Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Easy Steps to Eliminate Duplicate Photos from your Computer

When you are searching for ways to delete duplicate photos on your computer, the thought of deleting them manually surely runs through the mind. Yes, you can do so but do you feel that it is worth the shot? 

Would you like to spend a lot of time and energy in manually searching the duplicate photos and not deleting them from your computer with the right tool? We hope that you would pick easy steps to eliminate duplicate photos with us. So, scroll below and find the best methods here.

How To Find & Delete Duplicate Photos?

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

This method is probably the smoothest and easiest one for anyone to understand as it detects duplicate photos in a snap of time and deletes them for you. However, before deleting the photos, you are notified and you can check a preview of them. What makes this tool more engaging is its customization feature where you can set the matching level, bitmap size, time interval and GPS on your own terms. One can add photos with a click or simply drag and drop the photos in here to begin the process.

Now let us explain to you the methods of deleting duplicate photos from your Windows computer using this duplicate photo cleaner.

Step 1: Download and install Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro on your computer.

Step 2: Launch the tool and you will be greeted with the interface right here.

Eliminate Duplicate Photos from Computer

Step 3: Now click on ‘Add Folder’ to add the folders. The added folders will be scanned to find the duplicate photos.

Step 4: Once the folder is added, click ‘Scan for duplicates’ and the engine will run to scan the duplicate photos.

NOTE: Here, you can see the right-side block where the comparison method is shown. You can choose between Exact match and Similar match. Here, exact match means exact duplicate of photos that are existent in the computer. However, the tool recommends you to try Similar match. Similar match is defined to find every possible match to the picture whose duplicates could be seen.

For finding similar matches, you can set the scale of matching level, bitmap size, time interval and GPS according to which you can find which are similar photos hidden in different folders.

Step 5: Once the duplicate photos are detected, you will be allowed to automark the duplicate photos. If you don’t want to automark these duplicate photos, you can select the specific pictures manually. Although we would recommend you to use the automark feature as it saves enough time and energy.

Step 6: Click ‘Delete marked’ as soon as the list of duplicates appears upfront.

That’s it! These easy steps above will help you eliminate duplicate photos from your computer easily. Now if you think why did we only recommend Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro and its steps to delete the duplicate photos then we have some reasons here.


Why Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro?

Here are some smart features of Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro which you must consider while using it.

    Efficiently and smartly scans the added folders to scan out duplicate as well as similar images

    It helps you find out a lot of disk space which duplicate and similar images were occupying for no reason.

    The tool helps you form an organized photo collection.

    Scan out and group all the photos properly so that removal could take place in the right manner.

    Saves time, cost and extra efforts for deleting duplicate photos by finding and deleting automatically.


Some tips to avoid delete duplicate photos

Let us give you some ideas about avoiding duplicate photos which you must take care of in your everyday life.

    Make sure that whenever you transfer your photos from one place to another, for example phone to computer or camera to computer, delete the duplicate photos immediately. Keep emptying the phone storage timely and also, keep a backup of your computer timely.

    Remember that whenever you edit photos, you are creating duplicates. Hence, whenever the editing is done then a separate folder must be created. This folder can be sent to Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro so that duplicate photos could be deleted from time to time.


Wrap Up

We hope that you have found out easy steps to eliminate duplicate photos from your computer through this blog already. We highly recommend you to try Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro in the system because it is very simple to use, straightforward to understand and makes sure that no duplicate photos are left behind. 

Also, follow the tips we have made you understand over here so that you can take care of your system properly and keep the space well organized and maintained. What are your views on the Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro? Share your views with us in the comments below.