Friday, September 18, 2020

What is Google My Business? How To List Business?

In the digital era, everything exists online whether it is to buy Shoes or to buy an Air Conditioner, everything can be done in an online order. In such scenarios, the person who was left behind in the online race then they cannot grow their business much further.

What is Google My Business How to list your business on it.

Even the smallest businessman they are promoting their business in online by creating social media pages, creating a website related to business to attract customers. The online presence of any business helps to increase the popularity of your business and the customer consider your business trustworthy when they see your business on the Google platform.

Most people don’t have knowledge of Digital Marketing nor do everyone wants to spend a few dollars for building a website.  In such a scenario, Google provides an option of Google My Business to everyone. In which you can list your business and attract customers towards your business.  Let’s know in detail all about – what is Google business and how to list your business on it. 

What is Google My Business?

In simple words, It is a tool which launched by Google. With the help of Google My Business, you can easily list your business online without spending money and the customer can easily find your business name, they can get information about the business such as – Address, Contact Number, Services, Products, Locations, and many more.  Along with this, you can also put some pictures & videos related to your business product or services. If you have a website or Facebook page then you can also add with it.

Benefits of Google My Business?

In today's time, if you want to be ahead of your competitors, then you have to do something different from them otherwise you will always be behind in the race. With the help of Google My Business, you can effortlessly share each and every detail of your business and products on the internet. 

Let’s take one simple example to understand this concept – Suppose there are 5 people in your business with whom you have to compete. All your competitors selling their products at a cheap price but that is not on the online list. In this situation, if you list your business online then the people search this product on Google and they get your product and business name. While other 4 people do not promote their business online. The following benefits are as mentioned below –

·        You can reach more and more customer, which you can never do by staying offline business.

·        The people get to know all about your business like – address, services, and many more.

·        People get to know about your business and your product easily.

·        You can easily share a new product with customers just in one click.


How to List your Business on Google Business?

Let's know about how you can list your business on Google Business Listing are mentioned below –

·        You don’t need to have any special technical skills. You can easily do Google Business listing through the normal Google ID.  For this, you need to search Google My Business on Google and log in to your account.

·        After logging in, you will get an option to create a New List, by clicking on which you have to enter details related to your business.

·        After that, you just need to verify your account for which it may take one to two weeks and a letter from Google is sent to your address if you have listed.

·        You must need to verify the account, after which your business will completely be listed on Google business and will be called as Reputated Business.

Tips and Tricks about Google Business

·        If you are serious about promoting or bring your business in online and are making every effort to reach customers, then along with Google My Business, create a Facebook page and share some pictures related to your products or business from time to time.

·        Name your business in your profile.

·        Enter correct details such as – contact number, address, products, and location are very important.

·        If possible, for the convenience of the customers, also share new product details time to time which attracts the customer towards your business.


Wrap-up Words

In this informative article has successfully explained all the information related to what is Google Business and how to list on Google my business. I hope you have understood all about Google Business, if you have any doubt related to it, then you can ask us in the comment section box. I will happy to clear your all doubts.