Friday, August 12, 2022

Benefits of Hiring Offshore Frontend Developers

Benefits of Hiring Offshore Frontend Developers

Let’s begin with a problem and then come to its solution. Most companies hiring an expert developer or software engineer spend a lot of time and resources. In the case of IT developers and engineers, the time to fill up positions can extend up to two months or more. Vacant positions in many IT companies across the US amount to a revenue loss of a whopping $20.1 billion yearly. 

This is one reason why many IT companies and tech firms worldwide prefer offshore hiring of developers. Notably, for frontend development, any web applications development company from time to time needs to update its skills by bringing in new resources and this requires hiring offshore development teams. 

Obviously, several other advantages make offshore hiring so lucrative and sought after. Let’s explain them one by one here below. 

Fast evolving frontend technologies 

The front-end development technologies are evolving faster than other facets of development frameworks, tools, and libraries. Within the last five years, several new frontend technologies came and took the market by storm. Two leading frontend technologies such as React Native and Flutter appeared on the development scene in this period only. 

So, to keep up pace with this fast-evolving frontend technology scene, you cannot always rely on hiring developers within your country or region. In contrast, when you look across the globe searching for experts on any new or less-known skill set, you have greater chances of finding the resources for your requirements. This is why, particularly for hiring frontend developers, offshore hiring will always remain a promising area. 


Exposure to global talents 

By hiring in-house frontend developers, you can only access a limited pool of developers within a region. In contrast, by hiring offshore frontend developers a company can get exposure to a worldwide pool of developer talents across a multitude of skills.

In respect of skills, competitive cost, technical expertise, and flexibility by hiring offshore developers you can have exposure across the globe. If for your next app project you are ready to take onboard remote developers, it increases your chances of finding the right skills at a competitive cost. 


Lowering overhead costs

Getting onboard offshore developer teams may or may not be less expensive compared to in-house hiring of developers. But offshore developers can bring down costs if you hire after going through rigorous research. Apart from the hiring cost, they can save a lot of overhead costs such as employee benefits, real estate space, supplies, etc. 

It is particularly true when volatile financial situations bugger development companies. When you need to get things done with a small development team with a minimum overhead cost burden, hiring offshore developers can be the best suitable option. 


Faster turnaround time 

As we have already mentioned in the beginning, development companies continuously face the challenge of a time-consuming hiring process to fill up vacant positions. This is where offshore hiring of frontend developers can streamline the process and ensure a faster turnaround time. 

Offshore hiring taking just a couple of weeks can get the project moving instantly without the entire team needing to wait for new in-house positions to fill up. Experienced offshore developers hired from reputed frontend development companies and mapped perfectly to the corresponding requirements, can start the project right away. 


Ensuring smooth scalability 

As and when a business needs to scale up operations and move to new processes, it may require a lot of skilled resources, and fulfilling these requirements fast by relying on in-house hiring is next to impossible. This is where hiring offshore development teams is a handy and effective solution. 

For further scaling up the team strength, you can always ask the offshore software development company in charge for more resources. Scaling up the team strength or getting new resources without much waiting time becomes easier with offshore hiring. 


Higher team productivity

Though there is a common perception that inhouse developers will deliver higher productivity just because their performance and output can be observed closely, in most cases of remote hiring often the opposite seems to be true. 

In the vast majority of cases, remote developers hired against hourly rate in an agile development environment, show more professional work ethics and commitment than their in-house counterparts. Reputed developers from leading front-end development companies who have experience in several remote projects are versed with the tools, technologies, practices, and effective turnarounds to get things done quickly. 


Get world-class IT infrastructure 

When you hire remote frontend developers from any top-notch development company in the world, you easily get access to a world-class IT infrastructure and development lab without spending an extra dime. Since such robust and well-equipped IT labs require huge investment, it remains out of reach for most companies. 

But by hiring a remote development team from these companies a business can build its apps in such sophisticated labs. From QA testing to data infrastructure to large-scale SaaS tools, your app gets the advantages of leading technologies at a higher scale by hiring offshore developers remotely for the project. 


A happier work environment with higher retention

When you offload the most challenging tasks to offshore teams and get things going with a collaborative environment headed by an experienced project manager, the productivity of in-house developers also gets better. The collaborative development involving remote experts and in-house developers ultimately helps create a happy and productive environment. 

It has been found that companies that mix and match offshore and in-house development teams achieve higher employee retention because of the streamlined project completion as per the higher standard set by remote development teams. 


Summing It Up 

Front-end development skills are evolving faster than backend and database technologies and hence finding the latest and trending frontend skills often become challenging and difficult. This is where an offshore development approach focusing on finding talents across the globe can be tremendously helpful.