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What is PPC and How Does it Works - Techno Sid

Welcome to Techno Sid blog, we will explain about – What is PPC and How does it works in detail. In the digital era, everyone wants to grow their business online. In such a scenario, digital marketing plays important role in the fast-growing technology.  

If you are a businessman and would you like to promote your product/service online. In this situation, this informative blog post will prove to be very important for you. As we all know, Online or Offline businesses can’t run without marketing. 

If you sell any of your services or products, then for that you need to do marketing so that everyone can know about your products or services. But before discussing about PPC in detail. Let's talk about offline marketing we have often seen many types of posters, banners, many more around us. 

Most of the time, people also resort to advertisements like speakers or radio. But all these marketing strategies have become Outdated over time, in which we spend more but we get fewer benefits.

What is PPC and How Does it Works?

Whenever you search queries on the Google search bar, there are always some results obtained small AD comes on the side. A company or website is advertising its services or products.

The focus of every businessman is now getting on online marketing which is a cheap and great option to grab target customers. It may be a question in your mind that how online marketing is a cheaper option?  

In online marketing, you have a special option that you can show your ad to the targeted customer who are actually looking for your products or they need service.

What is PPC and How does it works?

Pay per click means an advertisement for which you have to pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement otherwise you will not be charged. In simple words, If you run any advertisement online, then you have to pay only when someone clicks on your advertisement and comes to your website or landing page. 

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With the information given in this blog post, you all must have guessed that PPC means Pay Per Click is the only link for online marketing. Without PPC online advertising is almost impossible. You must have seen PPC Advertising on the Google search results. 

In online marketing, you have multiple options such that – you can focus on your particular local area, age, gender from which there is more possibility of showing interest on your advertisement.

Benefits of Pay Per Click (PPC)

The following benefits of pay per click are is helpful in multiple ways, such that –

§      If you are a blogger then you will definitely know how much effort is required in SEO to rank a website in search engine results and even then its ranking is never stable. In this case, if you want to keep your blog or website on top, then PPC is very beneficial.

§     We all know very well the Google algorithm keeps updating from time to time. Due to this our website ranks sometimes come down or sometimes up. In such a scenario, if you use PPC, then you don’t need to view the rank of your website, it will always appear in the advertisement above.

§       As we explained already. Nowadays,  online marketing is more cheaper and effective compare to offline marketing.

§      Through the help of PPC, targeted auditions can be accessed so that you get more customers and more benefit for you.

§      Don’t need to run millions of budgets in Pay Per Click. If your budget is low, then you can still show your ad accordingly.

§       If you want to rank your website without doing SEO then you can choose Pay Per Click. It is not mandatory to do all your work yourself.  You can outsource PPC services to improve Ad Rank, Quality Score, and Ad Management.


Pricing of Pay Per Click

I hope what is Pay Per Click? How does it works and benefits? You must have understood very well. Let’s talk about how its value is determined in PPC? Generally the value of PPC are depends on two factors –

1.     Location

2.     Keyword

If your running ads for these countries like – Nepal, Bhutan, Pakistan Bangladesh, then you do not need to spend much for advertising but if you are running ads in a country like as – America, Dubai, UK, Canada for that you may have to spend quite more money.             

The pricing of PPC pricing is also based on the keyword. If your keyword is related to Loan, Real States, Insurance, Health, etc. In this situation, you need to run ads of good value otherwise you can also run your ads cheaply by focusing on low CPC keywords.

History of Pay Per Click

Firstly, Pay Per Click (PPC) was used by the company in 1998. After that, Google started working on it in 1999 and they launched Google Adword Tool. Nowadays, Everyone is aware of PPC but they don’t know how to getting lead by spending minimum cost.  

PPC Advertising Company

If you want to run PPC an advertising campaign, then Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing,  Microsoft Adcenter are the main three network operators are mentioned below –

1.     Google Adword

2.     Yahoo Search Marketing

3.     Microsoft Adcenter



We have successfully discussed all the information about – What is PPC and How does it works. Hopefully, the information related to PPC will prove to be helpful for you. If you have any query related to Pay Per Click and its benefits, then you can ask us in the comment box. I would like to request you share this informative blog post on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Whatsapp, etc.