Thursday, August 10, 2023

How to Free Up RAM and Reduce RAM Usage on Windows

Most Windows PCs are equipped with 8GB or 16 GB of RAM however there are some old PCs that may be running with 4 GB RAM. Such PCs may run out of RAM and you may face performance issues or lag while using multiple applications. You may need to free up RAM and clean computer memory to get it working again.

The manual steps on how to clear the RAM cache on Windows 10 can be a little tricky and time taking. Here comes the Best PC cleaner and optimizer into play! It can quickly free up memory on the PC and boost the PC's performance. Let us explore the best possible tips on how to clear the RAM cache on Windows 10 and how to reduce RAM usage.

Why is RAM Usage High on Windows?

There can be several reasons behind high RAM usage. Here are a few of the most common reasons behind high memory usage.

Multiple Running Applications

This is one of the most common reasons behind high memory usage. If you open multiple applications simultaneously, each app will consume some system resources and eventually, you will run out of memory. Browsers, Modern applications, and productivity tools are high memory intensive.

Processes Running in Background

Whenever you boot a Windows PC, there are multiple processes running in the background. These processes consume a lot of memory to run the tasks. Multiple features, updates, system functions, security, and other tasks may be running in the background to drain out your memory.

Processing Large Data Files

While working with large data files, your computer's memory can be highly consumed. This can lead to temporary spikes and high RAM usage.

Low Virtual Memory Paging Space

Windows reserves some disk space on the hard drive called "Virtual Memory" to use once the physical RAM runs out of space. Data swapping between RAM and hard disk space can lead to higher RAM usage.

Malware or Viruses Attack

A malicious attack or an infection can consume high memory usage without your knowledge. If you haven’t cleaned junk, cache, and downloads for so long, some infected files may drain out your RAM.

Resource-Intensive Tasks

Some tasks such as gaming, video editing, HD Streaming, or running a virtual machine can utilize a lot of memory and may result in performance issues. These tasks may require higher memory to operate swiftly.

Outdated Windows Updates

If there are a lot of Windows Updates pending, you may run out of RAM as the memory-saver features are not updated on your PC.

How to Clear RAM Cache on Windows 10 

There are a few tips and tricks to free up RAM and clean up computer memory. These utilities and steps can help you clear the RAM cache on Windows 10.

Close Unwanted Apps

You may have multiple applications open that may not be in use right now. You can close the applications to free up memory space on your computer. If possible, you can restart the PC to instantly kill app active apps and free up RAM on the PC.

Check Task Manager

Task Manager utility displays all the active applications and background processes. You can check and close unwanted apps and background processes to free up memory.

Step 1. Right-click on the Task Bar and select the Task Manager option. You can also press Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys to access the Task Manager window.

Step 2. Click on the Processes tab and select the application process that you wish to end.

Step 3. Click on the End Process button to kill the task. Do the same with all other background apps and processes to free up RAM on the PC.

Install Windows Updates

Installing Windows Updates can fix memory issues and bring in more features to your PC.

Step 1. Press (Win + I) to access the Settings window.

Step 2. Click on the Update & Security option and go for Windows Updates.

Step 3. Click on the Check for Updates button to scan for the latest updates.

Step 4. Click on the Install All button and restart your computer.

Run Disk Cleanup Utility

Disk Cleanup Utility can remove all the cache, cookies, junk files, temp files, and unwanted clutter. This will free up space and also clean computer memory.

Step 1. Click on the Start button and type Disk Cleanup.

Step 2. Click on the Disk Cleanup utility in the search results.

Step 3. Select C: Drive or the Windows drive to scan for clutter.

Step 4. Select all the clutter and click on the Okay button to declutter your PC.

Run Best PC Cleaner

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Final Words

This article on how to clear the RAM cache on Windows 10 has the best tips and tricks to free up RAM and clean computer memory. You can use these manual tricks to optimize your PC and boost PC performance. If the manual steps are not efficient enough to clean computer memory, you can use one of the best PC optimizers to automate the process. Keep it Clean!