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5 Best Methods To Recover Deleted Photos From Android

5 Best Methods to Recover Deleted Photos from Android

How would you feel when your important photos get deleted from your Android phone. If you worried of deleted some important moments captured from Android devices and looking for reliable methods to recover deleted photos from Android? If yes, then I would like to request you must read this blog article carefully.   

What would your reaction when you come to know that your memorable and important images are deleted from your android phone and you don’t have any solution on how to recover deleted photos for Android? To answer all your questions and various other questions, I have come up with this informative blog article, where you will know the reasons behind the photo loss and recovery methods.

What is the reason behind the photos loss?

Due to progressively increasing the photos and other data on the phone, the phone becomes full after a particular time. One of the biggest problems that come after photos stored on Android phones is hanging and slowing down of the smartphone.

You must have experienced that the first thing we do when our Android phone hangs, is to delete the photos. Due to these issues, we are neither able to download the important data nor save anything, therefore we delete the unimportant photos every few days to maintain the proper space in the phone.

But, it happens most of the time that by doing these tricks, the important photos are also get deleted from us. So, today we will explain to you about 5 best methods in which you can easily recover your deleted photos on Android.

There can be multiple reasons that can make your image loss from Android smartphones. So, you should know the main factors that can make your photo loss are listed below.

·        Accidentally deleting files or pictures from the device

·        Due to ROM flash the photos maybe disappeared.

·        Due to malicious malware attack.

·        When you format the entire device and lose the useful images.

·        Photos are inaccessible when the device is water damaged.  

·        Due to rooting, factory reset of the device, and other reasons.


How I can recover deleted photos from Android devices?

Do you know how to recover deleted photos from the Android phone gallery? Everyone would like to know the reasons behind the recovery of lost images from Android devices. There is a possibility to recover deleted photos on Android because they are not actually removed permanently from the device.

No matter wherever your data is either on internal or external storage, the deleted data is still present but it is invisible to the users. But there is a possibility to recover deleted photos from a long time ago without facing any difficulties.  


What to do whenever you lost photos?

The following steps are required to follow to those who come across the situation of data loss.

·        The first important thing is that you should stop using your Android smartphone immediately. Because the phone can store any new data on it such as – photos, files, or videos, and the old lost data will overwrite.

·        You should turn off your Wi-Fi connection or mobile data. In this way also save any new data on your phone making the lost photos not restorable.

·        Some of the users try unreliable photo recovery apps to restore the lost photos from the Android phone which is not a good approach. 

·        Find powerful and excellent recovery tools like – Sysinfo Photo Recovery Tool that can recover deleted or permanent photos from Android devices as soon as possible.

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Is it possible to recover deleted photos/files from Android Devices?

Unlike a Computer, Android does not have any ‘recycle bin’ features or ‘recently deleted’ folder. In this situation, the users get irritated when image loss occurs. Whenever the important image gets deleted but it is not actually deleted from the device. Therefore, it becomes confusing to know whether the photos are permanently deleted or not.

It does not mean that the deleted photos cannot be recovered. Here, are the following best methods to recover deleted photos from Android without facing any difficulties. Let us know the following methods are listed below.

Method 1: Automated Stellar Photos Recovery Tool

An automated solution is the very first method that I am going to discuss on how to recover deleted images from Android just by using Stellar Photos Recovery Software is the top rating software that helps you effortlessly restore missing pictures without any trouble.  

There is a possibility to recover deleted and permanently deleted photos from Android devices. This powerful recovery software scans the entire device accurately to find out the missing files and safely restores them without facing any issues. It works effectively to restore deleted photos from Android internal storage as well without losing any single photos.

Photo Recovery

The best part of this excellent recovery application is – no matter how the photos or other files are deleted, this toolkit works efficiently in every situation allowing the user to restore your useful moments with ease. It is eligible to recover not only photos, but other data such that – contacts, call history, WhatsApp messages, videos, documents, notes,  text messages, and many other deleted items.

The users get the satisfaction that they can recover missing photos and data from Android just with the help of Sysinfo Photo Repair Software which has the ability to recover deleted photos from the phone.

