Wednesday, September 9, 2020

How to Get Millions of Traffic from Quora

We have all heard lots of Quora's name in the recent time. Whenever we search on the search engine, the link of Quora is often seen at top in the Search Result.  

In such a scenario, the question is arises – what is Quora and how to gets millions of traffic from quora. Is Quora is a blog or a forum that has all the answers to your questions. Let us know in detail about Quora and it is important for Bloggers.

What is Quora?

Quora is a Question/Answer website that has emerged on the internet in a very short time. Millions of visitors get multiple genuine answers from experts. It is a platform to connect people, where the peoples learn and get answers from others and understand the world.

If you have any query, then you can also put a question on it and the experts will start answering on your particular questions.

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Quora is a popular question-answer platform and the popularity of quora is increasing day by day. The Alexa rank of Quora is 125th in worldwide, 60th rank in America (USA), and 24th rank in India. 

It gets every day 40 million traffics only from India and more than 3 million of its keywords are currently ranked in Google search engines.

Why Quora is a Boon for Bloggers

If you looking for a platform to promote your blog article. In this situation, Quora is extremely important to get millions of traffic on your blog. 

Thousands of questions are asked daily on Quora, where you can answer the question related to the article and you can create a link of your website from which the traffic will start coming on your website from Quora.  

1 - You can create Backlinks on Quora

As we all know that Backlinks are very important for the ranking of any website on google search results. On answering the question on Quora, you can create a link to your blog article. 

Before creating links, it is compulsory to provide that article related to the same questions otherwise your account will be counted as spam. Here, you can easily create high–quality backlinks, According to MOZ – the Domain authority of Quora is 89.

2 - Helps to Build a Brand and Unique Identity on the Internet

For using Quora platform, you just need to create an account on it. After that, you can answer the question according to your experience and you can create your own identity.  The more view on your answers the popularity of your account will increase.

3 - Get Referral Traffic on your Blog/Website

The millions of traffic on quora prove it is extremely important to getting traffic on any website. You just need to maintain an ideal account on quora that mean you have to give genuine answer to a particular question.

Let take a simple example to understand - Suppose every day 200K visitors are coming on Quora at the particular question, if you have answered that particular question well and if your referral website link is shown in front of 20K visitors then you can guess yourself how many visitors you will get daily. At least 2K will definitely click on your link and reached to your blog post as well as traffic to your blog will increase.  

4 - Be Careful to Creating Multiple Backlinks on Quora

I have noticed that if you create links on every question then it may your account banned. I would like to suggest you maintain a ratio of 80/20 which means try to give the answer without creating links.   

Have you heard, Neil Patel's account got banned on the Quora platform. It will happen with anyone just like a Twitter account. So, be careful about creating more links. Nowadays, Quora is a long-term strategy to get traffic to your blog/website.

 5 - Important Points to Using Quora

While using the Quora platform, it is compulsory to pay attention to some of the important points that are mentioned below –

·        Your answer should be relevant and according to the question.

·        Try to use images while answering.

·        Do not insert spam links on your website. 

·        Answer the questions where fewer people have answered on it..

·        Answer the questions related to your blog post and create the link bottom of your answer.

The Final Words

We have successfully discussed all about Quora and how to get millions of traffic from Quora. I hope you have liked this article. If you have any questions related to this blog post or SEO then don’t forget to ask us in the comment section box. I will happy to answer your questions.