Wednesday, September 16, 2020

What is Alexa Rank and Why it is Important for Website

Moz Rank provides important information about your website’s ability to rank in Google such as – Domain Authority, Page Rank, and Page Authority. However, the Alexa Rank is such a metric on the internet that provides information about the popularity of your site. This rank is not directly related to your website backlinks, search engine results, etc. It directly based on the website traffic and user experience including – Loading Time, Bounce Rate, and many more.

Alexa rank is very important for every website because the people can check your Alexa rank or popularity of your site. The advertiser checks your Alexa rank before advertising on your site or blog. They pay money on the basis of the popularity of your site. Therefore, it is important to improve Alexa rank of your website. 

Nowadays, there are more than one billion websites are active on the internet and almost every blogger wants to know its website rank among 1 billion websites. In this blog post, we will discuss about the multiple aspects of Alexa rank and how you can improve website rank on Alexa. This informative article will explain all about Alexa Rank and why it is important for website in detail –

How Does Alexa Rank Works?

Alexa working on the two methods to track the popularity of any website are listed below –

1. Alexa Certified Stats – People who register their site in the Alexa by paying some money. Alexa putting code on their website to track. In this way, the data obtained are not based estimate, it is completely genuine data. But, It doesn’t mean that the people can increase their website rank in Alexa by paying money. It takes money only for tracking those websites and providing data.

2.  Alexa Browser Toolbar – Most of the people using Alexa Browser extension to know the traffic data of multiple sites. Alexa collects all the data of the sites visited by the peoples and estimates the popularity of multiple websites. It is also known as Estimated Alexa Traffic. 

How Alexa Rank calculated?

Alexa Rank is completely based on the popularity of website, ranking of the site based on the number of people visiting, and how they behave on your site (bounce rate). There are following factors are mentioned below which affect the alexa ranking –

·    The most important factor in Alexa rank of a website is - Website Traffic that means – the number of people visiting on your website (traffic) is good then Alexa rank is also good.

·    The second important factor is – Bounce Rate (how long people stay in your site). If the bounce rate of your site is very high that means more than 60+ then there is more probability that your Alexa rank will also be very bad.

Why it is Important for Website?

Nowadays, most of the advertisers they only check the Alexa stats of your site for placing their advertisement on your site. On the basis of popularity, they decide how much money your website deserves.

The advertiser doesn’t care about the Domain Authority or Page Authority of your site but they care about the alexa rank of your website. I hope you have understood well what is Alexa and why it is important for your website. So, Let’s know how we can improve Alexa rank of our site.

How To Improve Alexa Rank?

The Alexa Company everyday updated about 30 million sites and your ranking may be increase or decrease. So, Let’s know some pro tips to improve alexa ranking of your site are given below –

·    The first tips to write informative and useful content on your blog or website. If your content is not useful then the most chance to popularity of your website will decrease.  

·     You have to pay attention on the SEO of your site. SEO of your website doesn’t affect on your alexa ranking but indirectly it helps to improve alexa ranking.  Because if the SEO of your website the more traffic will come on your site or blog.  

How check Alexa Rank?

For checking the Alexa Rank of any website, go to Alexa’s Official website or you can go Google and type “ Alexa Rank Checker”. After opening the website just need to paste the URL of website and Alexa rank will display the rank of a website within a few seconds.  

Some other Ranking System like Alexa?

There are various ranking system are available on the internet which measures the popularity of a website and works similar to Alexa’s ranking system. But the popularity of these ranking systems is very low named is – Quant Cast,,, Similar Web,  and many more.  

History of Alexa Rank?

In 1996, Alexa Rank was launched by Brewster Kahle and Bruce Gilliat.  In 1999 Alexa Internet Company was bought by Amazon around 250 million dollars. Between 2005 and 2007, most of the security software companies described it as dangerous for personal security.  But, it is not the truth.

At beginning of Alexa, the main motive was to get people to install Alexa Toolbar in their browser and suggest them to which should visit after existing running website. In modern-day, it seems very simple but keeps in your mind that it is time even google had two years to come into existence.  


So guys, in this informative article we have successfully explained all the information about Alexa Rank and why it is important for website. I hope you liked this article and if you have any questions related to this post then don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box. Join us on the social media platform for getting post updates.