Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Market your NFT Projects With Discord Marketing Strategies

Discord Marketing Strategies

The NFT marketplace is gaining back its momentum after its slight dip early in the year, thanks to several NFT collections that are popping out in the market. One such recent, ridiculous, and successful NFT collection is 10,000 uniquely featured Goblins in the name of Goblin Town NFTs.

The thing to notice here is that if the collection is deemed ridiculously contemporary, what are the odds that it got hyped? If you think about exceptional marketing skills, then you are spot on. This blog is to brief you on the pros of Discord marketing. Furthermore, adding to the article some of the top-tier NFT collections that blew up owing to the efficient marketers in the market.

What are Discord Marketing Services?

There are several marketing services available for the NFTs and their marketplace in the industry. Like, as press releases, community marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, website development, Search Engine Optimization, CRO, influencer marketing, and so on. One such famous marketing medium for all NFTs and crypto projects is the Discord marketing services.

Discord is a VoIP application utilized for free communications that include multiple benefits with it, like voice sharing, video chatting, communities, and, of course, texting. This medium is often used to build communities that bring traction to the influencers, brands, and in this case, the NFTs. 

Discord, accommodating about 300 million users, takes the scenario as an advantage to promote various creators and their creations. It is based on analysis that they have 20% of overall activity when compared with other social media platforms on a monthly basis. 

Two Types of Discord in the Market

About 7 million active servers are on the forum, making up to $14 million in the yesteryears. The fairly new addition to the marketing services, the discord marketing agencies have stepped up their game by giving the users a choice of two software, from which they can choose what kind of community and promotion they are going to require. 

This is classified thus because the community that used to be for gamers is not just limited to gamers alone on the platform. This specific setup has been quite a hit in advertising the brands and their NFTs, as the innate nature of the servers available is tight-knit, thus stronger and more reliable promotion.

    Discord Classic

Discord classic is the free version available for users. They offer the users a 30 FPS screen sharing and allow the public and private sectors to have access to the servers. As a VoIP application, the video and voice chat options are open to using for promotions, but they are still as effective as mass advertising on a small scale. 

The Discord bots' opportunities in the drawback are that there is constantly a limit to how much or many ones can update on the server and share. The platform is integrated for the users to experience some of the automated tasks. 

The only thing is a drawback is that the discord server in this free version has limited sharing and uploading capacity available for the users, which can also restrict the parameter of marketing.

    Discord Nitro

Discord Nitro is a paid service available for users. They offer 1080p at 60 FPS screen-sharing possibilities, giving access to the public and private sectors. They also have voice chat and video chat, as they are the basic characteristics of this marking platform. 

Working with automated Discord bots for queries, the two servers boost each other with high file-sharing capacity. This widens the advertising audience range and the marketing strategies of the Discord Marketing Agency.

 Now that was just the tip of the iceberg! Discord marketing is more than just a community builder and a space to promote. The abundance of benefits it brings for the creators is what makes them coveted largely in today’s marketing scene.

Best Utilities for the users with Discord Marketing Services

    Building high traction for the NFTs/crypto brands

    Complete liberty with interactions

    Build strong communities for the NFTs/ crypto brands

    Sub-channels that can be personalized 

Closing Thoughts! 

The potency of Discord Marketing Agencies comes with a tremendous amount of drive to push your NFT projects to the next level. The application that began with the e-game app for chatting services is now a business that aids several million-dollar NFT and crypto ventures to promote among huge audiences. 

If you require a mobile-friendly, secure, and highly attention-tracking marketing platform, register with Discord today and create your own crypto community! The result-driven server’s purpose fulfills your requirement with high convenience and a reputable brand voice.