Step 1: Connect Your Android Phone

First of all download the powerful Stellar Photos Recovery Tool and then select the Data Recovery option.

Now connect your Android smartphone to your Computer via a USB cable and also make sure that you have enabled USB debugging.


Step 2: Select the file/data types to scan

Now, Sysinfo Recovery Software will display the data types that it supported. Here, you have to select the data types that you want to restore.

This software will display you two options when your device is rooted: Scan deleted files and Scan for all files. Here, I would like to suggest you to select a Scan for all files that may take a longer time but will work accurately.

After that, click on the ‘Next’ button to continue the recovery process. It will identify your phone and scan your device to restore lost data within a few minutes.


Step 3: Now preview and recover deleted data

Finally, when the entire scanning process gets completed then you have a preview option where you can re-check which data have to recover. Now, select the desired data and click on the ‘Recover’ option to save all permanently deleted or deleted data on your Computer.  


Method 2: Using Google Photos?

There are multiple storage media where the users can save their important data or photos in a secure way. Therefore, if you have used OnedriveGoogle Photos, etc. to store your essential data then you can get them back with ease.

One thing remembers to sync the photos to Google Photos using the Gmail account before the recovery. Any images deleted from Google Photos will remain in the trash for 60 days. So, you can get them back from the trash within 60 days.  To recover photos follow the given steps:

·        First of all, open the Google Photos application and click on the Menu options.

·        Then, select the ‘Trash’ folder

·         Now, all deleted files list will display on your screen and you just need to select the photos that you want to recover.

·        At last, click on the small arrow button to restore all the lost images within a few seconds.


Method 3:  By using Google Drive?

Everyone is aware of Google Drive where users can save their useful and important data securely up to 15GB. Your useful photos, files, videos, audio files, documents, notes, and others store securely.

Therefore, if you have uploaded your precious pictures to Google Drive before losing it. This method will help you to recover deleted photos from Android for free then follow the below steps: 

·        Firstly, Open Google Drive on your Android smartphone.

·        Click on the My Drive section where you will view the listed stuff that you have uploaded.

·        Now, choose the photos that you want to recover and click and hold it.

·        After that, right-click on the particular items and click on the Download button.

·         Now your photos will get a download on your smartphone’s gallery and you can effortlessly access them.

Method 4:  By using Dropbox

You can easily store your precious images on Dropbox and it also has a trash folder option that saves lost photos up to 30 days. So, to get back those lost images from Dropbox, follow the given steps:

·        First of all, log in to Dropbox desktop.

·        Then, go to Files >> Deleted files.

·        Now, you can choose the photos that you want to restore.

·        At last, click on the OK button to start the recovery process.     


Method 5: Recover lost photos without Root

Most of the users think that by using any application there is a possibility to get back the lost photos without rooting the rooting Android device. But, I would like to clear you that there are no tricks that can help you to restore your deleted photos from an Android device without root.

Actually, the photos get stored on certain system folders which are inaccessible on un-rooted devices. It will be accessible only when you root your Android phone and after that, the users will get full access to the smartphone and they can search for lost photos.

Moreover, if you want to restore your photos without rooting your smartphone then the only backup is the option that can help you in this situation. Yes, if you have already kept any backup of your deleted photos on any storage medium then it is possible to restore them without any hassle.              


How to Avoid Photo/Images Loss on Android Device

There are following important tips that will help you to avoid that kind of photos loss disaster are listed below –

·        Create Backup

·        Never write new photos to the place containing deleted Images.

·        Create multiple partitions.

·        Set auto-uploading images to the Cloud.

·        Think twice before going to deleted photos.  

The Conclusion

As we know, Photos are very important for everyone. I don’t think anyone would love to lose those images from their Android device in any situation. The photos loss situation may occur to anyone and it is a big question how to recover deleted photos. 

Therefore, it is better to approach to back up all your crucial stuff previously at a secure place. In this way, you don’t need to search for recovery methods later on. In this valuable blog article, I have successfully explained the 5 best methods to recover deleted photos from Android devices.  

For easy and better results, you should utilize the Stellar Photos Recovery Software to easily recover permanently deleted photos without losing any single photos. If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box. You can reach us through our social media platforms – Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.