have successfully discussed the efficient ways to generate and submit sitemap for Blogger. After submitting a sitemap the search engine will automatically find out your sitemap by using the robots.txt file.  

Make sure that you have submitted your sitemap to Google Webmaster and other Webmaster tools. If you have any problem/issues related to this post and sitemap then please let me know, I will happy to resolve your issues.  – Thank you