How to Check MacBook’s Temperature?

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MacOS is a stable operating system and doesn’t trouble its users so frequently however excessive usage of a Mac may result in frequent glitches. If your MacOS is running slow or you are facing performance issues, you need to optimize your Mac. There are times when your Mac may start overheating.

In such scenarios, you need to check the MacBook's temperature to manage processes and keep it cool. You can check your Mac temperature manually or with the Best Mac Temperature Monitors.

Why is MacBook Temperature High?

There can be several reasons behind a hot MacBook temperature. We have reviewed the main reasons behind the high temperature of a MacBook.

Heavy Graphics – Some games or apps use heavy graphics that may result in heating issues. High-resolution games use a lot of system resources and consume all the memory and CPU available on your Mac. Videos in 4K ultra-HD formats may also cause heating issues on your Mac.

Fan Issue on CPU – if the internal fan on your CPU stops functioning properly or has a lot of dust inside, your Mac temperature may increase. It requires proper ventilation and clear vents to keep it cool.

High-end Applications – Applications like Adobe, Power BI, or Video editors may consume high memory and heat up your Mac quickly. You can check the application usage in the Activity Monitor and look for an alternative app that is light on your Mac.

Redundant Active Apps – Many applications run redundant processes in the background. Activity Monitor is the perfect utility to find and quit unwanted apps that are utilizing system resources.

Multiple Active Tabs – While researching something, you may need to open multiple tabs that consume a lot of system resources. If not required, we should close unwanted tabs.

App/OS Updates – Outdated apps and outdated MacOS can also result in heating issues on Mac. We should always check for updates and install the latest updates for MacOS and outdated applications.

How to Check MacBook Temperature

There are a few inbuilt utilities to check Mac temperature on a random basis. If you continuously want to keep an eye on your Mac temperature, you can make use of the Best Mac Temperature Monitor apps. These apps can manage temperature and applications to keep it cool.

Use Terminal App to Check Mac Temperature

Terminal App is the quickest method to check Mac temperature. You can simply enter a command and check Mac temperature at a glance.

Step 1. Go to the Finder app and access the Applications folder.

Step 2. Access the Utility folder and open the Terminal App.

Step 3. Type sudo powermetrics --samplers smc |grep -i "CPU die temperature" and press Enter.