Thursday, November 19, 2020

6 Popular Websites to Download Copyright Free Images for Blog Post

As we know that – A Picture tells thousands of Words. This means that if we are unable to express our thought through words. In this situation, photographs can help us to do this work. In Blogging and Content Writing too many times, it happens that we are unable to express our words properly through words.   

If you are a Blogger, Youtuber, or Content Writer, then perhaps you can understand the importance of images more than ordinary people. Whether to make a video, thumbnail, write an article, or apply its screenshot. Images are very useful for us everywhere.

6 Popular Websites to Download Copyright Free Images for Blog Post

But, In this modern era of the internet where most of the informative photos/images are copyrighted by the person who made them. Using these photos without permission may cause to harm to your blog post or youtube videos.

Apart from this, there are some pictures are available on the internet which we can use in our blog posts. But, Due to the lack of good images, the sound of your words should not be reduced at all. 

So, In this informative blog post, we are going to discuss the 6 Popular Websites to Download Copyright Free Images for Blog Post. Let’s know in detail about these five free websites listed below.

6 Popular Websites to Download Copyright-Free Images for Blog Posts 


PIXABAY is one of the most excellent websites to download Uncopyrighted images without paying a single penny. Since 2010, this website has been continuously providing attractive and informative free images to people. Pixa-Bay provides a collection of over 1 Million photos and currently, it has more than one billion users worldwide.

Pixabay is a German photo-sharing website on which you can access thousands of images in it without creating an account on it. This website has a user-friendly interface. You will get the search option on which you can search by entering the kind or name of photos that you need (for example – Nature, Internet, Computer, etc.). 

The thing you should keep in your mind is that when searching in pixabay, 2 to 4 images that appear in the first line are sponsored by another website. Don't use these images because it is completely copyrighted. 


Unsplash is also considered one of the best photo-sharing websites to download copyright-free pictures. In 2012, it was made by 4 people together. Currently, Unsplash has a collection of about 1 million free images in its database, which has been contributed by about 100K Photographers from all over the world.

The dashboard of Unplash’s website is very easy and powerful. On this website, you can directly search the topic of photos and at the same time, you can browse different types of images according to their categories (For Example – wallpaper, textures).

3) Free-range (FREERANGE STOCK)

After creating a free account on the free-range website, you can effortlessly download multiple informative free images for your blog website. On this website, you can use different types of search options to find different types of images.  


PIXELS is a wonderful image-sharing website, on which you can download thousands of copyright-free images as well as videos. The interface of this website is very simple and easy to use. In this, you can also view the trending images in the recent past and if you want, you can also react to them by creating an id on it. 

5) Wikimedia Commons (WIKIMEDIA COMMONS)

The Wikimedia Commons is an initiative of the Wikimedia Foundation whose purpose is to provide copyright-free images, videos, and audio to the creators. It is the world's largest non-profit website. Whenever you will write Wikimedia Commons with your topic in the Google search bar [for example – "Nature Wikipedia Commons”] then you will get all the related copyright-free images on your screen.    

In this, there are lots of categories that take a lot of time to browse (for example – Nature >> green nature >> jungle >> dense >> there we are) Apart from this, if you want to donate an image on it, then you can also help the people by uploading on it. 

6) Creative Commons (CREATIVE COMMONS or CC)

Like Wikimedia Commons, Creative Commons is also an American non-profit photo-sharing website that provides free images to visitors. On this, you can access and download millions of free images on it. You can also upload your copyright-free pictures on this website.

By using a filter of this website, you can access millions of images according to the different categories. You can also download the best images for your work or blog website. 

The Creative Commons is written CC in short. Apart from these 6 popular websites, there are some other copyright-free photos websites available on the internet that is mentioned below –  



Getty Images

Shutter Stock 

How To Download Copyright-Free images from Google

Without going to any website you can download copyright-free images from the Google search engine. The following steps are as listed below –

1.     First of all, you have to open Google and search for the topic in which you want the related images.

2.     Now, navigate to the "Images" section. Here you will get both copyright and copyright-free images.

3.     After this, you have to click on the "USAGE RIGHTS" options which are given above the pictures.

4.     Select the "LABELED FOR REUSE" or "LABELED FOR REUSE WITH MODIFICATION" from the options.

5.     In this way, you can comfortably use the images for your blog post.                                                         

Here, most of the images will not be very good. So, it would be better that you go to these 6 popular websites mentioned above and from there you can easily download multiple better photos for your blog website.  

The Conclusion

An image tells thousands of words and if you make any mistake in the selection of a picture, then you are making a mistake in writing thousands of words on your blog. That’s Why it is important to put the best photos as much as your words.

Hopefully, you must have liked the way to download free images for the blog post and youtube thumbnails. If there is any question related to 6 Popular Websites to Download Copyright Free Images for Blog Post then write it in the Comment Box. Thanks for joining – Techno Sid.