Tuesday, March 29, 2022

Benefits of Becoming an AWS Cloud Practioner

AWS Cloud

The idea of storage has changed over time. From floppy disks, CDs, Hard drives, and Pen Drives, we’ve now moved to cloud storage. Amazon Web Services (AWS), is one of the leading cloud storage providers around the globe. 

Several businesses use the AWS cloud system regularly to manage data and assets. Thus, getting the Amazon practitioner training can help you boost your prospects in job markets. Let’s take a look at the benefits of this certification. 

The Key Benefits

When working with AWS, the number of opportunities you get are numerous. However, the main benefits of this course are:

Digital Badges: You can earn the certification and show it off as an achievement online to prospective employers or clients. This badge also helps you gain direct access to AWS-sponsored events! 

Event Recognition: AWS is a well-known domain and as a result, you get invites to regional Appreciation Receptions using the digital badge. It gives you exclusive access to AWS certification Lounges at summit events hosted by AWS. 

Improved Goodwill: The AWS certification improves your goodwill right away. If you’re a freelancer in the market, this is essential for you. 

Professional network expansion: The AWS certification grants you more access to a host of events and conventions where you can build professional contacts. As a result, it helps you grow your network and interact with a diverse pool of job seekers, employers, business people, clients, etc. 

The APN: The AWS Partner Network (APN), consists of a diverse pool of AWS professionals. If you’re an employer, you can connect to talented individuals via this network. 

Thus, we recommend getting yourself an AWS cloud practitioner training right away. The benefits of the training can help you boost your growth in the current market.

An Overview of Skills Acquired via the Training

When you take an AWS cloud practitioner trainingyou get to acquaint yourself with the following skills:

§  The Fundamentals of IT and how they can be applied to AWS,

§  In-depth knowledge of services and use cases available on the AWS platform,

§  Knowledge of the security aspects associated with AWS,

§  Billing and pricing mechanisms on the AWS platform,

§  AWS architecture and the core principles of the system,

§  Applicable benefits of using AWS for business growth.


Jobs After AWS Training

Once you get the AWS training done, you get access to jobs across borders. The best profiles include, developer-associate for AWS, solutions architect associate, solutions architect professionals, SysOps associate, DevOps Engineer, etc. Also, check out the DevOps training for a career in DevOps.

Thus, in the current world of information technology, getting yourself an Amazon practitioner training is a good step forward. You can grab onto several different avenues for growth as a professional, a business person, or as a freelancer as well.

We recommend all professionals in IT to get the AWS certification done as it reflects your passion for the field. Enrol in the best AWS certification course today and skyrocket your chances of growth! Ensure that you stand out in the market and network with the best right away! 

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