Beginners Guide For Dedicated Server in Atlanta

Beginners Guide For Dedicated server in Atlanta

Nowadays, every business going online. To take your business online you need hosting and a domain name. If you run a large business, the website receives huge traffic, SaaS website, and accepts online payment, then you must get an Atlanta dedicated server to host your website.

The ample range of resources and benefits is provided with Dedicated hosting. Benefits of a dedicated server like better performance, security, speed, high bandwidth, and so on. They provide you with a complete dedicated environment of the server. Managed and unmanaged two types of a dedicated servers, you can get as per your business need.

So, with the help of this article, you will understand the basic concept of the dedicated server, and also discuss its pros and cons. This helps you to decide on a reliable and best-dedicated server in Atlanta.

Introduction of Dedicated Server

A dedicated server is a type of server That is completely dedicated to a particular organization, business, individual, or application. This is two types of server:- managed or unmanaged dedicated server.

The managed dedicated server is provided by the hosting company and you buy and set up an unmanaged dedicated server.  A dedicated server is more expansive than any other server/plan. 

With shared hosting, you get a small space on a dedicated server. The data storage, IP address, bandwidth, and other resources are shared in shared hosting. This may create issues for your online business. If your neighboring site receives high traffic, then your site goes down.

Lots of different types of hosting are available on the web, and which hosting plan is best for your business. And why Atlanta dedicated server is different from other hosting plans. First, you understand your business requirement and think "which hosting plan is the best fit for your business."

The Pros and Cons of Dedicated Server

The Pros and Cons of Dedicated Server

Pros of Dedicated Hosting

Security: Data security is a major concern for every business. You own a complete dedicated server and resources. You can secure your data with DDoS protection, SSL certificate, SSD drive, backups, and TES security.

Complete Control: You have complete control on all the resources and systems. Only administration can configure the server.

Performance: Because you have the whole server. So, the bandwidth is provided only for you. Higher bandwidth gives you better loading speed, faster data upload or transfer, and a better consumer experience.

Resources: They provide you ample range of benefits and resources. You can choose resources as per your business.

Real-time Support: If you get dedicated hosting from the best hosting provider company, then they provide you 24/7 technical support with a dedicated server.

Cons of Dedicated Hosting:

Cost: The dedicated hosting is expansive than any other hosting(shared, colocation, and VPS). You can set up your own dedicated server or you can host your server.

Maintenance: If you set up an unmanaged dedicated server then it needs regular maintenance of data centers and hardwares. And in the managed dedicated server, hosting provider company include all over expanses in their plans.

Technical Knowledge: You need to learn technical knowledge to run all its features. In an unmanaged dedicated server, you need to hire a technical expert team to manage, install and migrate your server.

Scalability: This is difficult to expand your dedicated server Atlanta because it already has large machines. If your site receives huge traffic and your business grows, you cant extend your resources. Maybe they can say you shift your site to a larger server. 

Renting vs Buying a Dedicated Server

Buying a Dedicated Hosting

You have full authority on a dedicated server, once after buying it. You don't need to pay for renewing your server after 1, 2, 6, or 12 months.

But in it, you need a technical expert team to manage, install and migrate the server. On every maintenance, you need to contact a technical team. Buying a dedicated server is more expensive than renting it.

Renting a Dedicated Hosting

Renting a dedicated server from the best hosting provider company is the best choice for your business. You don't need to hire a technical team for maintenance.

This is less expensive. But you need to renew your features every 6, or 12 months. If you get hosting from a best-hosting provider company then they offer more flexibility and resources.


If we summarize this article, we can understand that a rented dedicated server in Atlanta is the best choice for every business which accepts online payment, receive huge traffic, and run a large-scale online business. But I highly recommend you that you understand your business need and after choose the best hosting plan.

Once you can look Serverwala offers on a best-dedicated server in Atlanta. They provide you optimal speed and performance, enhanced security, 24/7 technical support, and cheap dedicated server in Atlanta.

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