Friday, January 27, 2023

How Do I Migrate from Kerio to Office 365?

How Do I Migrate from Kerio to Office 365?

Complete tutorial to guide you resolve your query and migrate Kerio to M365 account with precise details!

Are you searching for an effective solution to resolve your query, i.e., “How do I migrate from Kerio to Office 365 account”? Then read this blog where you will get to know the best method to migrate data from Kerio to Microsoft 365.

GFI Kerio Connect is a top-performing and enterprise-class server application that also provides emailing services. It supports simple and economical arrangement of emails, calendars, contacts, tasks etc. The Kerio application is swift & offers enterprise features with low ownership costs and therefore is an ideal choice for small as well as medium business types.

Office 365, on the contrary, is a subscription-based cloud app that offers reliable, powerful, secure and productive services to enterprises. The app includes various user productive services like MS Office Suite, OneDrive for storage, Groups, Briefing Email, Sway, Forms, OneNote and many more. Microsoft 365 also provides complete protection to your mailbox through its advance features, anti-spam filters and anti-malware services. 

After getting some brief information about both the applications, now let’s move to the next section to resolve users’ most common queries such as “how do I migrate from Kerio to Office 365” or “how do I migrate Kerio to a new server like M365?”.

Kerio Connect to Office 365 Migration tool – Best Kerio Export Solution

There are many users who want to switch from Kerio to Office 365, but due to unavailability of any assured solution, refrain from doing so. But not now! Using a professional application, i.e., CubexSoft Kerio Converter, they can directly migrate Kerio Connect data to Office 365 account. 

Its an amazing utility that provides prompt and precise Kerio to Microsoft 365 migration solution. Its simple GUI is another added advantage that helps both technical and non-technical users to effortlessly use this tool and migrate Kerio Connect data to M365 account without any data loss issues.

Using this smart tool, they can also migrate unlimited Kerio user mailboxes to office 365 in batch mode. Kerio to Office 365 Migration Tool also provides “I am converting Multiple users” option to help users move multiple Kerio users to Office 365 admin account, through its I am Admin option. The tool is designed for smooth working on all Windows OS editions – 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc. 

Try with Kerio Connect to Office 365 Free Download Tool

Download free demo edition of the Kerio to O365 Tool and check its working efficiency in detail. Using free demo, you are permitted to convert first 25 items per Kerio folder to Office 365 account. to migrate unlimited Kerio data without any restrictions, you need to buy the licensed edition of the software.

How Do I Migrate from Kerio to Office 365 in Step by Step Process

Follow this section to know the stepwise process to move Kerio Connect data to M365 :

  • After downloading, install and open the tool on your Windows machine
  • Now select Kerio mailboxes using the two options :

Select Files – to load multiple Kerio Files selectively, or

Select Folders – to load folder containing all Kerio mailboxes in batch

Note : If you want to convert multiple Kerio users to Office 365 admin account, then choose the option “I am converting multiple users”

  • Tool displays complete Kerio user items (emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes etc.) in a tree structure. Select the required items that you want to move to M365 account and tap on Next
  • Choose Office 365 from the select Saving Options list
  • Provide your O365 login details, set required items filters, choose advance filters and press on Connect button
  • As the Microsoft login window opens, enter your login details and hit Sign in button
  • the process will begin alongwith the detailed progress status being displayed at the software bottom screen
  • As process completes, a new widows pops up with the messages “Process completed successfully”. Click OK to complete the process.
  • The tool will automatically generate a log report containing detailed information – Start Date and Time, Path, No. of Items converted, Saving Type, Status etc.

You can check the output files by logging in to your Office 365 account. The entire Kerio data will be shown in exact folder hierarchy. And finally, the process to migrate data from Kerio to Office 365 is successfully completed.

Key Features of Kerio Connect to Office 365 Migration Tool

  • The software is designed and developed with advance algorithms to provide users with the best and power-packed features, as listed below :
  • Direct solution to migrate data from Kerio user mailboxes to Office 365 account
  • Provides support for migrating unlimited Kerio mailboxes to O365 account in batch
  • I am Admin option allows to move Kerio user accounts to respective user mailboxes of Office 365 admin account
  • DIY interface helps all users to effortlessly transfer of Kerio user data without any problems
  • Move complete Kerio data including emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks etc. to Office 365 without any data loss
  • Keeps data integrity and folder hierarchy of Kerio mailboxes intact
  • Keeps intact header information, formatting and all other details of Kerio users’ data
  • Suitable with all Windows (32bit and 64bit) OS editions – 11, 10, 8.1, 8,7 etc.


In this blog, we have explored the best technique to adopt while resolving users query, “how do I migrate from Kerio to Office 365?”. The Kerio Converter Tool is the expert’s suggested utility that delivers professional solution to export Kerio mailboxes to Office 365 with accurate properties. 

The tool is completely safe to use and it doesn’t save your Office 365 account details in its database or cache. You can also check the software working efficiency by downloading its free demo edition that allows to migrate first 25 items per Kerio folder to Office 365 account.