Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Should You Use a Third-Party Installer for Windows?

Prior, Windows users used to take the help of Add/Remove Programs available under the Control Panel to uninstall any app or software that was of no use. But, right now people are taking the help of a third-party installed to uninstall any app or software. And, the fact is that most people (mostly geeks) enjoy using third-party installers on their Windows PC. 

People, who are not a pro at using computers are still asking questions like “Why should we use a third-party installer for our Windows?” If you are someone looking for such answers, don’t worry, you have landed on the right page. 

In this blog, we will be discussing why we need a third-party installed for our Windows PC. So, let’s get started.

What are Third-Party App Installers?

It’s a fact that the Windows registry and other file settings are shared by more than just one single program. Therefore, when we directly uninstall any app or software, it leaves various leftovers. This is why it is really important to download or install a third-party app installer so that no leftovers can be left and your PC can be optimized for a long. 

Third-party app installers are designed in such a way that they remove all the registries and other types of existing files related to the uninstalled app. Moreover, third-party app installers are created with such an algorithm that they don’t disrupt other files. 

Whenever something goes wrong during uninstalling the software, such software restores the files again so that other issues can be fixed. Overall, third-party app installers are pretty usable and help in keeping our system optimized and speedy.

Why General App Installers of Windows are not good enough?

As I mentioned above, when we directly try to remove any software or app from our PC, it still leaves some registries and files that are of no use. We get an installer app for Windows PC which essentially programs on its own. But the fact is that they are not capable of managing the other operating systems. 

Additionally, they are not managed by a manager like we get the services in Linux. Therefore, the installer gets free and they can do whatever they want to do on your Windows PC. Technically, installers always create a handbook of Program Files that helps in creating shortcuts around the PC. 

They also keep on adding information to the registries. Whenever we need to launch any program, they keep on making additional changes to the Windows registries. Therefore, using a general uninstaller is not enough and we need a third-party app uninstaller that cleans up everything for us and leaves our PC in a fresh state.

Why do we need Third-Party App Installers?

If you will look properly, when we directly try to remove apps like antivirus programs from Control Panel, we are not able to completely remove them from our system. This is why antivirus developers have developed dedicated removal software/tools for removing program files, registries, and other files related to software completely. 

Therefore, it is really important to have a third-party app installer on our PC for some specific programs that are deeply integrated into our system.

How does a Third-Party Installer work?

Third-party uninstallers work in such a way that they get complete control over the uninstalling process. They are willing to remove what generally an official uninstaller misses out. They run in the background and keep on removing files that are not needed and help in completely uninstalling a program. 

Moreover, third-party app uninstallers also keep a strong eye on the programs that run in the background from their first startup. They also keep an eye on registries so that they can remove them completely from the system whenever needed.

Which one is the best Third-Party Installer for Windows?

Third-Party Installer for Windows

Talking about the best, I am using Advanced System Optimizer for the last two years and it is working pretty great for my Windows PC. Advanced System Optimizer is developed by Systweak Software. This software is a complete package for keeping your PC optimized, speedy, and free of invalid registries. 

It also comes with an uninstallation module that helps in completely removing related files of uninstalled software/apps completely from your PC. It helps in managing and removing unrequired software or apps without leaving any type of leftovers. It also helps in recovering a lot of free space after removing unrequired software from the PC.

I hope this blog helps you understand the need of using a third-party installer for your Windows PC.

Thanks for reading!