Tuesday, October 3, 2023

How Do I Migrate my Google Drive Files to Another Account?

If you are considering an option to take out the data from your current Google Drive into another, you have multiple choices to make the migration. Shifting data into another drive isn’t a regular practice, but there are reasons behind which led many users to migrate Google Drive to another account. 

Users will get approximately 15 GB of storage space in the basic plan. So, sometimes, the user is left with no storage. In that scenario, the user looks to transfer their data into another drive. This article contains some useful strategies that will help you to transfer your Google Drive data. Along with the suggestion to select one strategy that stands apart from others.

Methods to Transfer Data from one Google Drive to another

Transferring data to another drive is useful in cases when the current Google Drive has no space left to store data. Even when the user decides to delete their account so in that cases, users also look to share the data between the drives. No matter what you decide to migrate Google Drive to another account, you will find different solutions to deal with it.


Solution1: Migrate your Google Drive data and file ownership to other

This is one of the most commonly used approach to Transfer all Google Drive to another Account, and many users use this when they are looking to transfer all data from their different Google Drive into one. So, start using this technique after checking out the shared step-by-step procedure. 


·        Open your Google account, click on the app, and open where you will My Drive. After that, the Drive window will open, where you will see a list of documents. Select the required one.

D:\ScreenShots\Migrate Google Drive to Another Google Drive Account\1.png

·        Once you are done selecting the required file you want to transfer, kindly click on the Share button. Kindly add the people and groups with whom you want to share data. 

D:\ScreenShots\Migrate Google Drive to Another Google Drive Account\2.png

·        After selecting the user with whom you want to share, keep them as an editor and then click on the Share button to provide them access to the file.

D:\ScreenShots\Migrate Google Drive to Another Google Drive Account\3.png

·        The final step is to transfer the file ownership, and for that, you will see the new option, as it was not showing to you earlier. To do it, you need to again open the Share window and, in the people with access again, hit on the Editor drop-down menu. Kindly click on the Transfer ownership option and then the Send invitation button. D:\ScreenShots\Migrate Google Drive to Another Google Drive Account\4.png

Later on, you need to remove the access from the current account if you are going to delete the current account.

Solution 2: Google Takeout

This is a service offered by Google to download the data from Google Drive into your computer. It will allow users to save their data into multiple file formats. To know how you can start migrating data using this Google Drive transfer approach, kindly follow the below-listed steps:-

·        Search for the Google Takeout and log in with your Gmail credentials.

·        After that, you will be redirected to a new window. Select the required data you want to download and click Next step. D:\ScreenShots\Google Takeout\Takeout1.png

·        Here, select the frequency to export the data and the type of file to download. Now, click on create export.D:\ScreenShots\Google Takeout\Takeout 2.png

·        Now, the export process will start, and the time it will take to complete will solely depend upon the amount of data.D:\ScreenShots\Google Takeout\Takeout 3.png

·        After the export completion, you will receive an email containing the link to download the requested data.

Solution3: Downloading & Uploading of Data

It is one of those methods which all users will find comfortable using it. This method to migrate Google Drive to another account involves initially saving the Google Drive data into a local drive and importing them into a new account. We have shared the process following you can migrate Google Drive to another account.


  • First, login yourself to the Gmail account.
  • Open the Google Drive app and look for the files/documents you want to transfer into another system.
  • Copy the required data and create a new folder in your drive. 
  • Move the selected data into a newly created folder.
  • Download the folder in your system, and after that, open your new account and import the data into it.


Shortcomings of Manual Solutions

Despite the ability to Transfer all Google Drive to Another Account, many user fails to achieve what they want. Also, not all users will find them suitable for them because they consume a lot of time. So, we recommend users to jump into an alternative solution. In the upcoming part of the article we have discussed about such tool.


Migrate User Google Drive Data to Other Google Drive Using Third-Party Tool


There are specific tools that can make your work even easier to migrate Google Drive to another account without making sacrifices on the output. So, we are going to suggest one solution that will make the work way easier than the solution explained in this write-up. Shoviv Google Drive migration tool is in our list of a picture-perfect utility to help with the drive migration needs. This software is good at migrating a large number of data from multiple drives at one point in time. In addition, the tool ensures the transfer of all types of data, whether it is an image, video or a PDF file. 

Working with this software is easier because of the user-friendly interface. Users can simultaneously run multiple migration jobs, saving time for most users looking for Google Drive transfer from multiple accounts. This tool comprises the multiple filter option, which includes file size, file extension, etc. Also, to schedule the migration daily, weekly, and monthly, the software has a migration scheduler option.


To restrict the duplicate items at those times when the user is required to resume the migration, this utility got the default incremental export facility.


Wrap Up


Users often require the data from their Google Drive, which we have already discussed. All solutions discussed here, excluding the third-party software to migrate Google Drive to another account somewhere, lack. So, we have introduced a third-party tool to permit users to complete their tasks in minimal time.  Users can try the software free version to get used to it and try its capabilities.