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How Technology Shapes Dentist Future

How Technology Shapes Dentist Future

A large number of people do not prefer to visit the dentist for plenty of reasons. It is because of unpleasant and painful experiences in the past which eventually create a phobia. The patient also feels uncomfortable having awkward movement of dental tools around their mouth. But with modern technology, treatment has become easier. Each dental procedure becomes precise and easy with upgraded technology.

This article will talk about some technologies that uplift the medical and cosmetic density to the next level. 


Technological advancement makes the dental treatment process more precise and effective.

Digital Dentures

Before the upgraded advancement, dentures took a long time to make, and people would have to create many dental trips to get comfortable placement. It was a time-consuming trial and error method for a perfect fit. It was a gruelling procedure. With the development of computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) and Computer-aided design (CAD), the dental technician made a new denture within an hour with the help of a disc. This modern technology can accomplish a prosthesis within a few steps to make everything quick and convenient.


Dental implant surgery using Robotic technology

The most common approach to assist a patient in restoring their teeth is dental implants. The positive side of dental implant overdenture is very high. Dental implants look similar to your teeth, and it looks completely normal. You have to follow basic oral hygiene protocol to maintain it. 

It is long-lasting as well as comfortable. Now the whole dentistry relies on a drill during implant. But it changes with modern technology. The robotic program with computerized navigation offers sensory information and clutch the drill in perfect position. The robotic technology also offers feedback. The advantage of robotics is enhanced over time with a high degree of precision and offer reliable outcome.


Computer Assisted Design and 3D printing

No introduction is required for 3D creative and designs. It creates buzz in the healthcare industry because it has the capacity to print medicines, prosthetics, and organ replicas. It creates its job at the time of Covid-crisis and fulfils the requirements of hospitals. 

Technology has become an inevitable part of medical practice and dentistry. When the client required a crown at prior age, the dentist used to provide a temporary crown and create a mould of the tooth. Thus, the patient needs to wait for the permanent one. 

But now, with the help of CAM/CAD technology, you will get your permanent crown while your tooth is being drilled. Dentists take a picture on their system, then make a crown using a 3D printing machine.



Many children, even adults, are reluctant to go to the dentist’s chambers because of fear and distance or a busy schedule. But all these problems can be eliminated by teledentistry. If you are busy and don’t want to wait in the clinic, teledentistry is the best option. Now many healthcare organizations provide teledentistry options to their patients and allow them to consult with a certified and experienced dentist.

This teledentistry platform allows patients to capture images, send adequate information to dentists through inbox, and take a live consultation. The dental specialist may begin a video chat with the patient and the parental figure so the clinical expert can really see and converse with the patient, form compatibility, assist with interfacing them and carry them into the workplace (if required).


Intra-oral camera

It is the topmost inconvenience of seating in the dentist’s chair. No matter how wide your mouth is, the dentist sometimes unable to see inner areas properly. Dentists usually use the trusty bi-focal dental mirror, but sometimes it fails to perform its job. 

This situation is very uncomfortable s well as painful for both patients and dentists. But in future, you may not have to face the inconvenient situation because an intra-oral camera will solve the problem perfectly.


Regenerative Dentistry

Our teeth and nails fall off with our age or due to periodontal disease. However, the research of regenerative dentistry claims to regenerate teeth from the same gum. The basic concept is the development of self-healing teeth and medically advanced therapy for broken or damaged teeth.



CRISPR is the revolutionary genome-editing method provided by our mother nature. It is the discovery of biotechnology.. Biotechnologists discovered its huge potential presently. CRISPR also provides immense benefits in dentistry. 

Chinese researchers concluded that using the CRISPR method successfully switched off oral cancer-promoting genes. Other researchers also found that CRISPR can mutate bacteria responsible for plaque build-up. This method also successfully prevents periodontal disease and dental caries.


The Bright Future of Dental Treatment and Medicines

It is good to know that the more advanced level of innovation will ease the dental treatment at the next level. This innovation and discoveries improve periodontal treatment, allow professionals to upgrade their knowledge. 

Being a dentist, one should continuously upgrade himself with advanced technology and treatment because the latest innovations come with flourishing possibilities in medical and cosmetic dentistry.

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