Top 10 Amazing Websites on Internet – Need to Checkout

Techno Sid
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As we know, there are lots of active websites available on the internet. Each website has a unique identity that helps the user to provide – information, products, service, and many more. Therefore, it is quite difficult tasks to find out interesting and amazing websites on the internet. 

In this informative blog post, we will discuss the top 10 amazing websites on the internet.  I am sure many of you had never heard about these amazing websites that I mentioned in this blog post.  

1 – Hacker Typer

HackerTyper is an amazing website to prank with your friends. In this website, you can write anything that you want and this website will convert your words (example - Apple) into a coding language ( struct_group ={ int =apple }; ). In this way, you can prank with friends and show your technical skills.   

2 – Break the Security

The Breakthesecurity website will help you to learn ethical hacking from scratch. If you really want to learn ethical hacking, then must visit in this website. It is one of the best sites for non-technical users.  This site provides all the basic as well as advanced information of ethical hacking and penetration testing. 

3 – ZoomEarth