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Top 10 Web Development Companies in London

Web Development Companies London

Are you searching for the top web development London firms? This list contains top web designers in London who can meet your needs when outsourcing the development of your website. An efficient website design is essential to connect with your customers and make them comprehend your offerings. 

We help you discover the most effective web development companies in London that can code your ideas exactly how you'd like! You must read the list below of London's top web development firms. 

Find the top web developers & designers in London who meets your needs and allows your ideas to become a reality.

Best Web Development London Companies:

There are many Web Development London firms in London However, below are the most prominent or the best web development firms. This list highlights the most renowned and best website development companies.

1. Intelligent IT Hub Pvt Ltd:

·        It is a web design company in London.

·     IIH Global was established in 2013 with its expertise in app development to leave a lasting impression within the IT industry. In the end, it grew and expanded its reach to global clients and built an impressive reputation.

·     Their headquarters are located in London, UK & Canada, India, and Germany is a leader in the development of mobile apps. By incorporating your company's values and strategy and adding new technology and aesthetics, they provide an excellent solution for your mobile apps.

·     The guiding principles of the company include commitment, innovation, and outstanding service. IIH Global offers customized solutions that are affordable. The mobile app team is working to provide user-friendly, high-quality, timely apps.

·        Founded: 2013

·        The hourly rate is $20 to $50/per hr

·        Employees: 50 - 100

·        Location: London, UK

2. X1 Group:

1.     X1 Group is a trustworthy web development London Company.

2.   They build long-term, dedicated teams of developers that are essential to the business.

3.  Customers benefit from their years of experience in the current technology and knowledge of the global online market.

4.     They create web-based websites, applications, and websites.

·        Founded: 2010

·        Employees: 50 - 249

·        Hourly Rates: N/A

3. EdgeCase Technology:

1. EdgeCase Technology team has expertise in e-commerce, manufacturing, medicine logistics, finance, logistics, and machine learning.

2.   They have worked successfully with well-known, large clients and ambitious start-up businesses.

3.    They have created various customized websites and apps for their customers in the rapid development of internet technologies.

·        Founded: 2015

·        Employees: 50 - 249

·        The hourly rate is $25 to $49

4. Inpsyde:

·  Inside is Germany's biggest WordPress Agency and the only certified WooExpert Gold Partner and a WordPress VIP Partner.

·  They design and develop solutions for all applications with extensive consultation and solutions.

·     They can assist with the migration and maintenance of current systems and elevate websites to the highest quality and security.

·     They spend time learning about your clients and your company so that they can convey your stories in the most effective method.

·        Founded: 2006

·        Employees: 10 - 49

·        Hourly rates: $150 to $199

5. Mobiteam:

·     Mobi team offers customized software development using an extensive range of technologies.

·   They can reduce your monthly expenses by providing on-demand professionals who develop software without the need to employ any.

·     They use the latest and most modern mobile and web technologies to create advanced and secure applications.

·        They offer high-quality solutions for affordable nearshore costs.

·        Founded: 2014

·        Employees: 10 - 49

·        The hourly rate is $25 to $49

6. Modelate:

·        Modelate is an app and web development firm in London.

·  Their primary focus is high-quality data-rich real-time web and mobile applications.

·  The company is an expert in Big Data analytics, data science, predictive modeling, and artificial intelligence.

·   It has talented employees of developers and designers who have extensive knowledge and experience in delivering high-quality web development solutions for customers across the world.

·     They will help you create a website that aligns with your marketing goals and objectives.

·        Founded: 2011

·        Employees: 500 - 999

·        The Hourly Cost: is $50 to $99

7. O2SOFT:

·    With years of experience in software development for digital platforms and consultancy, it's an international expert in solving business challenges and developing industry-changing technology that accelerates growth and innovation while optimizing the efficiency of operations.

·   They're dedicated to bringing the latest apps together using attractive and effective design.

·        Founded: 2013

·        Employees: 100+

·        The Hourly rate is N/A

8. MVP Factory:

·    It allows web development agencies of all sizes to design and expand top technology products by combining the most skilled engineers and designers with artificial intelligence and an access point via an MVPF platform.

·  They develop and build elegant, easy interfaces that work well and are enjoyable. Their developers share their experiences at conferences and in technical papers.

·        Founded: 2017

·        Employees: 10 - 49

·        Hourly Rate: $25 to $49

9. SaM Solutions:

·     SaM Solutions is an international IT solutions and services provider with more than two decades of expertise.

·  The volunteer work involved teaching professional skills and designing handicraft designs.

·        They can ask for the correct answers, meet each deadline and ensure that the high-quality of their products are of the highest standard.

·  Their expertise in development languages assists them in providing an effective and secure solution to their customers.

·        Founded: 1993

·        Employees: 500 - 999

·        Hourly Rates: $25. to $49

10. Radish Lab:

·        It is one of the best web development agencies in London.

·    Radish Lab is an award-winning creative studio focused on projects and people who change the world.

·        They thrive when they work with those who are passionate about their work and want to improve people's lives.

·        They're here to support you and your business realize your online visions.

·        Founded: 2012

·        Employees: 10 - 49

·        Hourly rates: $150 to $199


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