Thursday, September 3, 2020

How to Submit Sitemap on Google Search Console

In this blog post, we will explain – How to generate a sitemap and submit on Google search console (webmaster). The persons who are a newbie in Blogging field and want to make their carrier, they create a blog and publish the post in it and they think traffic will start coming on their website/blog. 

But, it is not similar in all cases, after creating a blog, we have to do lots of work on the blog.  First of all – we have to add our blog/website to Google search console >> generate a sitemap >> then submit a sitemap.  

After submitting a website on the Google Search Console, the user must have to submit a sitemap. Without the sitemap, Google will unable to know how many posts, pages, URLs are available on your blog.  

When the user submitted their sitemap successfully, all the posts will be indexed in google search engines. In simple words, the Sitemap helps to grab traffic on your site.

Whenever the user creates a new blog, they don’t know what is a sitemap, how to generate it, and how to submit. All these things play a very important role in the ranking factor of any website/blog. So, Let’s know all about it in details – 

What is Sitemap and How to generate  –

The sitemap contains a list of pages to your website. In simple words, all the URLs of your website/blog save in a single code. It helps Google crawler to indexed all the pages of your website and ranks your pages on the search engine results as soon as possible.

 Basically, the sitemap are of two types – HTML sitemap (for user) and XML sitemap (for crawler).  Let’s know how to generate a sitemap for any website that is mentioned below –

·        Firstly, Go to Sitemap Generator Tool and copy the URL of the website that you want to create a sitemap.

·        Now, paste the URL and click on the ‘Generate Sitemap’ option.


·        After that, a single code will display like this and copy it.

How To Submit Sitemap on Google Search Console 

The following steps to how to submit a sitemap are as mentioned below –

     1.  First of all, Submit your blog/website on Google Search Console. If not done yet, then add your blog website.

     2.     Now, Open the Google Search Console and the sitemap option will display on your screen >> click on the Sitemap.

3.    After that, just paste the sitemap code that you copied and click on the Submit button.  

4.     Click on the ‘Add a new Sitemap’ option and paste the sitemap code >> click on the Submit button.

5.     Finally, the notification will display on the search console screen and Click on the ‘Go it’ option.            

Benefits of using Google Search Console 

There are several benefits of using Google Webmaster are listed below –

·        It helps in indexing websites/blogs.

·        You can also check the spam issues of your site.

·        It enables you to check your website performance.

·        You can manually Add and Remove posts from search results.

·        Helps to check backlinks. 

The Conclusion 

In this blog post, we have explained all about sitemaps – what is a sitemap, how to generate, and how to submit on Google search console. I hope you will like this blog article and If you like this article, then please share it on social media. – Thank you!