Tuesday, October 11, 2022

Top 10 Salon Management Software

Are you looking forward to running your beauty business seamlessly and hassle-free? Or Do you want to improve customer service to assure an excellent experience delivered? 

We all know how inconvenient it is to manually register appointments or take calls all day long. Thus, consuming a lot of time that can be invested in improving the visitor experience.

Luckily, there are many salon software available in the market that eliminates manual tasks and enables online appointment scheduling. It not only makes it easy for customers to book their visits according to their preferences. 

Salon Management Software

Even the staff is saved from manually taking the calls and registering the appointments on pen and paper. This is the one main reason why many businesses consider installing a salon booking system as the ideal solution. 

However, with a wide range of options available, getting confused is common.

Don't worry!!

We have come up with a list of the top salon software options, their features, and the advantages that differentiate them from others.

Guide to Best Salon Management Software

Salonist Software for Salons and Spas

Salonist software is an all-in-one solution that can help you handle all your beauty business aspects and everyday operations cost-efficiently. It comes with advanced features like online appointment bookings, inventory management, Point of Sale, and employee management. Also, customers are sent reminders about their upcoming appointments. Further, it allows them to reschedule bookings if they want to.

In addition, it facilitates features such as SMS marketing tools, loyalty programs, and advanced business reporting. Salonist enable personalizing customer experience by wishing them their special days. Thus, leveling up the marketing game.

The best part is it supports 9 different languages. Therefore, reducing the communication gap between the customers and the business.

Fresha Salon Software for SMEs

It is a free-of-cost software that has no usage limit and beats many big salon software players. Fresha is easy to use and requires no learning. It simply begins functioning. The only limitation it comes with is it lacks customization options. You can integrate the online booking into the website or can not modify the appointment scheduling page design.

Daysmart Salon Management Software

Daysmart salon software also called Salon Iris is an all-in-one salon management and appointment scheduling software. Its plans include both manual and online bookings. Also, it sends email or text notifications.

The best part is its deluxe plan goes beyond simple appointment scheduling. It comprises all the features required by the salon owners and staff to seamlessly handle the operations. These are payroll, inventory management, marketing campaigns, inventory management, etc. Even the higher plans offer tools like budgeting, advanced marketing, etc.

All this makes Daysmart software a multipurpose solution that all beauty businesses will love.

Zenoti Salon Software

Businesses using the all-in-one Zenoti solution can manage the beauty business aspects without any hassles. The salon and spa owners and managers can manage the billing via the Point of Sale system, inventory, payroll, book appointments online, and enable effective marketing promotions. Its other features include online appointment scheduling, inventory management, CRM, in-built marketing programs, and more. 

Zenoti is currently running thousands of beauty businesses across 32 countries. Salon or spa owners can simply cut operational or staff recruiting costs and improve client retention.

Mindbody Salon Software

Mindbody is a sleek and easy-to-use salon management software that assures handling the everyday activities of your beauty business. It bolsters the confidence of salon staff of delivering the best client experience and making their return back every time. 

You can enable online appointments and track goods inventory hassle-free. Mindbody allows gathering payment details within one click and during touchless checkouts.

The staff's time is saved on answering the client's questions via calls. You can remind them of their appointments by sending an SMS. Also, there is a centralized dashboard that tracks and handles all the conversations. 

Mindbody features automation of salon reporting, staff management, synchronization, contactless checkouts with POS, and inventory management.


MioSalon is a Salon and Spa management software suitable for multiple beauty businesses. It comes with an in-built online scheduling system, billing, feedback, calendar, and marketing analytics. Furthermore, its best features offered include loyalty programs, recurring appointments, inventory management, payroll management, employee management, and more. 

The Point of Sale salon system is also available. It enables businesses to monitor sales and allows customers to make contactless transactions.

Rosy Salon Software

Rosy is a famous online booking software for beauty businesses. This software allows clients to schedule their visits at their leisure. You can track the customer history and automate appointments or any service delay reminders. Rosy's seamless checkout makes it easy to handle transactions.

Pricing Plan: Its standard package includes all the features we discussed above. On the other hand, the premium plan will have advanced marketing tools. It comprises text messaging, email marketing, employee management, and more.

Shortcuts Software

Shortcuts software is helping leading beauty businesses worldwide to handle their huge clientele and their experience. The software solution is compatible with 9 different languages and is usually designed for the salon industry. Shortcuts keep on upgrading its products and provides a free demo to help you understand how it will be perfect for your beauty business.

Its core features include inventory management, Point of Sale, employee management, booth rental management, recurring appointments, client profiles, and more.

Simple Salon Software

Simple Salon software, like many other options, provides multiple marketing capabilities and online booking convenience. Other features include 24*7 booking, text messaging, payment integration, reporting, contactless transactions, and accounting. Simple beauty business software allows seamless data transfer and provides training tutorials to easily begin with.

Genbook Salon Management Software

Genbook is used by salon businesses to eliminate manual bookings and take business operations online. Its integration with Google differentiates it from several other salon and spa management software. 

It can connect your business with social media, local applications, search websites, and more. Thus, increasing your business exposure and attracting potential customers. Also, it gathers customer feedback, ratings, and reviews on your social media, giving a boost to the salon's reputation.


Every beauty business, regardless of the type or size, comes with unique requirements. Hence, it is first vital to assess the features and capabilities you want and then find the software that fits the best. You can also shortlist from the topmost software solutions given above, connect with them for pricing or clear your queries, and then make the final decision.