Monday, September 18, 2023

Boost Your WordPress Website with These 6 Premium Plugins

Your website is just a structure that was filled with the HTML codes only. But how it looks will decide how many customers will visit your website. To make your websites more productive and elegant you require an advanced plugin that will make your website more attractive and easy for your users. 

But there are more than 60K Plugins available that can provide ease for your customers. But what to choose and how to use is not a soothing drink for everyone. However, you can hire WordPress developers if you don’t have enough time to explore the richness of these advanced plugins.


Regardless, you can give yourself a chance to dig into the preciseness of these extensions. But not to panic, we have tried to provide you with a detailed explanation of the WordPress Plugins, and their uses and features. Let’s check out, and explore the WordPress Plugins.

Below we will detail more about different WP plugins that we can use to make our website user-friendly. 

Top 6 WordPress Plugins

1. RafflePress WordPress Plugin

RafflePress WordPress Plugin

This plugin helps you create contests and giveaway programs on your website. This extension’s inbuilt templates like Your Email List, Refer-a-Friend, Grow Your Facebook Page, etc. help you grow your business by adding new customers and increasing the engagement of the current users. 

In addition, its drag-and-drop builder allows you to customize your giveaway entry forms, add viral sharing options, and automate winner selection. 

How RafflePress WordPress Plugin Helps Your Website

    Its fraud detection feature verifies each action and user email.

    The random generator makes it easy to pick winners for your giveaway campaigns or contests.

    The user needs to enter their email address to enter in contest, which grows the email list.

    Its mouth advertising grows website traffic, email subscribers, social media engagement, and others.

    It shows 100% mobile responsive.

    These Plugins optimized widgets for web and server performance.

    This WordPress extension easily integrates with famous email marketing services like Drip, MailChimp, Active Campaign, Constant Contact, AWeber, and others.

2. SearchWP

SearchWP is a WordPress plugin that allows you to customize the website search on your WordPress site. It permits you to create custom search engines and algorithms without code expertise. This WordPress Plugin can improve the default WordPress site searching and make custom fields searchable.

How SearchWP WordPress Plugin Helps Website Owners

    It is one of the primary factors in leading sales because it makes finding easier.

    You can show the most relevant results to the website visitors.

    It makes your valuable data searchable and works with all custom fields.

    It offers you Live Ajax Instant search.

    It is easy to create all the custom search engines with this extension.

    This WordPress Plugin allows you to include or exclude specific search results.


3. ALL-In-One SEO WordPress Plugin

Being an SEO, it takes a lot of work to manage multiple extensions. The best thing about ALL-In-One SEO (AIOSEO) is it offers almost every feature that you require for your website leap. Therefore, it is the first choice for more than 5 million digital marketing experts. Furthermore, the unique strategies employed by the plugin to improve search engine rankings. 

How ALL-In-One SEO WordPress Plugin Helps Website Growth

    Allows you to export website data and save it to your desired location.

    Its drag-and-drop approach makes the uploading and managing website task easier.

    They are providing automated safety against brute-force attacks.

    Helps digital marketers manage features like XML sitemaps, optimized search appearance, SEO meta title, Google Search Console, local SEO, schema markup for SEO, description, and keywords.

    Manage website good-humoured with no coding expertise. 


4. WP Mail SMTP

SMTP is necessary in order to send and receive emails; this also applies to the WordPress website. Those who have WordPress websites will also get an email subscription. Using the default WordPress settings frequently causes email delivery problems, which this plugin helps to fix. However, this mailbox can be very well managed with this subscription. It ensures whatever mail you get will be visible in your inbox rather than spam. 

The WP Mail SMTP Plugin does more than just prevent Email Spam

    With this extension, one can avail of many offers like advanced email reporting, backup connections, email alerts, email logging, and more.

    This Plugin supports all SMTP service providers.

    You have complete control over emails and their logs.

    It accurately counts email clicks and opens which helps website owners to make strategies according to the users’ taste.

    You can download your WordPress email data to CSV, EML, or Excel.

5. Push Engage WordPress Plugin

This marketing tool assists website administrators in engaging visitors via web push notifications. Users who have PushEngage installed on their computer can receive notifications through Chrome, Firefox, or Safari. PushEngage can assist businesses in increasing sales and expanding their operations. 

What Does Push Engage Do to Boost Website

    It allows you to set up notification triggers and Customer segmentation.

    This tool is highly responsible for sales as many people open the websites by viewing push notifications.

    You can manage and track your goals by viewing how your push campaigns are performing.

    Its user-friendly dashboard assists in creating options, launching web push campaigns, increasing subscriber base, tracking revenue, and more.

    This Plugin is able to hit the right audience at the right time by dynamic Segmentation.

6. Smash Ballon WordPress Plugin

Social Media is the best way to represent your business in this competitive market. With this WP extension, one can create and display social media feeds on your website. You can add these feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to your WordPress site. In addition, you can also display multiple social media feeds, including timelines, photos, videos, events, and hashtags.

How Smash Ballon WP Plugin Can Increase Insight of Your Website

    It comes with completely customizable and responsive. This means you can manage height, width, image size, background color, image spacing, etc. according to your website needs.

    You can give supercharge for your Instagram embeds.

    This extension allows you to display photos from multiple Instagram accounts in the same feed or in separate feeds.

    This tool is a boon for Instagram followers as it increases engagement between you and your Instagram followers.


Essence of the Words

In the above, we discussed the top WordPress Plugins. Though these plugins are easy to use as a startup, you might want extra time to develop your business. Therefore, you can leave your all worries to us by hiring a WordPress developer. We offer reliable services at affordable prices.