Tuesday, September 8, 2020

How to Increase Blog Traffic – Tips and Tricks

A blog is considered successful only when continuously good traffic coming on it, the user shows their interest in reading and get shared on social media like – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.  

At the beginning of the Blogging carrier, it is quite difficult tasks to increase traffic on the blog due to which most of the new bloggers get disappointed and leave this field. 

If you are a newbie in the Blogging fields and want to make a carrier in it. In such a situation,  read the full blog article to know- how to increase Blog traffic on the search results.  

Pro Tips To Increase Traffic on Blog

To increasing traffic on the Blog, it is mandatory to pay attention on multiple google ranking factors. A blog can’t be ranked just by writing an article, it includes a perfect selection of keywords, quality content, and the blog interface plays a very important role in the ranking factors.  

1- Regular Post

If you create a new blog then you need to pay more attention on it. You have to continuously post an article on it. There are various benefits to posting a daily post on the blog is – the user of your blog will get new information daily and they will become your daily reader, and Google will increase your blog Domain Authority (DA) and as well your blog will quickly rank on search engine results.

2- Submit on Search Engine Console

If you have not submitted yet your blog on the Google Search Console, Bing Search Console, Yahoo Search Console. Then it is compulsory to submit your blog on it and also submit a sitemap on it.  Without submitting a blog on the google search console, your blog will not rank on the search results.

3- Sharing on Social Media Platforms

Social media contains billions of traffic. So, it is a very important strategy to promote your blog on social media platforms like – Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You just need to create an account on it and share your blog post by providing a landing page URL.  

4- Guest Posting

Guest posting is very useful for getting traffic on your blog. It is very simple, you will have to put an article related to your article into another website as well as you will have to create your link on it. In this way, the users or visitors of that website like your article, and most of the chances they will visit your website/blog.

5- High-Quality Content

High-Quality Content plays a very important role in the success of any blog. It is necessary to write quality and helpful content on your blog and always write more than 600 words using attractive images. In this way, you can also reduce the bounce rate of your blog.

For creating copyright free just utilize the free tool named is a canvas. It provides various advanced features to create attractive images.

6- Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is the method to get traffic on your blog. You just need to visit related to your blog and then type write comments and drop your links.  In such a case, if the visitor finds your answer useful then they will definitely click on your link to visit your destination page.

7- Link Building

There are various methods are available to create a link such as –  Social Bookmarking Submission, Forum Submission, Classified Submission, Infographics Submission, Directory Submission, Article Submissionand many more.

Before creating links, one thing that keeps your mind, always to create links on the high-quality websites (high DA/PA). You can easily check the DA/PA of any website by using DA/PAchecker.   


In this informative blog post, we have successfully explained – How to increase blog traffic on search engine results.  A new blog took 3 to 4 months to ranks on the search engines. So, I would like to suggest if you are a new blogger then keep patience and your blog will definitely rank. 

If you have any doubt related to this post or SEO then please let me know in the comment section box, I will happy to resolve your doubt. – Thank You