Tuesday, December 28, 2021

Reasons Why Email Marketing Is Important To Ecommerce

Email Marketing

Marketing is a basic term when it comes to increasing profitability and brand awareness. However, it is further divided into various categories. For instance, traditional marketing, digital marketing, in-bound marketing, and so on.

All marketing methods are reliable and authentic, but it depends, what you prefer the most? In the times of technology, digital marketing has changed the face of the business world & marketing strategists are utilizing it more often. 

Email marketing is one of the significant kinds of digital marketing, and you can target a maximum number of customers via it. In fact, it is timely and cost-effective. Entrepreneurs who just started their business need to learn the importance of email marketing so that they can use it in an effective manner.

Scroll down to know why it is pivotal to use email marketing to expand your business.


Get In Touch With Customers

It’s very crucial to be on the contact list of your customers or stay in touch with your users. It let you know about their likes and dislikes, what they prefer and whatnot? You can gather all the answers from them and analyze them to upgrade your product or service and boost the sale.

Moreover, it increases your credibility. Whenever they are in a rush to shop something maybe the same product or service you provide, they won’t go for the second option because you are available for them right there.

Make your consumers your priority and reach the maximum level of growth and success.


Attract Customers

Emails keep the customers updated with the latest news and offers, and it literally makes them feel special. You can use catchy phrases to grasp customers’ attention. For example, you can use “hey! How are you doing today? Or “we are just thinking about you”. Phrases like these make someone’s day, and they will convince their-selves to open and read your email. You can make it more appealing by delivering deals and offers as other brands do. For instance, Catch provides Catch coupon code to aware customers about the latest discount deals & consumers find it more reliable and authentic. You can also use this tactic for perfect email marketing.


Easy To Gauge The Record

In email marketing, it’s easy to track the record of whether the customers receive it or not. In case if they receive, whether they open it or not. Most email marketing tools enable the marketer to scrutinize delivery rates, click through rates, unsubscribing rates and more. That’s how you can check what people think about your email campaign & if you have to make it more perfect, or no correction is needed.

Email marketing is essential as it makes the image of your brand a promising brand that apprises its consumers gradually.


Cost Effective

Yes, one of the main reasons to recommend email marketing is, it is cheap and cost effective. You can send 1000+ emails to your consumers without any hassle as many companies provide cheap plans for growing businesses.

In fact, some agencies provide a free monthly trial, and you can send thousands of emails to your customers for free. Plus, they also provide subscription services to high-volume senders. No doubt, other strategies work wonders, but this one is affordable and valuable.


Expand Brand Awareness

Email marketing plays a key role in brand awareness. Marketers mostly utilize social media to increase brand awareness, but email marketing can do it in a more effective way. One thing to remember is that the purpose of email marketing is to create a reputable image of the brand, so don’t keep sending the email. The reason is, consumers feel the bombardment of emails, and it makes them annoyed. So, send an email timely to make them feel that you care about their time and interest.

On the other hand, create an email like an art. Be precise and courteous. Don’t let them feel that you are just marketing, but you have a clear knowledge of their interest.


Commonly Used By Consumers

Now a lot of you may ask that in the era of social apps, why someone would go for email marketing. The reason is, a lot of people use emails. According to research, around 4 billion people were using email in 2020, which is about half of the world’s population and in 2021, it reached up to 4.1 billion.

People prefer emails as it seems more professional and authentic to them. From official details to shopping offers, all can be done via it.

Around 90% of Americans use email older than age 15. That means email marketing has a scope that covers the marketing purposes very nicely.


Some Fact & Figures

Before going further, we are sharing this with you so you can have a picture perfect idea that why you are doing email marketing and how many people are using this. Whereas, the fact and figures can make an impact on your email marketing strategy. So, here you go.

In the past 2 years, about 293.6 billion emails were sent & received every single day, which is a jaw-dropping amount of daily emails. Apart from that, on the spending of $1 on email marketing, you are supposed to generate an average return of $42. So, as per the quoted facts, there are hundreds of email marketing benefits one can avail.

According to research published in 2017, the average ratio of opening a welcome email is 82%, and it is increasing progressively. These facts and figures are clear enough to make you realize that how important email marketing is.

Wrap up

Besides quoted above, there are a lot of advantages businesses can enjoy when properly running an email campaign. For brand awareness to coupons and offers and to get engaged with your customers, it can make a huge difference in business growth and trustworthiness. 

Besides other things, brands also need to generate credibility as it will stand them out from the crowd as a genuine and authentic brand within the shortest span of time. Although new ways and apps have been developed for effective marketing but no other app can beat the performance of email marketing.