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How Does Salesforce Sales Cloud Help Automate and Boost Your Business

How Does Salesforce Sales Cloud Help Automate and Boost Your Business

Sales were and will always be the business's arsenal whether B2B or B2C industry, product, or service. It is important to keep filling your sales funnel if you want growth in this dynamic market. Who knows what turn it will take?

The secret ingredient for collecting maximum revenue every year is to maintain the overall growth strategy, find qualified leads, and what next is the closing of a deal.

Wishing it could be possible! If it had been that easier, every business would've done it. Timing is one obstacle you will encounter every time you try to get everything under control. 

Seeking new clients, understanding which consumer segment you should target first, and ensuring that they get converted from lead to a client is the primary step to pave the way toward fast growth and expansion in business.

Sound relatable?

Then your business model needs Salesforce Sales Cloud with different approaches capable of reducing the issues you face and simplifying the sales process and activities.

This blog will explain what Sales Cloud is in Salesforce and how it can help your business automate and boost sales.

What is Salesforce Sales Cloud?

Salesforce Sales Cloud is a prominent member of the Salesforce family. This core cloud of Salesforce empowers businesses to manage the end-to-end functioning of the sales department. 

For instance, logging information about products, designing and managing campaigns, lead generation, triggering emails, keeping track of customer contacts in contact books, reports, and dashboards, and creating orders and opportunities based on the customer's responses.

Salesforce Sales Cloud walks in proudly with multiple features that make sales and marketing operations for your team very pliable and convenient. Built upon Salesforce 360° platform, businesses can stay assured while passing on the legacy without wear and tear. 

Hundreds of organizations are sleeking their processes by getting Salesforce to manage data and establish user efficiencies and overall buying experience.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Features

Automation of sales processes and assisting sales managers and representatives is probable through the rich functionality of Salesforce Sales Cloud, which is again full of surprises in the form of various features:

Salesforce Sales Cloud Features

1. Sales Path

It allows sales managers to define the sales process and make it more manageable. It displays the actions expected from sales representatives at each stage and helps them achieve the expected goals.

2. Lead Conversion Process

The lead conversion process in Sales Cloud can be simplified by tailoring it to your business needs. The process of converting a lead to an opportunity, account, and contact is made possible. Automated workflows and validation criteria make the lead conversion process smoother and more consistent.

3. Reports and Dashboards

The sales managers can easily track key sales figures and sales representatives' performance via reports and dashboards. It also highlights the sales representatives' strong and weak points and the factors influencing their productivity, which helps the sales managers improve the representatives' performances.

4. Products and Price Books

Sales Cloud allows you to draw up rules for pricing options for products and services, working on multiple currencies. It also allows you to change prices while keeping the previous price for the proposals sent earlier.

5. Process Builder

It helps create an automated workflow that empowers sales managers with additional opportunities to supervise their representatives' performances.

6. Lightning Flows & Approval

Lightning Flow is a new game changer for all Salesforce users. It authorizes businesses to create and expand process automation's power for an employee or customer experience. With its drag-and-drop functionality, Lightning Flows, users can easily create guided, visual processes by adding lightning components to the record, app, portal, or console.

Now coming Approval Process intensifies automation to the next level by letting you decide all the related factors of record approval. Specifically, this includes whom the user should request for record approval and what they should do at each process stage. Approvals can be done smoothly with point-and-click.

7. Sales Cloud Einstein

It provides sales managers with AI-powered analytical capabilities with Sales Cloud Einstein, allowing more accurate sales predictions due to the advanced analysis of historical pipeline information, business trends, and prior opportunity engagement. When it comes to boosting customer engagement, resources from Salesforce never feel any less. Not only Sales Cloud Einstein but Pardot AI also boosts customer email engagement.

How Does Salesforce Sales Cloud Help Automate and Boost Your Business

Adopting Salesforce Sales Cloud will elevate your sales team's game and give them a ladder to success. Here are some benefits that you can enjoy once you start working with Salesforce Sales Cloud:

1. Lead Generation and Management:

Leads are important resources that walk in as new revenue-generation opportunities. With Salesforce Sales Cloud, you can keep track of the leads from the moment they show interest in your products or services till they get converted as clients.

Salesforce Sales Cloud provides an upper summary of leads to ensure that information is circulated to everyone in the group to help them locate and convert the lead irrespective of the current status in the sales funnel. 

With its quality to provide lead feedback and transparency, Sales Cloud also lets you customize all the running campaigns and optimize their impact on different platforms. Lead Generation and ROI of the advertising campaign will improve with the effectiveness and performance of Salesforce Sales Cloud.

2. Accurate Data facilitates Decision making

With accurate information and data reports, making the right decision for the organization is sometimes hard. Sales Cloud presents the outcomes of the sales team's efforts and makes instant predictions. With this, you can easily identify the best-performing sales representatives and allocate human resources and the best opportunities accordingly.

Through interactive dashboards, one can analyze the real image of the business. Users also get to export charts into various file formats like JPEG, PNG, etc., and put forward the correct data in Sales Team Presentations. You can also create informative documents via a simple drag-and-drop GUI having particular parameters and obtain updated data. 

This way, you can stay assured of your predictive analytics, know when something goes off the trail, and take actionable steps to modify or change the approach.

3. Enhanced Marketing Automation & collaboration

Salesforce Sales Cloud supports automation that reduces the time between exchanging information. With the saved time, teams can concentrate on creating and running new marketing campaigns and initiatives to keep customers engaged.

With this cloud-based solution, the marketing team can easily coordinate regardless of location. Salesforce Sales Cloud automation offers many business insights and lets you plan and target sales processes in the future.

Automation also reduces the possibility of error in managing information of potential clients as it keeps reminding you about that customer so that you can take advantage of every opportunity for revenue generation.

4. Know the behavior of your customers.

Customers not only have typical personalities, but also they have dynamic expectations. They will only get attracted to a brand when it is fulfilling their needs and interests in real terms. The Sales team must be equipped with the data that uncover customers' current behavior & buying patterns and what persuades their buying decisions.

Salesforce Sales Cloud keeps an eye on your customer at each buying stage. It also integrates comprehensive analysis and data from different platforms to make running marketing campaigns easy. 

This data includes customer needs, behavior, and buying patterns and supports the marketing team in catering a more personalized experience to them. Teams can share information within their team to provide a consistent customer interaction experience.


Salesforce Sales Cloud helps you gather your customer information in one place, keeping it organized and accessible when you need to make a sale. It keeps your data secure and increases sales productivity via reports. 

You can also take those reports to analyze the mistakes and advantages of the strategies used in sales by your Sales team. It helps you find more deals and close those deals faster, thus increasing your sales productivity.

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