Thursday, March 24, 2022

Angular vs AngularJS: Know The Difference

Which is better Angular or AngularJS for your result-oriented web application? 

Do you know the difference between the two front-end development and open-source frameworks? 

If not, then this blog will help you make the right decision in the end.

In general, both frameworks share some similarities of being open-source, developing a single-page application, and front-end. 

Still, you ought to choose the one and get associated with Angular or AngularJS development company for the project. 

The difference between the two frameworks is based on the following few key points. 

Introduction of Angular and AngularJS

Know the basic insights before getting into the distinction of two famous and highly adopted front-end development frameworks.

Angular: It is a TypeScript and HTML programming languages-based front-end development framework. Angular helps create a single-page web application for businesses belonging to different verticals. Developers use Angular to manipulate the application’s data efficiently and make specific changes inside. The updated version of Angular is more efficient compared to the older version. 

AngularJS: It is a JavaScript programming language-based front-end development framework. AngularJS is one step ahead of Angular in terms of creating static HTML into dynamic HTML. The framework is growing and demanding at an exponential speed. It helps developers to write better codes and offers dynamic binding. 

Key Features of Angular and AngularJS 

Both the frameworks have their choice of benefits meeting your application requirements. You can make a wise decision between the two by looking at each framework’s features. 

* Angular framework helps develop native applications.

* It uses advanced web policy capabilities to create applications having features like offline access, zero-step installation, etc.

* The command-line tools of the Angular framework initiates testing, components, and other related things.

* Create UI views with simple and powerful syntax value.

* Create complex and highly adopted animation timeline with less adoption of code.

Features of AngularJS 

* No need to write separate code for performing data binding. Some of the code snippets are enough to perform the task.

* AngularJS applications can run on all browsers without having any specific option.

* Ability to write less code and perform more functionalities.

* AngularJS allows the application to be bookmarked without getting its state changed.

* Use of unit testing techniques within the framework to produce high-quality applications. 

Difference Between AngularJS and Angular

Now, let’s get to the point of knowing the difference between the two frameworks based on several mentioned factors. 

1. Framework Language

The basic difference lies between Angular and AngularJS frameworks is the programming language. Angular relies on TypeScript language to create a dynamic front-end. On the other side, JavaScript and HTML are programming languages of the AngularJS framework.

2. Architecture

The architecture of the Angular framework relies on components like structural directives and attributive directives. Structural helps in the modification of DOM and attributive is responsible for changing the behavior of the DOM. 

AngularJS operates on the Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture. It takes the central stage that manages data, rules, receives the inputs, and processes it into commands. 

3. Components

Components play a pivotal role in the Angular framework while building an interactive user interface. Each part of UI has defined a separate component and then composed accordingly. On the other side, in AngularJS directives components are used to define all the same Angular components like templates, inputs/outputs bindings, and more. 

4. Performance

The angular framework features a better structure than AngularJS and crucially enhances the speed. On the other side, AngularJS features a separate two-way binding that initiates less time and effort. Also, AngularJS has ng-bind for one-way binding and the ng-model for two-way binding. Whereas, Angular has ngModel for both uses. 

5. Routing

Angular uses URL to imitate a directive to get the client's view. However, AngularJS uses @routeProvider.when to define the routing information. In comparison, Angular has an edge over AngularJS. 

6. Management

Angular web application projects are simple to manage compared to AngularJS. It is because Angular is more structured when it comes to big applications. 

7. Testing & Tools

AngularJS framework depends on IDE and Webstorm as third-party JavaScript tools to test the applications efficiently. Angular uses Command Line Interface (CLI) for project building. It results in reduced time limits and great accessibility. 

Final Thoughts

From the above comparison, it is clear that both Angular and AngularJS are stronghold front-end development frameworks. You can hire AngularJS developers or Angular professionals accordingly to meet business application requirements. In case, you need more clarifications on both the frameworks, then get in touch with AngularJSIndia and avail the necessary services.