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10 Best Queue Management Solutions in Singapore

10 Best Queue Management Solutions in Singapore

On a daily basis, every person is facing the reality of standing in long queues for hours to avail the services, and that brings more frustration among them. But, with the development of a long queue management system, this problem has been solved to a large extent.

Every business wants to grow and earn more revenue. This will only happen if customers had a great experience availing of services on your premises without waiting for long and getting frustrated.

The queue management system is a solution that breaks down the customers' journey and controls the queues by reducing wait times.

Initially, you need to select the best queue management solution which fulfils the requirements of your business by going through the features of each solution.

In this blog, there are the 10 best queue management solutions in Singapore. Read the full blog that will help in managing long queues efficiently.

List of Long Queue Management Systems


Qwaiting is the long queue management system that helps to reduce the wait time smartly and rapidly. Basically, this system manages your clients' queues in a systematic way and schedules all the bookings in one place. So, there is a reduction in the workload that makes the employee's life easier. Qwaiting software helps to manage the working of banks, educational institutions, food and beverages stores, hospitals, retail, and the public sector, etc.

The deployment of Qwaiting brings efficiency and solves the difficulties faced by business owners with its useful features.

The following are the features of Qwaiting:

    It helps to schedule online appointments.

    Clearly mentioned the average waiting and serving time.

    Clients can give feedback to the staff.

    A client can take benefits from different locations in one place.

    It is user-friendly software and fully tailor-made.

    Third-party integrations with Office 365, Okta, WhatsApp, Gmail, slack, etc.


Qmatic is another efficient software for managing the line of customers. This software helps to increase revenue,  enhance the profit margin, and boost customer satisfaction.

It has a special element of third-party integrations with Webex, WhatsApp, salesforce, telegram, and Microsoft teams.

Unique features of Qmatic:

    It gives the feature of business analysis along with detailed reports.

    Clients can avail of services through virtual meetings.

    With a customer feedback solution, improve client experience.

    Send alert texts when it's their turn and prevent standby.

    It aids to plan the upcoming resources.


Wavetech queue management system solves the problem of long queues at airports, retail outlets, and educational institutions that cause customer dissatisfaction.

Here are some features of Wavetec:

    It helps to collect efficient data and detailed reporting.

    Leverage Digital Signage for Digital Marketing.

    Provide the WhatsApp queuing solution for better performance insights. performance insights.


VirtuaQ is a solution that leads to reducing the frustration level among customers due to long waiting hours in the queue. Additionally, it helps to reduce operational costs and increase the brand reputation.

The following are the major features of VirtuaQ:

    In case of any special needs, higher-priority clients are served first.

    VirtuaQ integrates with CRM and DSP.

    Software is cloud-based which helps to decrease capital expenditure.

    Provide correct real-time data for resource allocation.

    Give the option to opt for multiple languages for better communication.


Qminder is a queue management system that informs clients about the waiting line status. It minimizes human error and sets up automatic notifications.

The standard features of Qminder:

    Consistent customer engagement.

    Provide personal service for your clients.

    Clients can easily give reviews.

    It boosts staff efficiency and productivity.


Waitwhile is a unique platform that helps customers get rid of long queues and allows them to wait from any location. It is a tool that makes the task easy to perform.

Features of waitwhile are - 

    A smooth check-in process from smart gadgets.

    Empower the staff with real-time information

    With the usage of AI, your workflow becomes smarter.

    It boosts loyalty among clients.

    You can start with a free trial.


Qtrac is a modern powerful queue appointments system that eliminates lines with virtual queuing and controls the workload and increases overall efficiency. It helps to organize customer data, communication, and processes.

Features of Qtrac:

    A better understanding of preferences of the customers.

    This software supports mobile queuing.

    Giving clients the opportunity to browse which leads to more sales.

    It is a unique suite of tools that provides meaningful experiences to clients.


Qless is an online appointment booking and queue management software that has been developed with the objective to eliminate waiting in long queues. It allows your clients to schedule their bookings through a mobile device, self-service kiosks, or website.

Here are the features of Qless:

    It is a platform that speeds up the transformation of the business.

    The software is available on the cloud.

    It helps to keep track of every customer as well as employee performance.


If you want to increase your sales, Qudini is excellent software and is even known to increase your brand relevance. It helps to retain the customers with the prior informed waiting time.

The following are the benefits to use the Qudini solution:

    It helps to make smarter decisions and also improves the competitive advantage.

    Enable check-in through mobile or kiosks.

    Cloud services make everything accessible and centralized.


Qnomy offers queue management software for the optimization of healthcare, telecom, retail, and banks to make the customer experience better by reducing the queue length.

Qnomy provides various benefits such as

    There is no requirement to install hardware at the counters.

    It fulfills all needs of the business and gives good customer service.

    It helps to identify the customer's arrival and walking time.

    Provides historical reporting of the clients.

Final Thought

Businesses cannot afford to ignore customers' long wait times if they want to increase overall turnover. To increase brand awareness and better customer experience it's vital to deploy a queue management system that suits the needs of the business. Above we have discussed the best solutions which help you to get better results.

So what are you waiting for? Select the appropriate solution that meets your needs to get better customer satisfaction.