Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Launching a Swiggy Clone App - Emerge As the Leading Food Aggregator

Launching a Swiggy Clone App

The power of digitization entered the food retail industry in 2014. Swiggy was the chief disruptor in the humongous Indian market. It made a dramatic entry into the food ordering and delivery sector. With more than 100 million downloads after 7 years, the Bengaluru-origin platform is a giant now.

It has teamed up with restaurants across every nook and corner of the country. With Internet connectivity and smartphone penetration increasing, entrepreneurs have a great chance now. They can come out with a Swiggy clone app and lead a new revolution.    


How is Swiggy Strengthening its Presence in 2021?

The Indian food aggregator will receive $500 to $600 million in funding from a group of venture capitalists (VCs). This fresh investment would value it above $10 billion. Importantly, Swiggy had a valuation of $5.5 billion in 2020 and earned a revenue of Rs 2515 crore. 

The main focus of Swiggy would be to grow quickly in the organized food delivery industry. It would aim to increase its market share in tier-2,3, and 4 cities. This will help the Indian platform to increase its monthly transacting users (MTUs). 

As a result, there will be a huge rise in its order volume and revenue.


What are the significant features of an app like Swiggy?

  • Delivery Executive Dashboard - Logistics personnel are the backbone of a food aggregator like Swiggy. They can monitor their day-to-day activities effectively. 

  • Dark Mode view - Delivery executives have to travel in the sweltering heat and heavy rain to hand over food to customers. The dark mode option helps them to access their mobile screens easily. They can accept orders, change routes, and visit restaurants swiftly. 

  • Find Food button - Users can discover numerous cuisines and dishes with ease on a Swiggy clone. They must tap the Find Food option and check out the list of outlets situated in various locations. Further, customers can view the availability, discounts, and prices.

  • Heatmap - As the business expands to new regions and territories, there is a need to keep a close watch. A Heatmap does that perfectly. Food delivery personnel will be automatically guided to regions where there is a high demand from customers. 

  • Instant Sign-in option - Food buffs can swiftly log in on an app like Swiggy. They must sync their email addresses and social media accounts. This enables them to order their preferred dishes quickly. 

  • Popular Restaurants section - Unquestionably, food buffs love to order from famous eateries that have a solid reputation in the market. Users can choose different kinds of bars, cafeterias, fast food outlets, pubs, and quick-service restaurants (QSRs). 

  • Real-time order tracking - Foodies can place both individual and group orders as per their requirements. They can switch on the GPS on their devices. Automatic updates would be sent about the arrival of the delivery executive. This will help them organize their schedule efficiently. 

  • Several payment options - Users have countless payment choices on an app like Swiggy. They can sync their credit and debit cards, meal cards. Mobile wallets, and net banking accounts. Foodies can process transactions in a lightning-fast manner. They will receive a detailed e-receipt after the restaurant receives the money. 

  • Offers dashboard - Ordering directly via a food delivery platform is quite affordable when compared to visiting a restaurant. Likewise, an app similar to Swiggy contains an offers panel. Users can select coupons, deals, and promo codes. They would have to utilize them within a certain period. 

  • Restaurant Partner button - No wonder! Several thousands of eateries have tied up with Swiggy. Similarly, restaurant owners can tap the add partner button. They will receive advantages like better brand visibility, greater revenue, and a higher market share. 

  • Round the clock technical support - Entrepreneurs can expand their user base by having a support team functioning 24x7. Users can fix issues concerning delayed deliveries, leaky packages, order processing problems, and payment transfer glitches. They can contact the Help Centre and receive an appropriate response. 


What is the Cost of Swiggy Clone App Development?

The expenditure of creating an app like Swiggy depends on numerous factors. It is divided into multiple stages over a period. The different phases comprise. 

  • Understanding the requirements of entrepreneurs - A meeting is organized with techpreneurs. Their operational plans and business model is finalized. 

  • Complying with government laws - With the gig economy growing rapidly, entrepreneurs have to comply with guidelines. Depending on the target market, laws related to data protection, labour, privacy, and security must be followed. This ensures the continuous functioning of business operations without any intervention from authorities.  

  • Developing the prototype of the Swiggy clone - It contains basic features like order processing, a feedback system, payment gateways, a search and filter mechanism, tracking of food orders, and a help centre.

  • Scrutinizing the functioning of the prototype - The food ordering and delivery platform will be rigorously tested in certain conditions. Besides that, premium functionalities like digital marketing tools, geofencing, schedule booking options, and multilingual technical support, would be added. 

  • Launching the final version of the Swiggy clone - The final version of an app like Swiggy is launched in the market. It is free of bugs and vulnerabilities and foodpreneurs can use it to partner with small, medium, and large-sized restaurants. 


Wrapping Up

As times change, food delivery services are here to stay. Customers continue to order online due to factors like convenience, deep discounting, and a variety of choices. Entrepreneurs can also get a favorable outcome in the market. They can collaborate with an app creation enterprise and establish a Swiggy clone soon.