Sunday, May 22, 2022

How To Take a Video Capture of the Screen Easily?

Videos like images have become essential to convey an important message. What if you save them so you can use them for later? Yes! This is a feasible option that lets you store and watch your media without having to open a link or page to play it.

Whatever your objective, enhance a presentation, educate several people through image sequences or simply for fun, video capture is an undeniable asset. However, you will need suitable screen capture software that allows you to perform this simple and practical gesture. 

How To Take a Video Capture of the Screen Easily?


With Snagit, the ideal tool to capture a video before editing it 

Snagit is a video recording and capturing software to be used for short sequences. It allows you to capture a broadcast video, and it is an ideal solution for a website that scrolls infinitely and for a view that scrolls horizontally. It is entirely possible to create ideal layouts for media, visual documents or even tutorials. 

The speed of this feature is an asset to consider when it comes to this screen capture software. To go from image to video, it has an option that allows you to take screenshots (several photos) in order to make a GIF to explain a few things. It is for this reason that it is an interesting option for those who wish to benefit from training support.

In addition, the tools have been simplified since this software allows the owner to take advantage of a converter to obtain simplified illustrations of standard screenshots. Besides, annotations of captures with tools and texts are possible. One of the undeniable advantages of Snagit is that it allows you to retrieve text from an image in order to copy it into a document for easier and faster editing. 

Video Capture of the Screen


With FlexClip Screen Recorder, the essential to record a video or webcam

FlexClip Screen Recorder is an online screen capture that allows you to record videos in a popular format. Whether it's a tutorial video, a live event, or a new movie, you can record the screen with just a few clicks. You can visit the site to continue reading the description.

It allows obtaining a higher quality video since it allows to record an image per second. The video capture mode depends on your choice since it can be set manually. FlexClip screen recorder also allows you to edit the video, so you can add captions, record sounds, trim, merge, resize and upload watermark as copyright.

After editing, all you have to do is download it to the format that suits you the most to watch the recording either on your mobile or on your computer. You can also upload it to the platform of your choice as YouTube, etc. Video chats, online videos, screencasts? Now you don't miss anything on the web, thanks to FlexClip Screen Recorder

FlexClip Screen Recorder


With Ezvid, a handy software to edit video

Ezvid is a free program that allows you to share, edit and, above all create videos on the famous YouTube online video platform. It has been designed to allow you to transfer videos to this most visited platform on the internet. It only works for YouTube; that's why you have to go to this site to be able to use it easily. It is an interesting option for professionals who wish to increase their visibility on the web since this software facilitates the task thanks to quality options.

Its intuitive graphics can be assimilated more easily even for those new to creating or sharing videos online. It is quite possible to import images in different formats: Png, JPG, GIF, and BMP. Its functionality allows the creation of video slides in the same way as the import of audio files on a multimedia device. 

To make your videos more attractive, this free YouTube software allows you to benefit from many tools to assemble, paste or cut files. Effects are also available for perfect customization. The software is available for the Windows operating system: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It requires installation on the PC to be functional. 

With Ezvid, a handy software to edit video


With OBS Studio, the free program for your video capture

OBS Studio is an open-source and free software to record screens on a live streaming site. It is used by many users thanks to its functionality and options that exceed even paid software. It offers the possibility of mixing and capturing live audio-video thanks to its undeniable performance. You can create scenes like capturing images, browser windows, texts, etc.

It is possible to configure several scenes while benefiting from a smooth and convenient passage, thanks to the customization of the transitions. Audio mixing can be applied with filters, and you can remove noise or increase volume. Enjoy full control with the help of supports already in place. The options are easy to use and the configuration offers a range of more important tools than each other. You can add or duplicate sources while having the ability to adjust them to your liking.

The setting of the software is optimized in order to bring you an optimized accessibility opening on useful options for your creation. Configure the characteristics of your recordings and your streams as you see fit. Its modular interface, which takes the form of docks allows rearrangement according to your needs. They can be extracted from their windows for easier use of the software. OBS is available for all streaming platforms.