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Top Essential Digital Marketing Tools For Successful Lead Generation

 Top Essential Digital Marketing Tools For Successful Lead Generation

Undoubtedly, attracting traffic to the website remains one of the top priorities for marketers. But What uses is the traffic if you cannot capture their details for further communication? Moreover, what if you spend days just accumulating emails of all the traffic to your website? Will not other areas of your campaign suffer? You need someone to do it for you. 

There come lead generation tools. They automate your entire process of collecting emails through opt-in forms or newsletters and storing them in a structured manner. You can then monitor your leads effectively, nurture them through constant communication and finally convert them into customers.

Major Types of Lead Generation Tools

Landing Page Builders

Landing pages are pages that have a dedicated purpose of capturing the information of the website traffic in exchange for an offer, like a newsletter. A strong Call characterizes these pages to Action. You have the tools to build exciting and persuasive landing pages so that you do not miss out on your leads.

Email finders

These tools help you find the email Ids (personal as well as business) of your potential leads quickly and efficiently

       Email Outreach Tools 

They ease your job significantly by helping you send mass emails. You can mail all of your potential prospects in one go. Follow-up rounds are also taken care of.

       CRM Tools

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management. These tools help you organize your entire leads so that you can monitor them effectively, nurture them over time and convert them into customers.

Using these tools, you can create exciting and engaging ads which will drive traffic to your website from places like social media or SERP.

Things to keep in mind before selecting the tool

      User-Intuitive - The easier it is to use the tool, the better. You do not want to devote extra time to coding.

Needs - Goes without saying; make sure the tool aligns with your need. If you are getting enough traffic on your site but missing out on them, and on-page lead-capturing tool will help you out. If emailing your leads seems an arduous task, email marketing tools can rescue you. Hence, find your gap and then look for help.

Integrable - Make sure the tool you choose is integrable with all of your existing tools. You don’t want to start everything from scratch.

Price - Pretty obvious but still giving you a heads up! Compare the features and the prices of various tools. Do not overspend. Make sure the tool has a good Return-on-investment.



Launch Plan: 81 USD/ month

Optimize Plan: 122 USD /month

Accelerate Plan: 203 USD/ month

It will not be too much if I say that Unbounce was the company that invented Landing Pages. The platform is highly user-intuitive and mobile-friendly. It comes with an analytic tool to help you deep-dive into your campaign numbers. 

The incredibly fast loading time also helps you improve your bounce rates. It can be easily integrated with your existing email tools. You can do pretty much everything, design pages, add pop-ups, add buttons, embellish your CTA buttons, and whatnot.

Lead Pages


Standard plan:37 USD/month

Professional plan: 74 USD/ month

Another excellent tool at an affordable price. In addition to the typical features like designing landing pages and creating pop-ups or opt-in forms, you can also design the checkout flow of your customers.

Optin Monster


Two websites: 30 USD/month

Three websites:47 USD/month

Five websites: 80 USD/month

An awesome tool to capture leads through lead forms. The drag-and-drop builder helps you build different types of opt-in forms quickly and efficiently. If you do not want to start from scratch, you can choose from over 100 templates. You can also edit the age in real-time.


1000 credits- 33 USD

5000 credits- 83 USD

20000 credits- 158 USD

50000 credits- 308 USD

100000 credits-  615 USD 

As evident from its pricing, it caters to businesses of all sizes, right from solopreneurs to well-established organizations. It is mainly an email extraction tool.

The high-rated chrome extension helps you extract accurate emails from any website you visit, be it Twitter or LinkedIn. Not just emails. You get the full profile of your potential customers, like their name, location, job, and much more. The tool easily integrates with your existing CRM.

Hunter Campaigns


The premium plan starts at 49 USD/month

Campaigns by Hunter help you send tailored cold email campaigns to your prospects. Don’t worry about signing up for a new platform. Everything happens through your Gmail account. You also have the option to schedule your campaign, send follow-up emails, and track the clicks on your mail.



BIGIN CRM-  7 USD/ month/user

CRM PLUS- 57 USD/month/user 

You can streamline your lead generation process by using ZOHO CRM. Using this CRM, you can focus on quality leads and make decisions based on reports and data provided by the tool. This can be accessed efficiently on mobile phones, which ensures that you have the data handy, no matter where you are. In addition, you can add leads from various channels in a few clicks to this CRM.


In an era where supply is much greater than demand, knowing what you need is paramount. Find where you need help. Research about the tools. Make sure they align with what you need. Do not just go for a tool because your competitors are going for it. It is you who knows your business. Not your competitors. 

The above list of tools has been carefully curated, which will help you in your campaign. You are most welcome to choose from them. I have tried to cover tools that will help you in each area: Landing page building, email extraction, email outreach, and CRM. Best of luck with your campaign. 

These Digital Marketing tools will help you to find to research all the necessary information required to grow your business online. Also, you need to choose the best digital marketing agency to grow your business online.