Monday, January 30, 2023

Why To Choose Gojek Clone Model For Start-up Business?


Are you an entrepreneur looking to get a new start-up? What do you think will be the best choice? Of course, you must choose a business model that fits your investment criteria and allows you to earn huge profits, right? As per the rapid growth of mobility, you should choose an online platform to launch your start-up business. 

The trend of e-commerce is going too well, especially after the pandemic e-commerce market truly gets a boost. Reports say the e-commerce market was valued at USD 9.09 trillion in 2019 at the global level. Furthermore, it is forecasted to grow by 14.7% CAGR (compound annual growth rate) from 2020 to 2027.

Let's go straight to the topic; you already have heard about the Gojek. Gojek is a mobile app platform that allows users to shop online for goods and services like food, grocery, medicine, online taxi booking, etc. Gojek is a hot topic in the town nowadays. Many entrepreneurs out there get inspiration from Gojek, start their online businesses, and now share a valuable amount in the on-demand economy.

You can be the next entrepreneur to start a multi-service business with the help of a Gojek clone. In this guide, we will discuss how Gojek clone can be a suitable choice to start your business. Let's first take a look at Gojek, which will clarify how it became the popular talk of the town.

A Glimpse of Gojek

First of all, Gojek is not just newly launched; it was launched in 2010. It only started as a ride-hailing service provider. At present, Gojek single-handedly offers 20+ more products in more than 3 countries. 

These services include Go-ride, Go-car, Go-box, Go-food, Go-send, Go-tix, Go-pay, Go-med, Go-bills, and still planning to add more services. Asiatechdaily report says, Gojek announced to add on more services - GoCar Kids and GoCar XL Kids. They give a fresh start to 2023 by expanding their transportation services.

So the Indonesian super giant is growing bigger day by day. Statista 2022 shows Gojek shares 52% market share in the Indonesian transportation industry.

Hence it's never too late to make a fresh start-up. You can also grow your business with the help of a Gojek clone, and there are chances that you can be the next super giant in the e-commerce market. Let's check on how a Gojek clone can actually benefit your start-up business.

Perks of Getting Gojek Clone For Start-up Businesses

Easily Accessible For Users

With the help of smart mobility services, users can easily download your app on mobile phones. Such mobile applications make it easy for users to shop for essential everyday things like food, grocery, pharmaceuticals, liquor, etc., and it can be delivered directly to their location without needing to go outside. 

At present online shopping apps offers a great feature of the filter with that users can quickly find the product they are looking for. So the Gojek clone is not profitable for you but also beneficial for users.


The cost of developing an app like Gojek is affordable. The Gojek clone can add 20+ services under one platform. It's a multi-service platform offering various services under one business name. On the other hand, developing a separate app for different services will cost a high-end budget. So what makes the smart move? Of course, choosing a multi-service platform that also fits budget criteria is the smartest choice.

Automate the Services

Do you know the best part of getting an online platform to launch your business? Well, it can release a lot of manual workloads. First, it makes it easy interference for users to shop; the manual payment process can be automated. 

Moreover, labor-intensive back-office processes, such as document management and accounting, can be automated. So you can be saved from spending time on manual work with the help of an online app platform.

Be a Multi-Service Business Owner

Don't just restrict your business to a single purpose; make a big step and be a multi-service business owner with the help of a Gojek clone. You can include many services into a single platform, such as taxi booking, healthcare, beauty care, food, grocery mart, entertainment, payments, handyperson, etc. In short, you can create all in one shop at cost-effective prices.

Digital Perks

With the technological evolution, it becomes necessary to step into the digital market. Nowadays, most people prefer to shop online for each small and big stuff. So if a large portion of the audience is available online, how can you be left behind! Gojek clone is beneficial to build your brand reputation in the digital market, which will eventually help you to get more customers worldwide.

Advanced Features to Attract More Customers

The major boost for any mobile application depends on its unique and advanced features that attract customers. Gojek clone offers a lot of cutting-edge features that online shopping lovers would love to have. The list includes smooth login, OTP verification for taxi booking, ride cancellation, advanced booking, fare calculation, graphical status for rides and orders, and more features.

Get a Profit Centric Business Model

As we discussed before, Gojek is an all-in-one platform that allows users to shop for various services. Hence, if the platform is multi-service, the revenue stream will also be huge. With the Gojek clone, you will get a profit-centric business model to earn more profit. 

Such as, you can earn money by charging delivery persons and merchants who want to contribute to your platform. Therefore you can run on subscription plans to engage with more customers, which will provide you with a pretty good amount of profit. Apart from subscription and commission strategies, the in-app advertisement also opens the door to generate more revenue.

Ready to Launch Platform

Gojek clone is a prebuilt model that will help to launch your business in 5 to 7 business days; amazed, right? But that's true; you will not be required to wait for months until your platform gets ready to launch. Gojek clone usually comes in a prebuilt form with a minor requirement of changes based on your needs. With the prebuilt solution, you are all set to launch your business on immediate bases.

Final Words

That's it; are you ready to be a multi-service business owner? Start your online business with the on-demand business model of the Gojek clone. The on-demand service market is growing more and more, so if you are not going to be in the race now, then you will surely lose many things. Hope this guide gives you a clear idea of why Gojek clone is the suitable solution to start your business.