Thursday, December 22, 2022

Quick Steps to Save OLM File as PDF Format on Mac System

Quick Steps to Save OLM File as PDF Format on Mac System

OLM file is a default file format for Mac Outlook. This file format saves all the copies of the data of MS Outlook like contacts, tasks, notes, etc. The data in an OLM format are not easily accessible and are also easily prone to malware attacks. To avoid this many users search for ways to save .olm files as PDF. A PDF file is a more secure file format to save important data.

If you are also in search of an easy and reliable approach to convert OLM files to PDF on a Mac device, then stick to this blog till the end. As we will share the two different approaches to easily convert the OLM files. Before we talk about the solutions, Let’s look at some of the benefits that a PDF file provides to its users.

Reasons to Save .OLM file as PDF

A PDF file format is the most opted file format as it provides, important data to its users. Here are a few benefits of using the PDF file.

    A PDF file provides better security of data.

    It can easily be accessed on multiple platforms.

    Users can password-protect PDF files to protect data from unauthorized access.

    This file format is also used for legal documentation.

    Documents in PDF format are easy to share and print.

Let’s discuss the different solutions to convert and save Mac Outlook Emails as PDFs.

How to Export Outlook OLM data into PDF?

After a lot of research, we will share the two different approaches i.e, manual and professional solutions to save .olm files as PDF on your Mac device. Let’s start with the native solution first.

Method 1: Convert OLM to Adobe PDF Manually

Follow the below steps carefully-

    Open Mac Outlook on your device.

    Choose the desired email that you want to save in PDF format.

    From the newly displayed window, select File and click on the Print option.

    In the Print dialogue box, choose Save as PDF from the drop-down box.

    Now, choose the desired location to save .olm files as PDFs.

The manual approach is beneficial to convert limited OLM files. There are certain other drawbacks to this method which we have stated below.

Downsides of the Native Method

Here are some of the most common drawbacks users may face while performing the conversion using the manual approach.

    Using this method, users can convert only limited OLM files.

    Saving OLM files one by one can result in the repetition of data.

    Converting large-size OLM files manually can be troublesome.

    Data mismanagement can take place.

Method 2: Professional Solution to save .olm file as PDF

MacSonik OLM converter for Mac is one of the best solutions that can easily and securely convert OLM to Adobe PDF. This is a safe and reliable method that converts OLM files into 21+ file formats and email clients. It maintains the original folder hierarchy while processing the conversion. You will also get an option to eliminate duplicate emails from the conversion process.

Steps to Save .olm Files as PDF

    Download and Run the MacSonik OLM converter on your Mac device.

    Opt for the desired File selection mode from the software interface.

    Tick the required folder from the displayed tree structure.

    Now, choose PDF as the resultant file format from the drop-down box.

    Finally, hit the convert button to convert OLM file to PDF.

Pros of Using Mac OLM Converter

    This tool offers to convert multiple OLM files at once.

    Users can opt to convert selective emails.

    It prevents data alteration during the conversion process.

  Users can even directly import OLM to Office 365, Gmail, Yahoo, and Thunderbird account with ease.

Users can also opt for the dedicated OLM to PDF converter for Mac, which saves Mac Outlook Emails as PDF effortlessly with or without attachments.


In this article, we have shared the different techniques to save .olm files as PDF. The manual approach is a few steps process but its drawbacks do not make it the most opted solution. Therefore, we have discussed the professional solution to perform the conversion. It is a safe and reliable method and provides 100% accurate results to its users.