Friday, February 10, 2023

MDaemon Server Data Migration to Office 365 Cloud Account - Verified Solution

MDaemon Server Data Migration to Office 365 Cloud Account - Verified Solution

In this article you will get to know the best MDaemon Server data migration to Office 365 with professional solution. after reading this article you will be able to migrate MDaemon mailboxes to M365 account including emails, contacts, calendars, notes, tasks etc. So, keep reading this blog till the end to know the detailed guide for MDaemon server migration to Office 365 webmail.

MDaemon and Office 365 – Brief Overview

MDaemon is an email server designed for Windows users. It supports user friendly interface and includes support for webmail (WorldClient) and client-side protocols such as IMAP, POP3, SMTP, CalDAV, ActiveSync for mobiles etc. Moreover, it also provides email storage, messaging, mobile device management, email security and many more features.

Office 365, on the other hand, is cloud server application that provides various productivity services for individual users as well as large organizations. Being a cloud based emailing service, M365 offers numerous facilities for users. Most users prefer to migrate MDaemon mailboxes to Office 365, due to large sized files requiring constant maintenance of MDaemon mailboxes. On the contrary, MS Office 365 users can maintain all file size types efficiently and effortlessly.

The availability of Office 365 as a cloud service makes it quickly accessible for everyone, from anywhere and at any time, for data management and other tasks. It’s a top-most used application thanks to its 24x7x365 accessibility and other supported features.

User query

Hi, I am using MDaemon for the last 5 years and have a huge database saved in it. Now I have shifted to using Office 365 and planning to migrate my entire MDaemon data into my O365 account. After searching for a manual method for the same and failing miserably, now want a simple solution that can help me with this MDaemon server migration to Office 365. Can someone please help me find a professional solution to resolve my problem. Any help provided will be highly appreciated. Thank you!

How to Migrate MDaemon Data to Microsoft 365

To easily and efficiently move your MDaemon mailboxes to Office 365 webmail, you can’t rely on a manual technique and must go for a professional solution. There are many companies out there claiming to be the best MDaemon to Office 365 solution providers. Don’t get distracted, first analyse your requirements and then choose wisely. One such application that you can trust upon is CubexSoft MDaemon to Office 365 Converter. It’s a simple to use application that can be simply handled by both technical and non-technical users.

MDaemon Server Migration to Office 365 – Working Guide.

  •  First download and install the software on your Windows PC
  • Now add MDaemon mailboxes using Select Files and Select Folders
  • Software will start loading MDaemon user folders in exact hierarchy. Choose required folders for conversion and hit Next
  • Choose Office 365 from saving options list. Enter your Office 36 login ID, set required filters and hit Connect button
  • Microsoft login window will open, again provide your Office 365 login credentials and hit Sign in button
  • The tool will start the MDaemon server migration to Office 365 process and after successful completion, displays the message “Process completed successfully”

Features of MDaemon to Office 365 Converter

Supports batch migration of unlimited MDaemon mailboxes

With MDaemon to Office 365 Converter, users can easily move their unlimited MDaemon mailboxes to Office 365 account at once. Using this option of the tool, they can easily save their crucial time and efforts as their entire MDaemon data is migrated into O365 account in single processing. 

Move complete MDaemon server user mailbox data

The tool allows complete data migration from MDaemon mail server to Office 365 account including emails, contacts, calendars, notes tasks etc. without any data loss or alteration.

Export Multiple MDaemon users to Office 365 admin account

The tool even supports to migrate multiple MDaemon users to Office 365 admin account through its “I am converting multiple users” option. After choosing this option, you just need to select MDaemon users through dual options. after that choose Office 365 as desired saving option and select I am admin option. Enter your O365 admin account credentials, map MDaemon users with O365 admin users and then hit Connect button. The tool will then automatically add MDaemon users to their intended O365 account.

Preserves email headers and other formatting details

The tool maintains to keep the email headers and formatting of MDaemon emails and other data intact during the entire process. The tool never alters or damages even a single bit of MDaemon data and everything remains in place.

Retains folder hierarchy precisely

MDaemon to Office 365 Converter provides another beneficial feature of maintaining the exact folder hierarchy of MDaemon folders throughout the MDaemon server migration to Office 365 process. This way, users can manage their MDaemon folders in Office 365 account without any problems

Works independently

The tool doesn’t need MDaemon installation to access its data for performing migration process. It only needs MDaemon user data and Office 365 login details, for directly migrating MDaemon into Office 365 account.

Suitable with all Windows OS editions

The tool is designed to work on all Windows (32bit and 64bit) OS editions including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7 etc.


In this article, we have discussed about step-by-step guide for MDaemon Server migration to Office 365 using professional solution. The suggested MDaemon Backup Tool is user-friendly and comprises of numerous power-packed features. You can even download its free demo edition and check yourself about its functionality by migrating first 25 items per MDaemon folder to Office 365 account, absolutely free of cost.