Thursday, October 19, 2023

A Verified Solution to Migrate Yandex to Office 365 Mailbox

A Verified Solution to Migrate Yandex to Office 365 Mailbox

Are you in search of an efficient solution to migrate Yandex to Office 365 mailbox? You have chosen the right blog. In this article, we will elaborate on the process to migrate Yandex to Office 365 account without any trouble. The post consists of various topics like benefits, limitations, manual methods, and professional methods. Before getting started on the process of export emails from Yandex Mail to Office 365, let’s take a little overview of Yandex Mail.


Yandex Mail is a popular email client known for its well-reputed services and communication. Another name of this email client is Russian Google or Y360. It is a free email service launched in the year 2000 with storage of 10 GB. Although it belongs to Russia, it also has great significance worldwide.

On the other hand, Office 365 has risen as an effective email service provider around the globe. It is a popular choice among users, for its productivity tools and easy-to-use interface. 

Advantages to Migrate Yandex to Office 365 Mailbox

    Office 365 is the most secure email client due to its up-to-date features.

    Its security cannot be breached.

    Users can access the account from anywhere since it is cloud-based.

    It is supported by many other OS like Mac and Windows.

    Office 365 provides better storage of data.

    The most reliable and affordable for the public.


So, these are some basic advantages to transferring emails from Yandex Mail to Office 365. Now we will see the further process to perform this migration process.

Manual Way to Migrate Yandex Emails to Office 365

Users must have a query, How do I transfer Yandex Mail to Outlook? Well, we are here to resolve your problem. We will discuss the most common manual approach to perform the Yandex to Office 365 mail migration. In this approach, we will migrate the emails by using Office 365 IMAP Migration.


    Open Office 365 and navigate to Admin Centre.

    Now, create a user mailbox and give permissions if you want to export emails from Yandex Mail to Office 365 safely.

    After that, click on Exchange>>a new window opens>> Choose Mailboxes.

    Now create a migration batch by clicking on the Add-Migration Batch.

    Provide a unique name to the migration batch and select Migration to Exchange Online.

    Select the migration type: IMAP Migration.

    Set a migration endpoint. Select Create A New Migration Endpoint.

    Provide the name of the endpoint migration and click to the Next.

    Now provide an IMAP endpoint configuration setting. In the IMAP server enter “” and select SSL in the Encryption.

    Check the checkbox enter PORT as 993, and click Next.

    Further, in the next window, you must add the mailboxes in a CSV file. create a CSV file.

1.     Enter the email ID of your Office 365 account.

2.     Provide the email ID of Yandex as the username.

3.     Enter the app password if your two-step verification is on otherwise, enter the password of Yandex mail and save it.

    Now, click on the browse and upload the saved CSV files.

    Opt for the desired migration filter from the migration filtering option. click Next.

    Select the desired migration option to start the migration and then click on Save.


Congratulations your migration process has been completed now by the manual method. You can see them by clicking on the Refresh button.

A Professional Approach to Migrate Yandex to Office 365 Mailbox

You can go with the DRS Yandex Backup Tool to easily migrate Yandex to Office 365 account. It is a highly advanced software to back up Yandex emails into your system in distinct file formats. You can also back up your Yandex emails to PST, PDF, MSG, MBOX, etc. Additionally, you can migrate Yandex mail to Gmail, HotMail, IMAP, etc without losing the data integrity. The application provides numerous features that facilitate a quick migration of Yandex emails with utmost accuracy. Let’s see the proper points to Migrate Yandex to Office 365 Mailbox.


    Launch the Yandex Mail Backup Tool.

    Fill in the login credentials of the Yandex email account.

    Choose the required mailbox items from the displayed tree structure. Hit Next.

    Choose Office 365 as the source email client from the list.

    Now, provide the email address and App password of the Office 365 email account. Click Log in.


Now you can Migrate Yandex to Office 365 Mailbox easily with the help of a third-party tool without any data alteration.


This blog shares a relevant method to Migrate Yandex to Office 365 Mailbox effectively. Since the manual approach is free, It comes with certain limitations. Therefore, we have shared an alternative solution that provides 100% accurate results in less time. It is easy to use and a less time-consuming process. You can go with the alternative solution without any concern about the data integrity.