Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Importance of Domain Authority In SEO and How To Increase It?

Domain authority is the necessary rank of a website. So, how do you increase it?

Standing out on the search engine results page is necessary for websites and blogs in 2022. But, only the websites with high DA are allowed anywhere near the top SERP ranks. Since Google sees 70% of all internet searches every day, a website needs to have high DA or domain authority.

However, as the old saying goes,"easier said than done," so is achieving high DA scores. Even the best websites you know may have some sort of spam index, denying it from achieving a perfect 100 score.

But, don't worry, you don't need to be a 100 to draw traffic, as being more than 70 would suffice. So, how do you get there? Why is it important? Let's find out.

Importance of Domain Authority

Domain authority is a term loosely thrown around in the SEO world sometimes. But why is it so important? Many bloggers and content creators tend to check a website's DA to understand the quality of content they'll need to guest post on it.

But, SEO services work day and night to increase their own website's domain authority. But, just why is that so important? How does it affect a website and a blog in the long haul? Here are three reasons why:

·        Credibility

By ensuring your website has high DA, you create quality content and improve your DA with each passing day. That's what increases a website's credibility in any niche or industry.

6 Essentials To Increase Domain Authority In SEO

Now that we understand its importance, how do we increase a website's domain authority? The process starts by checking the DA first, including the website's essential information. Then, you need to tweak your website for good performance on both desktops and mobile phones.

However, websites require an additional array of things to stand out, such as eliminating orphaned pages, reducing redirect times, etc. That's why it's essential to understand the essentials of high-domain authority websites and a way to increase them.

To help make it easier for you, we devised a manifest of fundamental essentials that you'll need for higher DA. So, let's get started and see the six essentials to increase DA in SEO.

1.     Check Domain Authority

Check Domain Authority

The first step is to check domain authority. You need to find out where your website stands in the ranks to know how much work needs to be done. In order to find out, you need a DA PA Checker to help you find out your website's DA score.

A tool like this will give you a lot of viable information, such as its domain & page authority, pages in google, and spam score or spam index. Moreover, if you wish to work on more than one website at a time, a tool like this will allow you to download said data in the form of a spreadsheet.

2.     Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Make Your Website Mobile-Friendly

Once you pass your desired website(s) through a domain authority checker, you need to start working on improving it. So, you need to start by ensuring your website is viable for mobile phone usage.

It's crucial because around 54.4% of all website traffic comes from handheld devices, i.e., mobile phones and tablets.Therefore, make sure your website is an idea for mobile phone users. Start by aligning grids on your website so that they adapt according to the device—and improve load times.

3.     Fix Your Backlinks

Having no backlinks is a particular problem, which might be getting in the way of your website earning high DA. Over 66.31% of pages on the internet have no backlinks. On the contrary, some have broken or unfixed backlinks—driving the same results as having none.

Now, this problem requires a viable and dependable solution. For that, you need an array of backlinks to use throughout your content. So, do you hireSEO expert to do that?

You can, but all you need to do is ensure your website has trustable backlinks throughout the content.You also need to ensure your pages have a surplus of interlinks.

4.     Eliminate Orphaned Pages

Orphaned pages on a website have no interlinks or backlinks. In other words, there is nothing connecting them with the rest of the website, hence the name. That's why it's necessary to fix these orphaned pages to ensure better ranks for your website.

You need to start by looking at your most prominent pages. Then, you might have to use a tool akin to SEO spider so that you can find non-linked pages within your domain. Once you do, you have to link them to other pages on your website or eliminate them altogether.

5.     Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a viable way to increase traffic on your website and improve your website's DA. That's why you need to ensure you're guest posting and allowing guest posts on your website. This interlinking exchange will help draw more traffic.

Consequently, the reliability of your content and improved links from other websites with high DA will push your own score to go higher. That's why guest blogging has become one of the essentials of domain authority today.

6.     Improve Page Speed

Improve Page Speed

The speed at which your page loads is also one of the critical deciders of the high authority of a website. If your website isn't loading faster, then your audience retention rates will dive. Therefore, you need to improve your website's time to load it on desktops and mobile phones.


Domain authority is a score that needs work to make it go higher. That's why your website needs to have top-notch content, page-loading speeds, and mobile phone adaptability. You can increase your website's DA by tenfold by ensuring the six essentials mentioned above.