Wednesday, July 20, 2022

How to Recover Data from Accidentally Formatted Drive?

We rely upon drives to store our data in an accessible format. We can use our PC, storage drives, pen drives, and external drives to store our data. As we access and alter our digital data, there is some chance of accidental file deletion. 

Your files may be removed due to careless handling or registry errors. Sometimes you may lose your files because of OS failure or malware attacks. 

To resolve these errors, you may use file recovery software to recover deleted data from the formatted or infected drive. Your computer’s operating system itself is offering some manual methods to reclaim your removed files. 

However, you can use dedicated data recovery software to restore deleted files effectively. Let us go through the manual and the software methods for file recovery in Windows.


Why is File Recovery Essential?

Sometimes during your work, you may accidentally delete or format your system drives. This may result in the loss of important data which should be recovered. In some cases, your data file may be infected due to malware or virus attacks, resulting in the loss of essential data files. In both cases, we have to depend on file recovery on Windows to obtain your deleted files again.

How Deleted Files Can Be Recovered from a Formatted Drive?

Unnecessary formatting or an OS crash may result in data loss. Recovery of the deleted files formatted disk is of greater importance as the deleted files may have valuable information. We can restore the removed files from the formatted drive using the following steps.


How to Recover Formatted Data Using the System Breakup?

Saving a backup file of your system data may help you in recovering files from a formatted drive. Let us see how we can reclaim the removed files from the formatted disk using the backup file that is already saved.

Steps to be followed to recover removed data from a backup file.

Step 1: Recognize the file that is to be restored.

Step 2: Identify the backup file that is to be used to recover the necessary files.

Step 3: Press (Win + I) to get into system settings and click on the Update & Security option. Click on the Backup option in the left panel. Click on Go to Backup & Restore (Windows 7) option.

How to Recover Formatted Data Using the System Breakup?

Step 4: Initialize the recovery process by using the backup recovery option in your system control panel. Keep waiting till the procedure finishes.

Step 5: Check whether the desired file is restored.

How to Recover Files from a Formatted Drive Without Using a Backup File?

In some cases, you may not have a backup file to use to restore a formatted drive. In such cases, you may use dedicated file recovery software to reclaim the deleted files.

Advanced File Recovery Software 

We have a bunch of software available for recovering your formatted disk. Out of all the available tools, Advanced File Recovery software badges its user circle due to its supreme performance and ability.

Advanced File Recovery for Windows is a well-known file recovery utility suitable for restoring any type of removed file.

This software can revamp files from your computers, hard drives, pen drives, and memory cards. The tool will enable its user to recover deleted files of any formats from the drives. Advanced file recovery software can scan and recover files from your damaged and unbootable drives. You can regain access to files available in the corrupt, crashed, formatted, or damaged storage drives using this tool.


        Quick and accurate recovery options

        Suitable for all the latest versions of Windows OS

        Can access and restore deleted files from any corrupted storage drive

        Excellent capability to perform deep scanning

        Ability to preview file before recovering it


How to Recover Using Advanced File Recovery Software?

The following steps can be useful in recovering your file from your formatted or crashed drives.

Step 1: Download the Advanced File Recovery software from its official website.

Advanced File Recovery Software

Step 2: Access the downloaded EXE file and run the software setup and wait for the installation to complete.

Step 3: Click on the desktop icon of the tool to access the recovery software.

Step 4: Choose the drive that should be scanned for deleted files.

Advanced File Recovery for Windows

Step 5: Select the file format that should be scanned and restored.

Step 6: Let the scan complete and preview the results.

Advanced File Recovery scanning

Step 7: Go through the scan outcomes and select the file that you want to recover.

scan results

Step 8: After the file selection, choose the recovery option to restore the removed files. 


Summing Up

Recovering deleted files is an unavoidable task that every system user has to perform. There are an infinite number of situations in which we may lose our important data. Most of us will be in search of a simple yet efficient solution to restore deleted files. 

Here, we have provided the best data recovery software for restoring your deleted files from formatted drives with ease. Explore and experience the wonderful features of the Advanced File Recovery software.