Friday, March 31, 2023

Reasons and Benefits Why You Need a Backup for Google Workspace

Reasons and Benefits Why You Need a Backup for Google Workspace

Google Workspace is a cloud-based service that Google offers users to manage their business works. It provides various features and productive applications for users to ease their work. The productive applications include Gmail, Spreadsheet, Drive, etc. 

As we know, Google provides better security to users’ data, but still, it is your responsibility to take a backup for Google Workspace data to keep it safe. Apart from this, there are various reasons why users look to take the backup of their essential data. 

If you have reached to this blog, then here you will get the answers to all your questions. In this blog, we will discuss the reasons and solutions to accomplish this task in a trouble-free manner.

Reasons to Backup the G Suite Data

·       Accidental or intentional deletion of your crucial data 

We already know Google provides limited space to store data in G Suite. Sometimes, it shows a notification of running out of space, due to which users delete some file that seems less important. But what happens if you need these files in the future? So, to avoid this situation, users look to keep a backup for Google Workspace data in local storage.

·       Malicious Attack

Now every user knows about the third-party applications that they use for some professional work. But while users add these third-party applications, users click the allow to give them access without going through the deep details about the permissions. These permissions work as a gateway for hackers, and they easily access your important files. For this, G Suite backup keeps your data safe from these attacks.

·       Lost Device

Google permits their user to access Google Workspace data from anywhere at any time, due to which users sign in with their account on multiple devices in case if their device gets stolen or lost. It could become a reason to expose your important data through which anyone can take benefits. If you take a backup for Google Workspace data, it would be beneficial for you to keep your data safe. 

·       Ransomware

There are various websites or malicious softwares available on the internet that can harm your data. No one wants to lose or share their crucial data with any other person. For this, users can look to keep a backup of their data if such a situation happens. Users can easily restore their whole data from the backup. It works as a boon in such cases.

·       Employee leaves the organization.

Sometimes, an employee leaves the organization, and they need to retain the data of their ex-employee for official purposes. For this, keeping a backup for Google Workspace data will become helpful. Admin can easily retain the whole data by taking the backup of the particular items that they want. 

Besides these reasons, there are more factors for which users look a way to perform this task without making much effort. So, to simplify this task, users can go for the Shoviv professional software, which efficiently works to provide quick results.

Solutions to Backup Google Workspace data

To complete this backup, users can opt for the manual and professional third-party tool. The manual methods are free of cost, which users can use to take a backup for Google Workspace data. However, experts do not recommend users go with the manual method it is because of its drawbacks. 

It takes ample time to accomplish the backup task. Moreover, users can only use the MBOX file format to take the backup of the Google Workspace data. It provides a limited time period to download the backup of the data.

Therefore, it would be better to choose the best automated G Suite backup solutions that work without any limitations to perform this task. For this, users can look for the Shoviv professional software. Below, we shared some of the best features of the manual method.

Features of the Shoviv G Suite (Google Workspace) Backup Tool

Shoviv G Suite Backup and Restore Tool comes up with a variety of features that help users to make this task effortless. This software has no limitations on adding unlimited mailboxes as well as the size of mailboxes. Moreover, it provides an excellent working experience to its users by providing advanced features. The process of this software is very fast and easily understandable to all. 

1.     It assembled various file formats, such as PST, MBOX, HTML, MSG, etc., that users can use to take a backup for Google Workspace emails.

2.     Users can also take help from its filter option to make the backup of particular items.

3.     It also permits users to take incremental or full backups of the data. Using the incremental export option, users can prevent the data from duplicating items and also resume the task if it gets interrupted.

4.     Novice users also use this software to take a backup for Google Workspace data.

5.     It allows users to create and run numerous jobs at a time without affecting the processing speed.

6.     Users also can schedule backup jobs on a regular basis, such as daily, weekly, or monthly.

This software’s free trial version is also available on the official website of Shoviv, which users can download to check its compatibility. In this free trial version, users can process 50 items per folder without any hassle.

Step-by-step working of Shoviv software

Step 1: Download and install Shoviv G Suite Backup and Restore Tool. 

Step 2: Press the Connect G Suite option. Fill up all the required details to connect with G Suite. Then click the Connect button.

Step 3: Now choose the Backup Directory tab. Then, provide the path and name to the backup directory and click Ok.

Step 4: Go to the Backup jobs option. Click the Add (+) icon to create a new backup job.

Step 5: Select the mailbox that you want to back up.

Step 6: Now go to the Filter option and include or exclude desired items. 

  • Here you can include or exclude items using the date or folder-wise criteria. 
  • Check the below-mentioned checkbox as per your demand.

Step 7: Set the maximum thread count and make other changes as per your need. 

Step 8: Use the scheduler option to schedule the job or select start immediately after creating the job. At last, click the Create Backup Job button.

Step 9: The process will begin to take a backup for Google Workspace emails in the next window.

Step 10: Click the Save report button to keep a record of the whole process. Finally, tap Finish.


This post taught a reliable way that every user could easily use to perform this backup task. At the end of this post, we suggest users keep a backup from Google Workspace data by using Shoviv professional third-party tool. For a deep understanding of this software, users also try out its free trial version, which is available on the official website of Shoviv. This trial version will be helpful in learning more about the software’s features and functionality.